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an a. of her life to a cloud* 660 ƒ
beggarly a. of empty*.
make thine a. with Heaven.767 a
...441 e
maketh no account of any. 80 r
sent to my account*..
unto a strict account.
Accountable-a. for its.

.138 q ..844 n .620

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thought or act accountable.111 Accounting-the sad a. day...255 i Accounts-brought in my a*..305 j draw the accounts of evil..105 e make thy accounts agree. .547 k Accursed-so a. by fates. Accurst-blessed once provea.101 b ..206 r Accusals-who begin a.]. Accusation-false a. blush*...320m ....662 g Accuse-evidence that do a*. .330 o justice enough to accuse... Accused-should not be a. 105 P Accuses-a. with more nicety.105 o 717 q Accusing-a. spirit which.....419 v Accustomed-what they're a..786 e Achaians-again to the battle.468 f Ache-charm ache with air*...288 o his heart doth ache...... that age, ache, penury....140 e .203m your head did but ache*. ..333 1 Ached-brows have ached Aching-gather round an a....416 q ..622 t they have left an a. void....379 r spare my aching sight.....634 e Acheron-sooty flag of A.**. Achieve-can a.his scheme...160 c ...214 k may hope to achieve it..... some achieve greatness*...287 13 h Achieved-not ourselves a. Achievements-my a. mock*.. Achieving-still a. still§.. Achilles-absent, was A. still

677 i 5 п 4w0

466 g

2 o see the great Achillest... what name A. assumed.. 268 k Acis-A. once found out in.....235 1 ..143 r Acorn-oak from a small a.... Acorns-devourer of Tuscan a.177 k 289 g tall oaks from little a.grow.462 d than hogs eat acorns.... Acquaint-a.thyself with God.274 c 353 f we were first a.... Acquaintance-a. be forgot...263 r a slender a. with the world. 6 b upon better acquaintance*.377 b visiting acquaintance with. 15 o Acquaintances-make new a..264 t only as acquaintances.... Acquaints-misery a. a man*..387 v 66 n Acquire-it is for youth to a..676 k Acquires-miser a. yet fears..698 8 Acquiring-intent on a. more.657 v Acquits-a. the raven but.....716 d Acquitted-he should be a....717 q Acre-field and a. of our God$285 j piecemeal they win this a. 1438 c Acres-Cleon hath ten thou. a.483 over whose a. walk'd q Acrobat-climbs, like airy a...643 i Act-act a charity sometimes. 86 7 a.-a. in the living present§. 5 a a. as though I knew nothing774m able to act with vigor......145 8 act is as an ancient tale* ..281 b a. of a judge which does....675 ƒ act or enjoyment good in ..520 w act well your part and wore us out of act*. ..306 i brave men would act......203 h 70 i cried up for our best act*..331 w does both act and know. each a. a course, each scene 422 a 5 e extremity out of act* feels with the act a strong.105 q 467 t for no act of a man...... Heavens upon this holy act* 5 r ..318m himself an act of God.......369 q how they ought to act. idea that they act in trust..620 n ..525 r if my act be good as I§. lives not to act another*...332 8 4x


92 r


3 v 5 j

made honest by an act of..620 d
men who will not act....
not an outward act..
performance of every act...154 n
.556 h
single in responsible act....654 v
sins they love to act*.
so act that none may feel... 69 s
..556 j
the a. of God injures no....675 e
they act in a body.
thyself shalt see the act*...333 b
.427 e
to act in safety*..
we count the act of men*. .490 p
.651 m
when in act they ceaset...475 8
Acted-God in his soul, and a.521 p
lively acted with my tears*.591 v
our lofty scene be a. over*.602 k
so well she acted all....
Acting-a. in a certain manner529 h
77 u
acting of a dreadful thing*.123
reasoning, not in a. liest...517 k
thinking and acting...
was off, he was acting
724 i
Action-a. how like an angel*.372 r
.422 d
action in the tented field*..574m
action is eloquence*
action is transitory, a step¶ 6 c
5 p
after every a. closes his§..
a single lovely actiontt...
4 x
5 c
compared with action.. ...597 w
cure for grief is action......287 z
derive his rule of action....163 x
expression is a. beauty is..101 k
in action faithful
in furthest striving action..
..454 g
motion and long-during a.*.667 k
4 j
no a., whether foul or fairg.318 v
noble action the intent..
no less than a. and passion.336 x
3 u
no noble action done..
not thought but action.
oratory, he answered, "a.".462 i
pious a. we do sugar o'er*..313 b
pleasure and a. make the*..602 q
self-love is a principle of a..547 v
some place the bliss in a...342 j
suit the action to the word* 5 s
surfeit out of a*.
that a. which appears most 4 8
.469 l
the fairest action...
the means of actions..
255 g
the record of the a. fades§. 4 x
270 t
there the action lies*.
to restless action spurs.
438 p
two kinds of right action...
.369 j
vice sometimes by action*..633 8
5 y
Actions-a.are their eloquence371 p
virtue consists in action....805 x
a., not words, are the true..263 c
actions of men the best.....
a. of the just smell sweet..
4 v
a. of the last age are like... 4 i
account of all the a.§...
all her words and actions**. 5 h
but a. are our epochs..
creeds but men's actions...146 p
.599 k
crowds of glorious a. lie....635 i
end of his actions blest...
fame is the echo of actions.201 b
4 g
in all a. shooting at his.....312 g
observe the a. of others.....337 x
make our a. and words.....651 j
mark our a good or bad....574 v
motives of their a. are pure402 n
noble a. characterize the...781 k
not always a. show the‡.
reasons make strong a.*.
rightness expresses of a....
source of nobler a. becomes104 a
stint our necessary actions* 5 v
that actions not words.....
thousand glorious actions..635 i
to the use of actions fair*... 127 o
virtuous a. are but born....551 i
when our actions do not*...209 p
Active-a. souls can feel or....313p
an active ignorance........


