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TRINIDAD. Mr. Gamble reports that at the Fifth Company settlement he has baptized thirteen believers. Some of them have been well spoken of for years. One young woman had been a member of the Roman Catholic Church ; her husband also, who formerly belonged to the Episcopal Church, was baptized with her,

MISSIONARY SCENES. An announcement was made in the last “Herald” respecting these beautiful cards illustrative of scenes connected with our various mission-fields, which implied that they might be had at 33, Moorgate-street. Since then it has been determined, as most convenient every way, to place them in the hands of publishers in Paternoster Row. They may be had either of Messrs. Jackson, Walford, and Hodder, or of Mr. Elliott Stock, or Mr. H. J. Tresidder. Friends in the country can order them through their booksellers in the same way as they obtain any book or periodical. În consequence of this arrangement none will be sent from the Mission House

HOME PROCEEDINGS. The meetings for the past month have been pretty numerous. Dr. Underhill has visited Whitchurch, Pontesbury, Dawley Bank, Shrewsbury, Madeley, Wellington, Oswestry, and Maesbrook, in Shropshire; Rev. J. Keed, Isleham and the churches in the vicinity ; the Revds. J. Allen and W. G. Lewis, Ramsgate, Margate, Deal, St. Peter's, &c., in Kent ; Rev. A. Saker, Windsor, Staines, Wraysbury, and Colnbrook. Meetings have also been held, attended by Kevds. F. Trestrail and A. Saker, at Cottage Green, Arthur-street, Camberwell, and Regentstreet, Lambeth ; the collections made being special in aid of the liquidation of the expected debt.

The movement to promote this last named object is spreading very rapidly, and promises to become very effective.

Besides the Conferences in London and Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall, Nottingham, Norfolk, Somerset, and Wilts, East Gloucestershire, and Northamptonshire, have made arrangements to carry out plans similar to those already suggested. Leicestershire, and the other district of Gloucestershire propose shortly to do the same ; while Herts and Bedfordshire Churches have secured the services of Rev. T. Hands, of Luton, to visit them and institute an effective canvass.

We are glad to note that the objects proposed by the brethren in these meetings are two-fold. They will not be content to secure donations only towards the expected debt, but will try to raise the annual income, and that very considerably. In good truth this latter object is, in some respects, the more important of the two; for then the recurrence of pecuniary difficulties, like the present, may be prevented. This should be clearly understood

Just as this number is leaving the press we learn, with great pleasure, that through the Divine goodness,

our friends the Rev. J. and Mrs. Sale, and the Rev. I. Allen, arrived safely in Calcutta on the 18th November. The voyage was Boinewhat rough, but rather quick.

A STRIKING EXAMPLE. We have received a letter from the Rev. Q. W. Thompson, of Inskip, describing the course taken by him and his friends in regard to the present financial position of the Society. Mr. Thompson lately offered himself for service in Africa ; and the Committee not being able to accept the proposition then, he accepted the call of the Church at Inskip, where his labours have been crowned with great success. We proceed to give a few extracts from this letter; and if they produce the same effect on other minds as they have on those few friends to whom we have madde the facts known, great good will result from our publishing them.

“When two weeks ago some of the friends here saw in the Christian World an extract from an article in the Freeman on the present financial position of the mission, and the great lack of spirit evinced by the denomination in London, the idea suggested itself to them, that a small country village like this might, by making a very special effort, shame London, and set an example to the Baptist Churches throughout the country. It is not often that small Churches in our villages think they can take a lead, and show an example to the Churches in the Metropolis !” It was a bold and spirited action, but they proceeded to carry it out. Having first sought for guidance and help from God in special prayer, and the pastor having also pressed the subject on the attention of his flock from the pulpit, the Church and congregation were waited upon, " to see what each would promise as a donation for such an object. The result of the effort," writes Mr. T., # will astonish none more than it has the friends here. At first, when the subject was named, many thought that if ten pounds were obtained, it would be very well.. To the astonishment of all, the amount promised, as you see by the inclosed list, is fifty-five pounds nineteen shillings and a penny! . . . . I have thought it best not to delay any longer letting you know what has been done, that you may, as you think well, make use of

our example as an incentive to others."

Fifty-five pounds and upwards from a small and poor Church, consisting of only forty-nine members, having no persons of wealth among them! However was this done ? Many will ask that question. The secret, if it be one, will appear if we add another extract from this most welcome and stirring epistle.

