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we must freeze. The summer returns with heat, and we must melt. The inclemency of the air disorders our health, and we must be fick. Here we are exposed to wild þeafts, and there to men more savage than the beasts : and if we escape the inconveniencies and dangers of the air and the earth, there are perils by water and perils by fire. This established course of things it is not in our power to change ; but it is in our power to assume such a greatness of mind as becomes wife and virtuous men ; as may enable us to encounter the accidents of life with fortitude, and to conform ourselves to the order of nature, who governs her great kingdom, the world, by continual mutations. Let us submit to this order, let us be persuaded that whatever does happen ought to happen, and never be fo foolish as to expoftulate with nature.

The best resolution we can take is to suffer what we cannot alter, and to pursue, without repining, the road which Providence, who directs every thing, has marked out to uş: for it is not enough to follow; and he is but a bad soldier who fighs, and marches on with reluctancy. We must receive the orders with spirit and chearfulness, and not endeavour to sink

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out of the post which is assigned us in this beautiful disposition of things, whereof even our sufferings make a necessary part. Let us address ourselves to God, who governs all; as CLEANTHES did in those admirable verses, which are going to lose part of their

grace and energy in my translation of them

Parent of nature! Master of the World !
Where'er thy Providence directs, behold
My steps with chearful refignation turn.
Fate leads the willing, drags the backward on.
Why thould I grieve, when grieving I must bear?
Or take with guilt, what guiltless I might share

Thus let us speak, and thus let us act. Resignation to the will of God is true magnanimity. But the fure mark of a pusillanimous and base spirit, is to struggle against, to censure the order of Providence, and, instead of mending our own conduct, to fet up for correcting that of our Maker.

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ERRA T A. Page 471, 472, for ARISTIDES read Phocion.


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