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you may judge how assiduously, zealously, faithfully, successfully he has performed his mission of love. Eliacine, as a wife and a mother, has not, of course, been so regular in her visits as Lolo in his. Still I have little, if any, cause to complain of her. She is a holy, praying woman ; has power in prayer with God, and is preeminently anxious to bring souls to God. I called upon her a few days ago to see her on her bed of sickness, and as I prayed for the conversion of poor Jacmel sinners, she burst into a flood of tears. Whenever she can, therefore, she spends several successive days in visiting the people of the town from house to house, reading the Scriptures, distributing tracts, praying with the living, and pointing the dying to the Lamb of God. Only eternity can reveal the good she has done in this way. Some 600 tracts, or more, have been distributed by her this year, besides some fifty Scriptures. As a natural result, therefore," for my Word shall not return unto me void,"—many in the town are silently seeking, if not indeed serving, the Lord Jesus, who would openly profess Him, did they not fear a repetition of the hubbub that was raised by the conversion of Adelaide, and who certainly will profess Him some day, in spite of all, if they are true converts to the faith of Jesus. Then, too, marriages have been more frequent in this town this year than we have ever known them to be since we have been in Hayti ; whilst a spirit of inquiry truly marvellous now exists amongst the people which one day must bring forth fruit. Let me not, however, be understood to paint or exaggerate. Alongside of these statements we have to record that of late murders have become somewhat seriously common, that some cases of cannibalism have just come to the knowledge of the Government, and that sin in every form is as rampant as ever among the masses.

COLOURED IMMIGRANTS. I must not conclude without saying something of our English immigrants from St. Thomas and Jamaica, to the number of perhaps one hundred or more, and for whom we are doing what we can. My dear wife, especially, occupies herself with this mission to her countrymen, seeks to remind them of home privileges and home habits, gets them together of a Sabbath afternoon for reading, exposition, and prayer, and distributes English tracts and Scriptures amongst them. Amongst them, too, is a pious, godly man, whom we have just secured as cook in our family, who visits his countrymen, converses with them on religious subjects, brings them to the house of God, and certainly does his best to keep them from going astray in this country where so many temptations surround them. I suppose he has distributed this year some two hundred tracts and some fifty Scriptures.

THE WATCH NIGHT. I might add many things more, but will only mention, in conclusion, our usual midnight or watch service, held between ten o'clock and midnight on the 31st December. We have now held it for some years, and it has always been a solemn and blessed service. It was on one of these occasions that Adelaide, invited by Diana, began to seek the salvation of her soul by the “ more excellent way." This year, too, the service was one of blessing. Four members prayed, two new ones, baptized the day previous, received the right hand of fellowship,

The five minutes spent before midnight by the whole congregation kneeling and engaged in silent prayer, mingled with strong groans and tears, is one of the most impressive sights I have ever witnessed in our churches. Most of our members were present this year, many of the immigrants, and quite a nice gathering of the town's people. Altogether our chapel was fully two-thirds full, and it is calculated to hold about four hundred. The Lord make this and all our services a blessing to this poor people, and greatly enlarge this year our own piety,


CALCUTTA, INTALLY. Mrs. Kerry is greatly in need of assistance for her very useful girls' school, and appeals to the generous liberality of our friends. The children are the daughters of native Christians, and drawn mostly from the churches to the south of Calcutta. We shall be happy to receive contributions for this most useful school.

JESSORE. Mrs. Anderson has arrived safely and well at her former home. Mr. Anderson has been, as is usually the case in the cold season, travelling through the district preaching the gospel. Mrs. Hobbs has also safely rejoined her husband.

Dacca. The Rev. F. Supper has been engaged in missionary tours to Comillah, Jangalia, and to a large mela. From this latter he proceeded to visit Mymensing, and another district, in which there are many persons not far from the kingdom of God.

MONGHYR. The new English chapel was opened by very interesting services on the 24th October. Although it has cost £3,000, the entire sum has been defrayed by the liberal gifts of the people themselves. Mr. Lawrence has paid a visit to Hajipore mela. The number of people attending the mela was unsually large. Corresponding congregations were obtained, and the interest awakened was very encouraging. The missionaries remarked the absence of opposition, and the avowal by some of the truth of Christianity. The native mind is decidedly becoming favourably disposed towards the gospel. They will even buy the scriptures.

DELHI. Mr. Williams reports the baptism of two persons, one a learned munshi, and well acquainted with Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. He will be engaged as a native preacher. The bazaar preaching and the district prayer meetings continue very encouraging

MEERUT. From this station we learn that two Hindoos have been baptised by Mr. Etherington. One of them comes from a distance, and is a mason by trade. He will join the native brethren at Mulliana.

