The Great Tithing Debate: Condemned If You Do, Condemned If You Don't

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AuthorHouse, 16. märts 2007 - 404 pages

Finally, there’s a book that uses sound, rightly divided doctrine and wisdom to answer all your tithing questions. No longer will you have to rely on opinions, clichés, wishful thinking, passed down deceptions, legalism, or plain ole foolishness just to know what is required of you and where you stand with God. The Bible is very clear for those who want to know.


All of your questions are thoroughly answered in THE GREAT TITHING DEBATE. The huge list of tithing questions, compiled over years of waiting for tithing to finally work, hinges on an exhaustive knowledge, or lack thereof, concerning exactly what Jesus fully accomplished at the cross. When the reality of redemption is properly understood, most questions disappear and the once shaky believer finds that, not only is he now standing on solid rock, but has actually become part of that rock.


When redemption is fully understood, one realizes that the act of tithing to “open heaven” or provide anything that Jesus freely gave at the cross is actually an insult to the suffering He endured at the cross. Yes, tithing worked in the Old Covenant as a part of the total Law, but has absolutely no place in the New Covenant that provides everything (Romans 8:32) through the blood of Christ. Peter counted such teaching as “tempting the Holy Spirit” in Acts 15. Paul obviously had the same opinion in most of his writings, for those who will read them without wearing their tithing glasses.


We may call it an “act of faith,” “obedience,” “doing the Word,” “good stewardship,” or what ever we want, but at the end of the day it is nothing more than an obsolete, Old Testament ordinance that will only “frustrate the grace of God,” as Paul taught in Galatians. As circumcision became “nothing” under the NT, likewise, tithing is no longer obligatory.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually have your prayers easily answered because of Jesus’ finished work and the Name He gave us to use? Would you like to know that God is going to say “yes” to His promises without you having to wonder if all your church ducks are in a row? And finally, wouldn’t it be nice to have a royal ring put on your finger, a kingly robe put on your back, and a big hug of approval without having to sleep in the bunk house as a “servant” until it’s decided that you can be trusted?


So, this is a book about salvation; something that the church seems to know little about. Beyond forgiveness of sins, today’s church seems to be unaware and uninterested in understanding redemption. This vacuum has left us open to a myriad of opinions, questionable doctrines, and even deception.


This book endeavors to fill some of that vacuum. You should get a copy and explore the possibilities of the complete redemption that God intended for us to enjoy. Examine the free preview below and “taste and see that the Lord is good,” even much better than we’ve been taught.


Hopefully, pride, a rampant byproduct of legalism and performance, won’t keep you from hearing. Maybe you’re still teachable and open to God’s leading, even if you’re already pretty sure you have a good understanding of the duties required of a genuine Christian.




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