“ You will not be surprised, therefore,” observes Mr. T., “to hear that the people are making sacrifices, denying themselves even of what may be termed necessaries, that the Churches may see what can be done, even by the


for God's cause, when they are willing, and when they put forth their utmost exertions. One farm servant, receiving £10 per annum, has given £1. Another, with a wife and child, has given a like sum. A maid-servant, receiving about £9 yearly, has given £1. A young dressmaker has sacrificed a winter's cloak that she might give a sovereign. One man gives up sugar for a year, that he might save what he has promised to give. A young person, who has no money, but whose parents were about to buy her a new bonnet, resolved to make her old one do, that the money may be given to the Missionary Society. I might go on to multiply such cases, but it is needless. Sufficient has been said to let you see that if, in London, there is no missionary enthusiasm, we are not without it at Inskip."

It will be a gratification to our ardent friend, who has communicated some of his own fire to his people, to see by this Herald, that London Churches are taking up the subject warmly ; and that those in other districts, to which, in fact, lie refers in his letter, are doing the same. We rejoice to learn, that in this case, also, efforts to serve the mission, tend to help other objects too. We wish all our friends could believe this. Perhaps the facts here stated may do good even in that direction. At all events, here is an example worth imitating.

CORRECTIONS. In the December" Heraul," by a printer's error, the £20 acknowledged from Trowbridge is stated to be

for Rev. B. Millard, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica. The £10 168. from Netherfield, Kendal, should have been acknowledged for Mr. Millard, and the £20 from Trowbridge, contributions on

account. We are also requested to state that the sum of £5 188. 10d., froin Neath, Glamorganshire, acknowledged

in last month's "Herald," is from the English Baptist Church at the Tabernade.

CONTRIBUTIONS, Received on account of the Baptist Missionary Society, from Nov. 21st,

1863, to Dec. 20th, 1863. W. &0. denotes that the Contribution is for Widous and Orphans; N. P. for Native Preachers;

T. for Translations.
Extra Collections and Contributions towards the expected Deficiency, are marked' Special.
£ 8. d.
£ 6. d.

£ 3. d. ANXCAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Shepherd's Bush, Oak.

RomfordArber, T. N., Esq... 1 0 0

lands Chapel


0 10 0 Barlow, Mr., Kensington 1 1 0 Contributions

2 15 0 Barlow, Mr., Jun., do. 1 1 0 Regent's Park

Barnes, Mr. R. Y... 1 0 0 Contribs., Special 115 12 7 Coleford
Blackmore, Rev.8., Ear-
Wandsworth, Waterside

Contributions, Special 2 6 0 disland. 2 2 0 Contributions

1 10 0 E. Gloucestershire Aux., Cannings, Mrs., Finch

by R. Comely, Esq.Dean..

0 10 6

Contribs, on ace.

25 00 Douglas, Jas., Esq., CaCranfield

Tewkesburyvers, N.B. 500 Contributions 1 10 0 Contributions

0 58 Farish, J., Esq., M.D... 1 0 0

Do. for China...... 0 2 10 Forbes, Hon. Robt. 1 1 0

BERKSHIRE. Hunter, R. H., Esq..... 1 0 0 Farringdon

Winchcombe MeBean, Mr. Á... 1 0 0 Contributions

15 2 1 Contributions

4 2 11 Powell, Mr. N. J.

1 1 0
Less expenses

0 15 0 Do. Sun, School 0 60 Winter, Mr. T. B..... 2 0 0 Under 10s. 0 18 0 14 7 1

4 8 11 Less expenses


A. B., a Thank-offering
Contributions 24 14 7

4 6 11 for Mercies received 200 0 0 Do. for China...... 2 1 0

HAMPSAIRE. A Mother, per “Free

Andoverman," Special.... 5 00

20 15 7 Contributions

6 2 2 Bacon, J. P., Esq.,Lower

Less expenses

1 9 0
Lo. for N. P.

3 00 Edmonton, special 50 00

Do. Juv. Soc. for do. 4 11 2 Davies, Dr., Regent's

25 6 7 Do, for W. &0..... 3 0 0 Park College, special.. 1 0 0 Dowson, J., Esq., WritWantage

16 13 4 tle, near Chelmsford,

24 1 5 Less expenses

1 16 1 Special

5 0 0 Do, Sun, School 0 7 6 Gladstone, Dr. J. H.,

14 17 3 Notting Hill 6 0 0

24 8 11 BrockenhurstJackson, Mrs., Special 10 10 0

Less expenses
0 13 0 Contributions

1 11 9 Kelsall, H., Esq., Rochdale, Special........ 100 0 0

23 15 11 LymingtonKemp, G. T., Esq., do.,


9 11 0 Special

50 00

Do. Juvenile

2 13 9 Nash, Mrs. W. W., Wat

Wraysburyford, Special 21 00 Contributions 6 10 0

12 4 9 Pearse, É., Esq., Tavis

Less expenses

0 60 tock Square..