.517 q 51

773 b

.314 f

.740 r 4 n

than active ignorance.. Activity-consists in activity..293 ƒ flourishes by its very a.. spheres of pure activity... Actor-as an actor confess'd....79 p he is manager, a.,prompter422 e let go by the actor*. like a dull actor now* moment yet the a. stops....423 o not the actor of it*.




well-graced a. leaves the*..423 a Actors-a.were also the heroes329 a Actor-man-Goodwin was an a.422 p God and Nature do with a..422 f language the actors spoke..520 r Actress-I, that was an a......298 y these our a., as I foretold* 634m Acts-acts like a Samaritan...457 f a. of dear benevolence‡.....627 j a. of one energetic master].626 a acts on that principle.......305 o a. second to some spheret..371 y acts which follow it.... does well, a. nobly; angels.. 2 k ...318 v feels the noblest a. the best345m four first acts already past.492 e from our a.we them derive*306 r inborn worth his acts.... keep good acts in memory. Af 80 f lives in acts exemplarie....146 h nameless, unremembered¶.333 n our acts our angels are, or. series of unconnected acts.490 i 4m speak freely of our acts*...184 d spring of all brave acts.....118 s those graceful acts,** those high acts in view. Adage-poor cat i' the adage*.122 i thoughts with acts* Adam-a cup of cold A... .640 t

5h 203 h 5m

Adam dalfe and Eve spane.491 d
A. had left him before he*..377 c
Adam in the garden talked.574 s
Adam's first wife is she.....318 t
Adam the goodliest man**. 81 v
A., well may we labour **
and in Adam's ear**.
..424 e
descendit of Adam and Eve183 8
..635 c
drink of Adam's ale...
gardener A. and his wifet..418 o
641 g
How A. dalf and Eve span..666 o
in A.'s fall-we sinned all..556 d
in you soars up the A.....
mankind from A. have.
67 f
our grandsire A., ere oft...658
656 p
son of Adam and of Eve....183 q
we but the penalty of A.*..546 g
when Adam dolve and Eve.666 b
when Adam first of men**.574 h
whipp'd the offending A.*..107 b
Adamant-cased in adamant ¶572 n
hard-hearted adamant*....212 p
Adamantine-a. armor against622`r
adamantine spindle round**206 ?
Add-add to golden numbers.507 r
in adamantine chainst...
Added-told it a. something..536 €
268 b
Additions-where great a.*....147 a
Adder-a. better than the eel*.102 g
Address-and tender in a.......
Address'd-praise when well a.486 i
with a little address.
450 g
Adhere-may a. to yet disown.646 d
Adieu-adieu forevermore.
adieu she cries and waved..204 !
.204 h
and bid adieu....
204 k
69 €
205 a

but never says "adieu".
drop a tear and bid adieu..464 j
she bade me adieu..
things he bade adieu.
Adjourn'd-works a. have....603 n
Adjourn-power to adjourn..105 c
Adjunct-proved a useful a...565 j
Administer'd-best a. is best‡.349 i
learning is but an a. to*. .842 n
Administration-corrupt and.282 t
honest and capable a.......22 1



Admiral-a. sailing the high§. 90 c
last of all an a. came.......409 t
put one admiral to death..482 e
Admiration-a. did not hoop*.608 v
admiration for one higher.. 6 e
a. from the most.....
.301 b
a. of a great man...
a. only of weak minds led** 35 o
be lost in idle admiration..675 j
season your a. for awhile*.
.351 w
we live by a., Hope¶.
Admire-a. and love the same 729 p
a. those who attempt......700k
cease to admire and all**.. 35 o
cease to admire the smoke 675k
foolish to admire him......768 e
I publish all I admire......452 g
let none a. that riches**
love those who admire us..
thy true lovers more a..

