The Tutor of Truth ...

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G. Perrin, 1784 - 136 pages

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Page 74 - What means this tumult in a Veftal's veins ? Why rove my thoughts beyond this laft retreat ? Why feels my heart its long-forgotten heat ? Yet, yet I love ! — From Abelard, it came, And ELotfa yet muft kifs the name.
Page 113 - There is no doubt buttheMarchionefe would change her name, live quietly in the place you provide for her, be happy as if in Heaven to get a fight of you once a fortnight, and there would be an end of the thing. Do then, let me advife you, put a period to thefe complaints ; open the cage of the beautiful prifoner, and fet the pretty little heart, that is now beating as it were at the wires till it pants again, perfectly at eafe. It is with great difliculty I keep her from writing to you every day.
Page 72 - I caught inftruction from the lips of Mr. De Grey, under the trees. This, therefore, was the firft time of my hailing them fince my return. Believe me, I felt fenfations that thrilled me, as I re-vifited the places of my nccuftomed contemplation ; I bade them welcome with as much ardour as if they were animate.
Page 38 - ... another and fo on, till we are up to the whole ,gig of the thing. HETTY is 'ene almoft ready to fly over the moon upon...
Page 112 - I queftion whether you ever approached the lips of this lovely one fince they firft declared a paflion for you. It requires, I confefs, all the elaborate excufes you have made, to wipe off the imputation of an infenfible ; and even after all your pains, I freely tell you, that I think you are too fcrupulous upon this occafion. I fpeak frankly, out of pity to the Marchioneis, andforjo«r -pkafure.
Page 75 - I, upon the edge of an explanation, but happily checking myfelf in time) though certainly Italy hath its charms. Oh, no doubt of it, replied LUCIA ; but I believe, Sir, the company will have loft their chief felicity by your abfence. I hear Mr.
Page 71 - Bleflingbourne was withdrawn to his chamber for his afternoon's nap. Mr. De Grey's garden is exceedingly large, and part of it is difpofed into a wildernefs, whofe zigzag is fo intricate that you may fometimes have your whole profpect terminated by a yard's diftance.
Page 19 - Thofe fmall, but dear attentions, which the day before belonged to an eftate of 60 /. per year, were over. I could not any longer think I was the proprietor of a fnug box, when the load of ten thoufand pounds fell abruptly upon my moulders in the lump. I never looked into a book that whole day, and to fay truth, I hardly thought there was a cover in my ftudy fit to come into the hand of a man of fortune. Was it not fome Demon, think you, that put it into my head to take down, three days after, the...
Page 73 - The neft, you may be fure, was preferred, for both piety and pity were concerned in its protection. We trod with caution while the facred bird was hatching : the whole feathered family prefently took wing; and I do verily believe I hear one of them now whittling near my. window. Oh, Oh, LASCELLES!
Page 73 - When it was compleated, we gave — oh, I Ihall never forget it — a kifs of tendered congratulation, as at having finifhed a work of infinite importance. Big with this innocent flattery, we ran, hand in hand, to our guardian, and with elated hearts bade him furvey well our our workmanfhip.

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