1 1 0

CORNWALL. "Portion of the Lord's Calstock and Metherell

11 18 9 Tenth," special

50 0

668 James, Mr., Roade 2 0 0

HEREFORDSHIRE. Siminonds, Mrs... 1 1 0


Shoobridge, Rev. 8., Gold


1 10 0 Hill, Great Malvern,


0 15 6 Ledburyspecial 1 0 0 Devonport, Morice Square Contribution

0 5 0 Williamson, Mr, R., for


8 5 8 Rev. J. Williamson's

HERTFORDSHIRE. N. P., Seury 8 0 0 Exeter, Bartholomew St.

BoxmoorWilshere, Rev. T., Lough


18 5 0

Collections .......... 5 10 0 borough, Special 1 1 0 Do. Sun. School 1 3 9 Watford Under 10s. 05 0

Contribs. on acc. .... 35 00 19 8 9 Do., Special

47 6 9 LEGACIES.

Less expenses ..

on 6 Bickham, the late Thos.

Hemel HempsteadEsq.,of Whalley Range,

19 1 3 Collection

13 10 3 Manchester, for India,

Less expenses

0 12 0 by W. Bickham, Esq. 100 0 0 Newton Abbot, East St.

4 0 0

12 18 3
Do. Sun. School .. 2 10 0

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. Camberwell, Cottage Green

6 10 0 Huntingdonshire Auxil., Contribs, on acc. ... 4 0 0 Less Heralds 0 90 by W. Paine, Esq.Collection, special.... 8 14 0

Contribs, on acc... 100 00 Camden Road

6 1 0 Contribs. Sun. School 2 11 3 Tiverton

Contribs, on ace.....

20 0 0 BirchingtonLambeth, Regent Street

Contribs. for W. &0.

0 10 6 Contributions, Special 64 0 0


Less expenses .. 0 16 3 Harlow-

Contrib. Sun. Shl. for
Profits of Lecture by

Todowagedura Schl.
60 3 9 Mr.J. R. Phillips.. 1 2 0 Ceylon ...

1 16 0

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£ 8. d.
£ 3 d.

£ 8. d. Edenbridge

Do. Standlake

i 17 9 WESTMORELAND. Contributions 8 14 8

Notherfiold, Kendal Eythorne

37 2 1 Contribution

1 0 0 Collection, Special 6 10 0

Less expenses

0 19 1

WILTSHIRK. Sevenoaks

SalisburyContributions ...... 10 10 8

36 10 0 Contributions

22 6 11 Do, Sun. School 0 7 4

Do. Sun. School .. 32 19 8


55 62 N. Lancashire Auxiliary


1 11 6
Less expenses

3 00 Contribs, by L. Whit. aker, Jun., Esq. 11 16 7

52 6 2

3 9 11

Contribs. On acc. ....

20 0

Boro' Bridge

Collection for 1862 6 1 6
Contribs., Special.... 1 0 0

Less expenses

0 0 9 Contributions 14 T o BridgewaterDo., Special...

10 5 0
5 0 0
Contribs., Special

0 0 0 Blaby and Whetstone Chard

Pershore, Broad Street-

6 11 10
Contribs., Special .
.... 15 00

Collection, Special 5 0 0 Do. Sun. School

Crewkerne1 02

Great Malvern Foxton

Contribs., Special.... 5 126


6 0 0 Collection 2 18 0

Leicester, Belvoir Street-


4 2 0

4197 Contributions 185 7 9

Contribs., Special...

Less expenses 0 6 1
Do. 1862 (balance).. 0 10 0

Do. Banker's Interest 0 8 2


(4 13 6 Loughborough


3 16 6 Contributions

Hatch Beauchamp

4 0 3 Monks Kirby & PailtonContribs., Special.... 1 14 4


4 14 11


Contribs., Special.... 2 2 0

Carmarthen, Priory StreetMontacuteContributions 16 4 0


28 2 0 Sutton and CosbyContribs., Special.... 7 0 0

Less expenses

3 17 0 Contributions

2 0 0

Contribs., Special . 7 2 9

24 5 0 242 8 1

Watchet and Williton-
Less exps. and amt.
Contribs., Special.... 12 8 3

Carmarthen Tabernacle-
acknow, before 210 13 1


31 4 8 Contribs., Special.... 20 0 0

Less expenses ....

4 96 31 16 0

Contribs., Special.... 17 10 0


Newcastle Emlyn

SUFFOLK. Nottingham


3 3 0 Suffolk AuxiliaryContributions 17 10 11

Do. Sun. School .. 12 18 0
Contribs. on acc., by
Contribs. on acc. ....