.456 f

to admire a fool...

.759 h

too simple to admire it.

67 k

where none admire 'tis.

35 g

with reason to admire‡.

125 r

world enjoy who least a....178


Admired-a. by their..

.758 d

.655 t


all who saw admired.
few men are a. by their....
make them most a.*.

659 w

to be seen to be admired...520 o who understood admired..451 g Admires-or a coral lip a......148 e Admiring-downward bent, a.369 k Admission-a. to our hearts..355 a Admittance-which buys a.*..279 g Admonish-shall them a.**...451 b Ado-much ado. there was... 355 o Adonis-A. hath a sweete....499jj Adonis is dead...

our advantages fly away...730 a
..684 j
years bring many a...
Advantaging-a. their loan*..592 d
Adventure-a.too little,repent 8 q
.525 r
join in the same a..
Adventurer-their great a.**.. 6 n
Adventurers-bold a. distain.,
Adventures-a. mucho tu.....754 g
511 r
Adventuring-by a. both*.
Adventurous-hasty and a..
Adversaries-helmets of our*.639 o
as adversaries do in law*..438 k
Adversary-a's. heart to him.255 g
..700 c
Adverse-upon the a. party*.579 n
Adversity-a. exacts it....
adversity is not without...107
a. is sometimes hard upon.
a. is the blessing of the...
a. is the first path to truth
a. of our best friends..

[blocks in formation]

a. reminds men of religion.675m
adversity's sweet milk.
a. threatens they are.....
adversity tries men..
adversity tries them.
and wakes up in adversity.785
become wiser by adversity.752 i
bold a. cries out for noble* 6 v
6 u
bruised with adversity*..
.675 o
cast down by adversity..
companions in adversity...395 e
crossed with adversity*
fortune's sharp adversite...387 y
great men rejoice in a.....675 n
70 e
in adversity it is easy.
675 p
keep faith in adversity..
remember to be calm in a..675 7
.264 a
sacred by adversity.
.645 b

.216 i

safe from all adversity§.

.492 t

seen in adversity.

262 i

shocks of adversity

187 1

struggling with a. are..

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are like A's. gardens*. Adoption-their a. tried*.,. Adoration-breathless with a. thy soul of adoration*. Adore-a. only among the....669 w ....512 k a. the hand that gives.. and living do adore her....663 t be adored than to adore....193 d how his thoughts adore.... 6 1 how to adore the heavens*.670 n the more I'll adore you....643 Adored-a. by little statesmen.107 ....489 a in every clime adored. Adorn-not riches a. men's....396 7 that he did not adorn......183 e the cottage might adorn...389 g Adorned-fairest and best a..810 p his looks a. the venerable..450m ..763 p most hideous when a.. she's adorned amply that.. 24 p 24 n unadorned a. the most Adorner-a. and refresher of.641 e a. of the ruin, comforter...599 i Adorning-there is nothing a.544 b Adornment-a. of her hair....318 t Adorns-a.all that he touches.757 n Adulation-adulation 'tis the.215 e Adulteries-all the a. of art...414 o Advance-a. forward while... 63 a. spare not! nor look.....424 a arm! advance! hope of....635m go back as we advance.....784 q Advanced-a. dear to thee....249 q full high advanced**. Advances-advances by an....735 b Advancing-speed behold a...128 g the land is advancing. Advantage-authors an a.....426 for his a. still did wake*....606 h ...708 7 for whose advantage. let not advantage slip*. ...602m nail'd for our advantage. no slight advantage... to his own advantage... true wit is nature to a.....653 t .742 a wishes for his own a. ........704m Advantages-by its a..

.638 c

127 9

92 r


hope of fair advantages*...269 c


265 t

684 g
7 a


.591 g

.709 j

Affecting-a. wit beyond their.653 ƒ
Affection-and use of drink...326 p
a. cannot hold the bent*...864 T
.328 i
a. hateth nicer hands...
a.hath an unknown bottom*864 j
a. is the broadest basis of.. 7 u
.660 k
a. stirs her spirit up...
beautiful than private a.,..101 j
eloquent of infinite a...
fond a. thou hast seen.....874 g
founded on affection..
goes by letter and affection*92 a
....595 a
links of a. restored..
me wards your a.'s strong..359 b
ill composed affection".
of such a. and unbroken... 8 d
pleasure of true affection..180 f
sweet water from a...
talk not of wasted a.§.

to bid affection live

true a. [for parents].