YENTAI, CHEFOO, CHINA. Our young friends, Mr. and Mrs. McMechan, reached their station on the 18th December. They have taken a house and will cnjoy the assistance of Mr. Kloekers in entering on their missionary life. Mr. Laughton has so far acquired the language as to be able to address the people. He gives a most painful description of the immoralities that prevail around him.

COLOMBO, CEYLON. Mr. Pigott has removed from Matakooley to Slave Island, Colombo, to be nearer his work at the Pettah. Mrs. Pigott's boarding school contains ten children ; four are supported by friends on the spot, and six pay for their food and clothes.

Mrs. Pigott has now ten children in her girls' school, and hopes to make it selfsustaining. She has also established a Sunday morning class for the children of the Burghers.

CAMEROONS, AFRICA. Although the natives are more peaceable, there is sone fear lest the slaves should rise and overpower their masters, whom they greatly exceed in numbers. From Bell's Town two very interesting candidates have offered themselves for church fellowship; one was a drummer and a leader in their dark superstitions. The school at Mortonville was opened on New Year's day with forty children.

FULLER'S FIELD, JAMAICA. Mr. Burke, a student of Calabar, in May last became the pastor of the church at this station. Since the beginning of the year he has enjoyed many tokens of God's presence with his labours. The Lord's day services are better attended, as also are the prayer meetings. His ordination took place on the 30th December. The day school he has established receives a good deal of his personal attention. It contains forty scholars.

STEWART Town. Our native brother the Rev. W. Webb writes, that although the last year has been one of great depression and trial, the new year opens with very cheering prospects. Numerous enquirers have joined the classes, and an effort is about to be made to erect a new chapel at Gibraltar.


We regret to state that the health of the Rev. J. Parsons having given way, owing to a severe attack of bronchitis, who is now however much better, he was unable to finish his engagements with Dr. Evans in Scotland. The brethren, J. Watson and J. Walcot of Edinburgh, S. J. Davis of Aberdeen, and J. C. Brown of Perth, kindly assisted in the emergency; and we have great pleasure in stating that the remittances have been, hitherto, most liberal.

A conference of pastors, deacons, and brethren connected with the Churches in Glasgow, Greenock, Paisley, and Rothesay, was held in the former city, at which between fifty and sixty brethren were present The Secretary, Mr. Trestrail, at their request, entered very fully into the present financial position of the Society. In reply to inquiries relating thereto, and on some parts of the mission field, he supplied the needed information Resolutions were passed, and subsequently circulated among the Churches, expressive of satisfaction with the statements presented, and of a united determination to help in the present emergency, as well as of sympathy with the Committee, and of confidence in their general direction of the Society's affairs.

Dr. Underhill has been engaged at Kingston, and, with Rev. A. Saker, at Islington and Tottenham; the latter has also visited Luton, Eythorne, Dover, and Folkestone, and Loughton with Rev. F. Trestrail ; who has also advocated the Society's claims at Cheltenham with Rev. C. Vince, and at Wolverhampton with Rev. F. Tucker of London, and B. C. Young of Coseley. The Rev. George Pearce has fulfilled his numerous engagements in Herefordshire, and at Harlow and Bishop's Stortford ; and Rev. T. Evans has been able to continue his active services in the Principality, and with increasing success. Our excellent friend, the Rev. T. Pottenger, has been engaged during the month in visiting Sheffield, Nottingham, and other places, prosecuting the work which he has undertaken in the North. The Rev. T. Kingdon has attended meetings at Oakham and Biggleswade, where he was joined by Rev. C. Vince. The Rev. G. Rouse has represented the Society at Bedford, having previously been associated with Rev. A. Saker in Kent. The Rev. Sella M. Martin and W. H. Watson, Esq., have done similar service at High Wycombe ; and the Saffron Walden district has engaged the services of the Rev. T. Hands. The foregoing statements will show how actively employed our friends have been during the past month, and the reports of these various meetings are most encouraging.

The Committee have had, with deep regret, to place on record resolutions occasioned by the recent decease of two most valued and beloved friends, who had long, and ably, served the Society-Joseph Howse Allen and John L. Benham, Esqrs., whose last moments were such as might be expected from lives adomed by earnest piety and large beneficence.

It is with the greatest concern that we apprise our friends that the last letter from the Rev. C. B. Lewis brought the painful intelligence of the decease of Mrs. Trafford of Serampore, after a short but severe attack of cholera, Feb. 20th. This sudden and unlooked-for event has spread great gloom over the mission families in the neighbourhood, and completely prostrated her bereaved husband. He will have all the support which the presence and sympathy of the friends about him can render. For him and his children, thus early deprived of a wife and a mother, of no common excellence of mind and character, we reiterate the request of Mr. Lewis that our friends would remember them at the throne of grace. May the comfort and support of religion abou nd where they are so much needed!