1 0 0
J. H. Cowell, Esq. 80 0 0

Do. for W. &0..... 0 10 0


Ebbw Vale Zion Eng. Ch.-

0 10 0
Brighton, Bond Street-

Llanvihangel Crucorney-

6 0 0 Chipping Norton


6 6 8 LewesContributions

16 4 0
Contributions 23 0

Coate, &c. -

Collection ..........

2 17 1 1 10 0

29 3 3

Less expenses 0 0 6
Do. Sun. School 0 11 0
Do. Juv.

0 12 9

2 16 7 Do. Aston ..

0 10 6 | Alcester-
Do. Sun. School 0 12 6 Contributions

7 18 1 Newport, Commercial St.
Do. Bampton.
1 0 2 Less expenses
0 6 8 Contributions

41 2 5 Do. Brize Norton 1 11 8

Less expenses

0 16 0 Do. Buckland 0 16 10

7 7 5 Do. Ducklington 0 4 6 Birmingham

40 6 6 Do. Hardwick

0 4 6 Contribs, on acc. .... 8000 UskDo, Lew 0 6 8

Contributions ...... 3 0 10

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The thanks of the Committee are presented to the following : Friends at Hitchin, per Mrs. Short, for a parcel of clothing, value £9, for Rev. A. Saker, Cameroons. Andover Juvenile Missionary Society, for twenty-eight garments for the native children in Africa, Mrs. Simmonds, for a parcel of Magazines, &c.

Subscriptions and Donations in aid of the Baptist Missionary Society will be thank fully received by Sir Samuel Morton Peto, Bart., M.P., Treasurer; by the Rev. Frederick Trestrail, and Edward Bean Underhill, LL.D, Secretaries, at the Mission House, 33, Moorgate Street, LONDON ; in EDINBURGH, by the Rev. Jopathan Watson, and John MacAndrew, Esq.; in Glasgow, by John Jackson, Esq.; in CALCUTTA, by the Rev. C. B.

Lewis, Baptist Mission Press. Contributions can also be paid in' at Messrs. Barclay, · Bevan, Tritton, and Co.'s, White Hart Court, Lombard Street, to the account of the


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JUBILEE OF THE BAPTIST IRISH SOCIETY. A very interesting meeting was held in Kingsgate Chapel on Monday evening, December 7th, to commemorate the formation of the Baptist Irish Society, and at the same time to do honour to the memory of the Rev. Joseph Ivimey, the laborious and successful pastor of the church meeting in that place, and the first secretary of the Society. The public and formal organization of the Society took place April 19th, 1814; but it was at a meeting of the church, under the care of Mr. Īvimey, held December 6th, 1813, that the initiative was taken. The jubilee was therefore considered by the pastor and church to be an appropriate opportunity for manifesting their continued interest in a Society that has been sustained by them with uniform faithfulness, and their respectful regard to a pastor whose name is still held in high esteem. The chair was occupied by the Rev. James Hoby, D.D., and after an interesting paper, giving a statement of the proceedings of the church had been read by the Rev. F. Wills, addresses were delivered by the Revs. S. Green, F. Trestrail, W. Miall, C. Room, J. S. Stanion, C. J. Middleditch, and W. Heaton, Esq. Among other persons present on the occasion were the Revs. C. Woollacott, J. Stent, R. Bayne, S. Wills, D.D., and P. Gast. It is hoped that this interesting meeting will be followed by many others, both in London and the country at large. The prospects of the Mission are very encouraging. Its operations are being considerably extended. Within the last six months four new stations have been adopted, and three additional agents natives of Ireland, have been appointed. The gospel is preached in more than a hundred towns and villages, besides the seventeen places occupied as central stations. Many members have been lately received into church fellowship, and great promise is afforded of a permanent agency in Ireland itself for the diffusion of Evangelical truth. Should the Society be favoured during the Jubilee year with the enlarged degree of support that its operations deserve, very much may be done in furtherance of this important object of Missionary effort. The Committee constantly direct their attention to this subject, and carefully adopt every appropriate means by which to render the churches in Ireland self-supporting, that the truly Missionary character of the Society may be maintained. Let British Christians render help proportioned to the importance of the work, and the year of Jubilee will, by the Divine blessing, be rendered a season of much mercy to the people of Ireland.



Dec. 15th, 1863. I believe that the supporters of the Mission will heartily approve of the course pursued by the Committee of the Baptist Irish Society in adopting this as a station. Grange Corner is about eight miles from Ballymena, seven from Portglenone, five from Randalstown, and the same distance from Ahoghill. There are no places of worship nearer than in the towns jast mentioned, excepting a Presbyterian meeting-house close at hand, and an Episcopal church about a mile distant. The congregations attending such places are drawn for a con.

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