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

our a. are subtle...... through a. of pleasure.. war against your own a.*..104 w weight of our affections.... 7 x Affinity-a. nearer than our..505aa 419 b Affirmance-a. breeds a..... 242m Affirmations-accepting the a. 38 w Afflict-a. the slumbering.. afflict the best... forbids to afflict our souls. 72 g Afflicted-gods spare the a...676 f enamour'd of.* 8g a. is not sent in vain.. a. is the good man's shining a.'s heaviest shower a.'s sons are brothers in a. taught a lover yet‡. henceforth I'll bear a.*. highlands of affliction. shadow of a great a sleep in the affliction* to try me with affliction*..467 p tries our virtue by afflction 8 e 7jAfflictions-the a. to which...676 e Afflicts-a little thing a. us....792 p Affluence-joy or ease let a.‡.106 a Affright-let nothing you a... 94 n 6 r the bad a., afflict the best.. Affront-An old a. will stir the.157 d .656 q fear is a. and jealousy.. th' a. is mine, my friend‡...623 e truth or virtue an affront‡.623 e will not a. me, and no other. 120 d .497 d Affronts-and soon forget a... 77 h .209 f Afraid-afraid of an owl. afraid of is fear. 793 i


sweet are the uses of a.*..
that will stand adversity... 6p
Advertisements-are of great.435 e
435 g
art in writing a..
Advice-a.of a faithful friend.327 b
advice you give, be short..676 b
give good a. to the sick....676 d
men often give the best a..
give the best a. to kings...
good advice and meant...
good opinion of advice.
many receive advice.
niggards of advice on not..
.754 g
on a poor man's advice..
7 i
pervert with bad a. our...
share the a. betwixt you*...269 €
superfluous advice is not..676 a
those who give bad advice.676 c
we give advice but we do... 7 k
whose advice hath often*.. 7o
7 d
Advices-lengthened sage a..........
Advise-a. well before you....680 r
heart must needs advise... 69 g
none could a., thou hast....137 u
.754 ƒ
one can a. comfortably.
Advised-a. than confident....330 g
Adviser-ever did th' a..
848 0
Eolian-is a wild a.§

on this æolian breath..
Aërial-pulse of the a. wave.295 w
wove on their aërial looms§613 f
Eson-that did renew old E. 441 h
Affairs-affairs brought to....702 d
a. of men rests still*.
a. which depend on many..791 b
.535 h
for our affairs in hand*
office and affairs of love*..363 d
tide in the affairs of men*.461 o
understands her own a.....411 r
Afeared-a soldier and a.*...444 d
heavenly hosts affeared.... 92 i
Affect-those which we a. to..758 c
Affectation-a. is an awkward.
a. with a sickly mien‡..
voice is spoilt by a.........557 b

78 71

business to be afraid. human race a. of nothing...787 k makes the heart afraid.....293 h many are afraid of God....668m myself from being afraid..208 u not afraid to say his says... 70 c prayed! so I was afraid....487 j 5 T After-a. hours with sorrow*. 386 w still with after claps.. After-dinner-in a-d. talkt....579 b After-love-makes a-l. the*....659m Afton-flow gently, sweet A...530 a After-silence-a. on the shore].420 n Agamemnon-lived before A..728 living before Agamemnon]. 69 j .753m that you know A.... Age-a comfort to your age*.. 90 r age a mature mellowness.. 9 j age and body of the time*..412 age appeared to be best in. 10 q age at play with infancy...616 ...658 v age cannot wither her* age childish makes, they...754 n age, I do abhor thee*.

.673 e


[blocks in formation]

age like winter weather*...673 e age of chivalry is gone.....504bb age of ours should not be..599 c age's breath is short*

673 e

Age shakes Athena's tower 9 b
age so eat up my invention* 11 8
age still leaves us friends.. 10 t
age to age unnumbered....381 a
age too shines out and... 12 i
age 'twixt boy and youth...574 j
age we void it up again*....174 i
age wherein he lived was..478 u
a green old aget...
10 c
an age of poverty..
485 b
an age that melts with .143 i
an old age of cards‡..
..349 n
are his age's alms.
.470 w
9 n
...451 t
.143 f