CONTRIBUTIONS, Received on account of the Baptist Missionary Society, from Feb. 218t

to March 20th, 1864. W. &0. tes that the Contribution is for Widows and Orphans ; N. P. for Native Preachers;

T. for Translations.
Extra Collections and Contributions towards the expected Deficiency, are marked Special.
£ 3 d.
£ 8. d.

£ 8. d. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Canning Town

Do. Fyfield & Cothill 3 15 8 Beeby, Mrs..

2 2 0

Collection, Special 1 0 0
Bilbrough, Mr. W. H.,
Less printing...... 0 8 0

43 00 Fir Grove Farm, near

Less expenses

2 0 0

0 17 0 Whitchurch 1 0 0

41 00 Bloomfield, Rev. J.::: 0 10 & Hackney, Mare Street Butterworth, Mr. W. A.,

Contribs. on acc. .... 50 0 0 Faringdon-
Surbiton, for China .. 1 0 0

Cullection for W. &0. 015 0 Do. for W. &0.....

Contributions 0 10 0

8 10 0 Contribs. for N. P. .. 2 12 11 Edwards, Rev. F... 1 1 0

Do. for W. &0. 1 0 0 Wallingford-
Edwards, Mrs.

1 1 0
Islington, Cross Street,

Contrib. for N. P.,
Collection for W. &0. 5 0 0
0 10 6

Evans, Rev. W. W.

0 15 0 Foster, R. S., Esq. i 1

Kensington Palace Gardens

0 Gurney, Joseph, Esq.

Collection for W. &0. 6 11 0 50 00

Collection, Special 4 1 7 Rogers, Mr. W.

0 10 6

Regent's Park-
Smith, W. L., Esq.

Contribs. for N. P. .. 15 5 10
2 2 0
Shouldham Street

Webster, Rev. J. ......

0 10 6
Contributions on acc. 900 Contributions

4 0 0
Stoke Newington, Salem-


Contributions A. B. 5 0 0 3 7 7 Contributions

9 11 6 "A Dorsetshire Baptist" 3 0 Tottenham Court Road

Do. Sunday School 2 15 0 0 Do, for W. & 0.... 0 10 6


1 15 7 Weston Turville

Walworth, Lion StreetA Friend.

0 Contributions

6 4 50 00 A Friend, “ Thank-offer

Contributions, Special 4000 Do. for W. &0..... 0 7 2

Westbourne Grove ing," Special 5 5 0

Do. for , P....... 0 4 6
Contribs. on acc. 26 0 0
A Mother, for India.... 0 10 0

Bible Trans. Soc. for T. 400 0 0
Clowes, Mrs., Lynn, Nor-


Cockermouthfolk, Special 1 1 0 Dunstable


4 0 0

CreweDutton, Miss 1 1 0 Collection for W. &0. 176


2 1 0 Fyson, J., Esq., Faken


40 12 6 ham, Special 10 0 0 Do. for China ...... 0 10 0

DERBYSHIRE. Peerless, W., Esq., the

Do. Sun. School 0 60 Hermitage, East Grin

Riddings— stead.. 1 1 0

Contribs. Sun. School,

42 16 0 Wagstaff, Mrs. A., Bas.

Less expenses

0 19 6
Special ..

2 1 0 singham, Newark, Spe.

DEVONSHIRE. cial 1 0 0

42 26 Woollacott, Rev. C..... 7 10 8 Leighton Buzzard

AppledoreUnder 10s. 0 7 6 Contrib., Special

Collection for W. £0.0 13 8 06 0

Contribs, Sun. Sch, for
Do., Special...... 0 5 0 Ridgmount-
Collection for W. &0.0 15 6

N. P.

0 13 0 LONDOX AND MIDDLESEX, Contribs. for N. P. .. 1 0 0

1 6 8 Bloomsbury

0 0 4 Contributions 50 18 9

BERKSHIRE Do. Special 124 12 9 Abingdon

1 64 Brixton Hill

Collection for W. &0. 1 4 9 CollumptonContribs., Special 121 17 11 Contributions

36 14 8 Collection

8 8 0 Do. Sun, School 1 4 11 Do. Sun, School .. 1 120


Less expenses

£ s. d.
£ 8. d.

