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Art-Treasures Exhibition, The,

Arts and Sciences, Importance

of Study of, 107.

Aberdeen, The City of, 63.
Age, Characteristics of the, 44.
Agriculture, Progress of, 18.

Effects of Improvement in,

Agricultural Statistics, 87.

Show, An, 91.
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales,

His Royal Highness, 113.
Allotment System, The, 1o.
Annuities Act, The Deferred, 82.
Antarctic Expedition, The, 60.
Arago, M. 60.
Aristocracies, 40.
Art: Its Influence on the People,

Influences of Criticism on,

Evil Effects of Trade in, 70.
The Principles of, 102.
Science, Industry, and, 99.

Bacon, Lord, Method of, 30.
Beauty, The Principles of, 102.
Begging Box, Science and the,

Benevolence, Wise, 2.
Bernouilli and Political Arith-

metic, 54.
Birmingham Institute, The, 109.
Bores, À Meritorious Species of,
British Association, 25, 52,30,56.

Feelings on Presiding at

Meeting of, 52.
Capital and Labour, Danger

Interference with, 2.


Cattle Market, The Metro-

politan, 95.
Census, Defects of, 46.
Certainties, Supposed, only Pro-

babilities, 17.
Characteristics of the Age, 44.
Charter House Schools, The,

Children of the Poor: Their

Education, why Neglected, 80,
Christianity, the Basis of Civi-

lization, 22.
Church of England, The, 85.

Dissensions in, 85.

Establishment of, 92.
Classes, Interests of, Identical, 1.
Classification, Importance of, 42.
Clergy, The, as Husbands and

Fathers, 92.
Commerce, A Future Haven of,

Company, An Old City, 38.
Competition and Capital, 1o.
Congresses, Value of Scientific,

Constitution, The English, 16.
Country, Society in the, 18.
Crime, Statistics of, 48.
Criticism, Influences of, on Art,

Cultivation of Art in England, 62.

state, 7t the Advo

Discoveries and Inventions,

Diffusion of, 11.
Distrust of the Great Exhibition,

Domesday Book, and the Science

of Political Arithmetic, 54.
Domestic Servants, Position of,
. 32.
Dublin, Dr. Whately, Arch-

bishop of, 49.
Duty of the Rich, 6.
Duty of Self-Cultivation, 7.
Edinburgh National Gallery,

The, 61.
Education, State, 74.

Divisions among the Advo-

cates of, 75.
Statistics of, 77, 81.

Neglect of, 78, 79.
England, Activity of Political

Life in, 97.
English Distrust of Theories,

Character, Features of, 29.
Character essentially Prac-

tical, 15.

Habit, The Old, 97.
Englishman's Jealousy of Con-

trol, The, 74.
Evil, Root of a Great, 79.
Exhibition, The Art-Treasures,

The Great, 57.

Foreign Distrust of, 42.
Facts, Startling, 77

Deductive Process, The, 31.
Deferred Annuities Act, The, 82.
Dependence on each Other, Our,


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