36 0 .510 8 10 v .720 c .195 o .254 0 89 n 26 b 129 a ..754 n ..100

as in a green old age. at the age of reflection. at the root of age. at your age, the hey-day*.. beauty doth varnish age*. be comfort to my age*. before a sprightlier aget.. bent old age will come... bold visage middle age... brave, licentious age.... by the shores of age.. cannot endure in his age*.... chased old age away‡. children still in age's.. comfort to my age*. crabbed age and youth*....673 e cradle of reposing aget 11 a damn the age; I will write. 22 h did haggish age steal on*.. 70 i doting with age....... 254 8 every age has its pleasures.475 b expose our age.. 124 o Father of All! in every a...489 a fetch the a. of gold**. 601 i for age to apply.. ..676 k for talking age and. ..614 c frittering away his age.....253 d from age to age, in virtue.616 ƒ good old age released from.647 a great is old age.. ..287 o greater honors to his age*.. 39 7 grow dim with age.. .315m happen at a riper age. has not the spirit of his age.784 r heritage of old age is not.. 9 k he was not of an age.......550 h he would not in mine age*..549 e honor to a. ye children pay. 8 t how many ages hence*.....602 k I'll die of old age.. 92 C in a polite age almost. ..516 g in commendation of age.... 10 q in every age and clime we.442 à in old age one has in. .795m



77 h

old age is courteous..
old a. is creeping on apace.
old age is slow in both.
old age is still old age§.
old age serene and bright. 12
old a. when it waxeth dry.341m
pays us naught but age....601 v
produced in a civilized age..477 n
promise of his age*. ..119m
runs for ages without......606 7
scarce expect one of my a...462 d
should accompany old a*.. 11 r
silvered o'er with age...... 9p
slow consuming age
10 a
smack of age in you*.

11 w

338 w 23 p 350 c 9 g i

long time ago.

618 n


Agonies-a. no word can speak 55 n fiercest agonies have.. .470 b Agony-a. unmixed incessant. 328 j agony with words*. .288 o cannot move a soul in a.*...582 8 dream or fear of agony.....134 j love, though oft to agony¶.367 m the shriek of agony ....640 h turns the past to agony....381 t waters of wide agony. 327 k Agree-a. as angels do above..367 g agree not well together....544 i a. with our external parts*.660 c all things differ, all agree‡.630 b soul of age! the applause..550 k at night astronomers agree.426 k Than settled age his sables* 673 ƒ in their little nests agree...113 f that age, ache, penury*....140 e two of a trade can ne'er a..507aa that age is without pity. ..758 t sugar and saltness agree... 79 q that the age or country....520 r Agreeable-an a. manner... 215 d the age is in, the wit is out*653 w haint one agreeable feetur++272 v the age to come my own....200 8 that poetry is agreeable....782 n the frigidity of old age..... 9 a useful with the agreeable..744 i the summer of her age..... 34 j Agreeably-speak a. to him...573 j this age best pleaseth mee..111 e Agreed-agreed to differ.....494 z thoughts that mould the++ 596dd | Agreeing-agreeing to differ..676 r to drooping age who ......361 g Agreement-a. exists in.......676 torrent of a downward age.120 c 559% an agreement with hell.. to taunt his valiant age* ..109 n Agriculture-blessed be a.! if.424 o unfeeling age of ours left..694 Ague-fear is an ague... 208 p vice and follies of the age..630 j Aguish-daisies on the a. hills.218 walk sober off before at....349 j Ahead-are right, then go a...495 !! warped mirror to a gaping. 423 n Aid-all fear, none aid yout.. 300 k weak anxieties of age.. 10 e apt alliteration's artful aid.427 k weak withering age no..... 80 give no hollow aid. .........566 k we dread old age..... .754 j kindly lend his little aid.... 55 i what age takes away¶. 12 n meant each other's aid‡.....653 p what makes old age so sad.754m noble to aid the afflicted....728 when age chills the blood..334 € of aid from them........ .130 windows of thine age*. .678 j saints will a. if men will call487 r wine and women old age...721 j who seeks for aid must....548 y with an age of ease... willing to a. you until you..282 wore in the Golden Age withhold his conquering a. 488 worth an age without a. Aidance-barred the a. of the*606 i woes that wait on age]. Aids-little feeble aids in vain.200 ƒ world's great age begins...669 Ailment-some ailment in the.156 h worn away with aget.. .535 u Ailments-long a. wear out....501 p worn out body to old age..717 b Aim-a, at objects in an airy..308 o year of the age of gold. .327 c aim beyond our pow'r......110 i years of the Golden Age...327 c aim of every dangerous*...214 o youth 'gainst time and a....601 effort and an honest aim... 85 z youth to age a reverend....567 every existence is an aim...348 r youth to unrespected aget. 82 8 failed in the high aim, as 1.581 m Aged-aged men full loth and. 11 g lynx-like is his aim.. .543 o flattered to tears this aged.405 grown aged in this world.. 9 c like an aged man, it stands.613 n Ages-a. cannot make it old. .243m ages on ages thy splendors. 115 d ages roll forward and..... 10 r alike all ages, dames of.. 89k esteem of a. through which 68 k experience of ages may....513aa in three distant ages.. 479 b many a. played their parts.422 k once when the days were a.412 8 shades of forty ages stood.115 j the long lapse of ages... ..258 e through ages yet unborn. .109 wakens the slumbering a..319 f when in lapsed ages thee.. 34 n years like passing ages.....599 o yet I doubt not thro' the a.+598 c ye unborn ages, crowd... 272 r Agencies-how widely its a....629 x Agency-and never-ending a.. 79 g Agent-a. works but to this...666 % and trust no agent*. Agents-agents of the people.620 p night's black agents to*....417 Aggregate-large a. of little..304 h Agitated-except by the a.... 77 i Agitates-agitates the whole. .275 w A-gley-gang aft a-gley.. ...154 x Agnes-St. Agnes' Eve-Ah... 52 o Agnew-Joshua in Andie A...537 a Ago-long, long ago..