£ 8. d. ExmouthWinchcomb

HitchinDonation.. 5 0 0 Contributions

0 19 1 Collection for W. &0. 5 9 8 Hemyock


59 7 4 Collection

2 0 0

Do. Sunday School 4 2 6

Do. for Intally Sch. 4 0 0 Torquay

Contribs. Sun, School 1 100 Collection for W. &0. 2 10 0 Beaulieu

71 19 6 Do., Special

9 7 6 Collection, Special 1 18 0 Less expenses and amt. Contributions

27 3 6 Contribs. Sun. Sch. 0 6 4 acknowledged before 66 3 11 Do. for N. P. 1 1 9 Do. for N. P.

1 0 3 Crookham

5 15 7 40 2 9 Contribs. for N. P... 0 15 0 Markyate StreetLess. exps. and amt. East Parley

Contribs. for N. P. .. 2 2 11 acknow. before .. 23 19 11 Collection

2 0 0 RoystonFreshwater, I. of Wight


6 2 0 16 2 10 Contributions 0 10 1 Do., Special

1 0 0 Forton

St. Albans
North Devon Auxiliary, by J. Contribs. Sun. School 300 Contribs, on acc.

10 00 Darracott, Esq., Treasurer. Niton, Isle of Wight

WareGrant 30 0 0 Contributions 3 15 7 Contributions

1 11 6 Special Contributions.

Do., Special

2 1 6 Do. for N. P....... 0 10 0 Appledore

3 70 Brayford. O 13 0 Romsey


1 2 6

Collection, Special 1 17 10 BuckdenCroyde.. 0 15 6 Contributions

2 2 2 Collection for W. &0. Dolton 0 10 0


0 2 6 Frithelstock, &c. 1 4 0

4 0 0 KimboltonHatherleigh 0 13 8 Less expenses

0 5 0 Collection for W.& 0. South Molton 0 6 0


0 17 2 Swimbridge ....... 0 13 0

3 15 0 St. IvesTawstock 0 15 0 Southampton, Carlton

Donation, Special .... 2 10 0


Contribs. for N. P. 1 16 6 Collection for W. &0.
Lyme Regis
Do., Portland Chapel-


092 Collection

1 10 0 Collection for W. &0. 2 2 3 PooleSouthsea, Ebenezer

KENT. Collection, Special 4 17 7 Collec. Sun. School,

Ashford Contribs. for N. P. .. 05 Special......

2 100 Collection for W. &0. 100 Wellow, Isle of Wight


11 3 7 DURHAN.

Collection for W. &0. 0 10 0
South Shields,"Barring-

Do., Special
1 4 0

12 3 7 ton St

Less expenses ..

0 19 0 Contribs. on acct..... 22 00

Crowhill -

11 4 7

2 5 0 Blackheath, Dacre Park HarlowEnias Harold

Contribs. Sun. School 1 3 Contribs, on acct..... 40 0 0 Contributions

0 14 4 Borough Green Fownhope


6 0 0 Langham

Collection for W. &0. OB CrayfordCollection for W. &0. 1 100 Contributions

5 8 7 Collection for W. &0. 1 100 Contributions 17 11 4 Gorsley

Contribs, for N. P. .. 1 16 7 Do. Sun. School 1 0 8 Collection..

380 FolkestoneDo. for N. P. ...... 1 8 6 Hay


7 13 7 Contributions

2 0 9 Gravesend, Windmill St.21 10 6 Hereford


(moiety) 12 5 10 Less amount acknow.

Contributions ...... 13 00Lewisham Roadledged before 18 1 6 Longtown


10 8 0 Collection

1 0 9 Do. Special ... 1 0 0 3 9 0 Orcop

Maidstone Langley


2 7 11 Contribs. for N. P. 1 14 0 Collection for W.&0. O 130 Peterchurch

Smarden Contributions 1 10 6 Contributions 15 00 Contributions

4 5 6 Ross

Collection for W. &0. 0 19 0


0 12 3 Cheltenham


6 0 6 Sutton-at-HoneStansbach

Contribution ........ 0 10 6 Contributions

3 12 0

1 18 2 Do. Sun. School.... 1 5 0 Do., Cambray Chapel

Do. for N. P. Contributions 1 60

0 5 9

Chipping Sodbury-
Collection, Special

6 0 0 Birkenhead..
1 0 0

Contributions Do. for China.. 1 0 0

Donation, Special ..

59 18 9 BootleDo. for N. P....... 1 0 0

Less expenses
8 9 4 Contribution

1 0 0 Contributions Do. San. School 1 1 0


56 95 Lydney

Contribs., Special .... 12 5 4 Contributions

4 3 4

Do. Sun. School 1 11 8

Liverpool -

Donations, Special .. 285 0 Collection ., ........

0 18 9
Contributions 10 8 Do., Brunel Street

Contribs., Special .. 13 13

.... 10 00

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