in old age we are too much.676m
in soul and aspect as in a.].599 n
joys with age diminish. ...345 u
labors of an age in piled**..550 q
lived an age too late......
287 j
malice of this age shapes..266 m
men of age object too much 8 q
middle age by no fond wile. 31 g
monumental pomp of age. 12m
more honorable than age... 10 o
my strength in age..
narrative with age..
of honor for mine age*. .611p
old age a regret...
old age, begin sighing.. ..544 a
old age comes on apace to. 8 8
old age doth in sharp pains 8
old age is an incurable. .676 j
old age is a tyrant who.....754 i

50 r

265 g

379 n

still some a. for the heart..667 c to take aim kneeling.......602 n vulgarly in the low aim....581 m Aimed-well aimed at duck...528 b Aims-ambition's aims aret... 13 o

scorn for miserable aims...818 r Air-a., a charter'd libertine*.482 d air and harmony of shape..513 ƒ air and where's the gait...128 air grows cool and darkles.582%

392 9

air in conversation .........113m
air is fresh and sunny..
a. is shaken with white and 94 g
air out of the lungs...
air shall be perfumed*.
air with melodies vernal§..540
all the air is cool and..

295 n .243 h

42 n

a pulse of air that must be. 405 q
as false as a. as water*..
101 บ
beauty, but an air divine... 38 b
behind a magisterial air........537 o
blown by the evening air...585 k
breath like cauler air.
breathes the keen air and.. 88 n
build castles in the air......496 q
charm ache with air*.
.288 o
chime had stroked the air..634 t
common sun, the air, the...463 o
dead is the air and still.....394 ƒ
deep a. listen'd round hert. 88
enjoys the air it breathes 178 h
equal right to breathe the a. 184 o
faint, and melting into air¶ 45 d


[blocks in formation]



in the palpitating air. in with the morning air. let the air strike our tune..398 g lights the a. with a dusky§.576 a lungs receive our air.......559 f mark'd the mild angelic a. 1. 132 w melted into a., into thin a.*.634m mock our eyes with air*....587 i music in the air that dulls.549 z music is the poetry of the a.780 u my castles in the air........634k no stir of air was there.....411 f not such an urgent air.....793 a observ'd the air is delicate* 50 h odors of the moveless air...220 q ..760 out of mingled air.. out of the bosom of the a.§.565 b playing in the wanton air*.364 g pure was the temperate air 71 j radiant as the air around...575 g ...411 a rocks and fleeting air.. saw the air too much......423 k scent the most imploring a.616m shadowed by pencils of air.100 f should be written on air....722 p snuffs the morning air.....295m soil whose a. is deemed too.559 n .887 n sore athirst for air. stood up in balmy air.....611 d .....160 v substance as the air. substance on the floating a.564 v summer's noontide air**...154 p sweet as English air could+.660 sweeter in the air. sweet is the air with the§...612 k sweetness in the desert air.586 8 sweetness on the desert air.586 t that they smote the air*...326 j the air is chill and raw.....539 q the cool fresh air whence...394 g the Germans that of-the a. 483 k .246 the humming airt.. .542 h the misty morning air. the red sparks lit the air...430 i thro' the azure deep of air. 46 c through our spring-tide a..221 a through the hush'd air the.546 p through the sharp air a....564 .246 i thy dwelling air.. 243 k to the fainting air. .291 e to the troubled air. .619 t trifles, light as air* upon the amber a. unroll'd§624 r ......189 very air o' the time*.. .220 violets make the air. voices to the midnight a.**670j wanderer of the wintry air. 57 d warms the mild air, and....540 b warm the air in raw.. washes all the air*.. ..189 h what is there in the air. whited air hides hills and..564 w whole air and the woods§. 50 i wild exhilaration in the a.§.394 h .228 f with a sweet air. 407 t with its sweet air*. Air-castles-high air-castles...664 f 83 a Airs-airs and flights and‡.. a.that hover in the summer397 f ape the airs of thy young..895 h chill a. and wintry winds..§647 n cool airs of evening lay.....585 p


9 d

since all a., so Heaven has.567 d solitary, who is not alone..566 x the fools are mad if left a.*659m they are never a. that are..597 t think it solitude to be alone.567 t this is to be alone; this....566 j thou art here alone,-alone.543 though not quite alone till supper-time alone*. .565 P to be left a. and face to§....527 x top of green Selinis all a...611 k until I truly loved I was a..567 i we enter the world alone..566 y when we are least alone...566 i world in which I moved a..150 d Alonso-A. of Aragon was.... 10 q Alonzo-A. the Brave was the.359 8 Alph-A.,the sacred river ran.530 b Alps and A. on A. arise‡.....402 u fading A.and archipelagoes585 e frozen ridges of the Alps*.172 the eagle of the Alps....... 46 d Alpine-A. peasants, two or...536 i

.220 h

on the Alpine rose..... .242 l Altar-a. was one agate stone. 278 i before the same a. with me.158 ƒ bow before thine a., love...365 7 by his horns to the a.......278 n her sweet altar fires.. ..651 v refreshed where one pure..545 t upon the a. of her beauty*.663 7 upon thine a. pour incense.531 Altars-build me a. in their...674 flame that burns upon its a.201 let these a. wreathed with.595 b lonely altars sprinkle... rear altars to freedom......258 € strike for your a. and your.468 p Altar-stairs-world's a.t... .268 Alter-a. decree established*..438 alter in my faith of him....620 d circumstances alter cases.. 96 r Alteration-alters when it a*..317 o time makes no alteration.. 22 g Altercation-excessive a.... 686 c Altered-changes all, had a...599 n Altering-a. it for some new...474 Alternative-a. must women.. 92 j Always-let those who a. .361 i Am-I am not what I am*.

..556 x

770 q

.198 น 221 k .221 h

I am not what I once was..682 d I am the state.. speak of me as I am*. .332 T Amaranth-immortal a.**....221 j the amaranth bright. ...219 7 Amaranthine-a. flower on....632 g pluck the a. flower¶.. Amaranths-a. such as.. breaking a. he looks.. Amaranthus-a. all his**. .221 i Amaryllis-milky-bell'd a.t...221 7 A-maying-met her once a**.. 29m Amaze-a. the welkin with*..639 a a. the learn'd, and make‡..581 j Amazed-a. and curious......383m a. the gazing rustics rang'd.342 c Amazement-exclamation of..460 b Ambassador-a. is an honest..305 p an ambassador of love*. 365 as God's ambassador, the..450 b footman with an a... ..435 e Ambassadors-a. are the eye..770 8 Amber-a. enveloped the tiny.176 8 a. sweet of love is turn'd...327 a. sweets the smothered....479 a. the musk and civet......205 b bedropped with amber.... 59 q In amber lies...... 557 x

in a. to observe the forms‡.661 m liquid a. drop from.. .242 u of amber cleanly buried....661 k preserved forever in a... .324 g sepulchre in amber.

.323 c the amber flits a little......557 x through the amber shown..661 7 when tipp'd with a.mellow .456 f Ambition-a. and revenge**.. 13j

14 i

13 g
13 t
14 f

[ocr errors]


Amphitryon-the genuine a...764 d the true amphitryon is the.506 n Amuck-to run a. and tilt‡....537 t Amuse-little more than to a..115 c sent to a. not to enslave.... 14 q Amusement-a. of the........ 87 n

a. has but one reward for ambition has no rest..... ambition is no cure.. a. is our idol on whose.... ambition of a private man.486 a.'s aims are crossed‡. ambition's debt is paid*. 13 v mercy to the next a........ 15 d a. to commend my deeds**.146 q next a. mortgages. 15 d a. to fill up his heart. ....356 q Amusements-friend to public 14 u and ambition of man.......137 u in our a. a certain limit....782 a bids a. rise to nobler .367 d Amusers-recreators and a... 66m built with divine ambition..417 v Anacreon's-A. morals are a..478 ? by low ambition and the... 12 t Analytic-skilled in analytic..124 e capable of this ambition*..461 q choked with foul ambition* 633 | fling away ambition* 14 a high ambition, lowly laid.. 13 u ill-weaved a., how much*.. 13 x in false ambition's hand.... 14 j in heaven ambition cannot.365 n instruments of ambition...435 e mad ambition trumpeteth.. 14 g make ambition virtue*. 204 t my soul's ambition.... .276 J pours fierce ambition in a‡. 13 r reach of wild ambition's....633 w reign is worth a. though**.. 13 k rules the unreined ambition 14 h soldier without a. is to..... 12 O such joy ambition finds..** 13m though ambition in itself...677 ƒ vaulting ambition, which*. 13w was utterly without a...... 1 a who, like a., lures men.... 445 t wild ambition loves to slide 13 a young ambition's ladder*.. 14 d your heart's supreme a....629 k Ambitions-with great a.§. 13 f Ambitious-born without a... 12 p Cæsar was ambitious* 146 substance of the a. is*. 14 c with a. feet secure.§. 672 q Ambles-your wita. well; it*.654 c Ambrosia-A. for Apicius.....166 n Ambrosial-blooming a. *** *.....609 j

.302 n

than the sweet a. hive.. 652 e
Amen-" a."stuck in my*.....489 ƒ
let me saya.' betimes*....158 7
Amend-a. our will, and not..646m
Amended-done cannot be*...152 j
Amends-husband that will..811 r
long lying make himself a.[621 j
sin that a. is but patched*..633 t
America-A. half brother of..115 a
America has furnished to...115 h
America is to have no......281 j
America lie folded already.370 y
A. shall hold her place.. 188m
history of America.
young man there is A......115 c
American-A.institutions had.115 h
goes to an American play..115 g
if I were an A., as I am.....469 i
I also am an American.. .469 8
I was born an American....469 p
looks at an A. picture.. 115
pass to the A. strand ..521
reads an American book...115 g
Virginian but an American. 468 q
what I call the A. idea......282 8
Americans-A. to market.....560 i
good A. when they die go.. 98 g
Amethyst-purple-streaming. 558 g
streaks and shafts of a.....584 r
Amethystine-with an a. light.545 j
Amiable-amiable weakness..641 p
a. weakness of human.....641

Amiss-if I have done amiss..523}
Amity-a. is ty'd with band...263 u
a. that wisdom knits not*..265 k
two commands, hold a.*.
282 Y
Among-a. them, but not of..596 a
Amorous-As a. of their*. .552 b
from a. causes springst.
....527 e
still amorous and fond. ..389 k
twined amorous round the.530 e
Amour-enforce a desperate..485m

Anarch-thy hand, great A.‡.. 77 d
Anarchist-maxim of the A...281 g
Anarchy-and digest of a......529 c
eternal anarchy amidst**.
77 C
Anatomical-a. construction].166 i
Anatomies-as so many a.....156 f
Anatomist-work for the a....452
Ancestor-I am my own a..... 15
Ancestors-backward to their. 15 ƒ
but his illustrious a. is like. 15m
chaos ancestors of nature** 416
down from many a.*.
88 f
glorious ancestors enlarge. 16 c
glory of ancestors sheds...677 j
has no need of ancestors....787 i
hope of my a. endures.....804 u
our ancestors are very good 15 o
our rural a., with little. 424 h
the virtue of my ancestors.806 k
wild trick of his a.*. ...608 20
wisdom of our ancestors...650 ƒ
Ancestral-ancestral voices...498 c
Ancestry-birth and ancestry 677 á

records of our ancestry....709 b
Anchor-see the dolphin's a...430 e
the anchor is hidden§. .....210 r
Anchorage-soul to its a...... 89 n
Anchored-a. to the bottom..250
Noah, when he a. safe on...648 j
Anchorite-a. who didst..
...669 n

.221 n

221 p

.221 q 221m

saint-ship of an anchorite]..303 a tempt the dying a. to eat..168 t Anchors-bark with two a .500ff Ancient-a. of days august... m as ancient as the world.....565 u his a., trusty, drouthy.....100 o in ancient times all things..511m O a. house! alas, how......693 c reverence what is ancient..127 g slavery is also as a. as war.560 d spokes as ye a. of ye parish.493 r they that marry a. people..375 i we extol ancient things.....676 1 Ancients-a. dreaded death...134 Anderson-John A. my jo.....466 g Andes-under the A. to the...649 € Andie-new Joshua in A......537 a Andrew-how A. slyly sent....478 j Anemone-a. in snowy hood..217 g O white anemone. Anemones-a. and seas.. brink the anemones.. circles of anemones.. Anerly-happy Mary Anerly..663 b Angel-action how like an a. *372 r a guardian a. o'er his life... 16 u a ministering angel thou...658 r an angel shook his wings... 16 i an a. stood and met mytt..634 h an angel who had been o'er.581 € a. answered, nay sad soul..144m a. appear to each lover ....658 c a. comfortings can hear....268 p a. for the woman in a kiss. .834m angel hands to valor........214 e a. of light! who from the...584 c a. on the outward side*.....812 v a.'s visits short and bright.329 angel with a trumpet said§.126 h a., writing in a book of gold.634 ƒ as far as angel's ken**. 16 p clip an angel's wings.. ...515m consideration like an a.*....107 b custom, is angel yet*.. ..127 o


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