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which differentiates this work from the ordinary Speaker in two particulars:

First, there is an introductory treatise on delivery covering the essential matters pertaining to the technique of oral expression and public speaking. For teachers desiring a minimum of theory and maximum of practice, this book is well adapted for use, not alone as a reference book for selections, but also as a text-book for a beginners' class in speaking, or as an advanced reading-book for the seventh or eighth grades.

Secondly, the declamations are edited with reference to the interpretation and delivery. True, this sort of editing may easily be overdone, since there is danger of losing sight of the personal equation as different individuals react upon a given selection; but it was thought that some general suggestions as to interpretation and delivery by one who has made a special study of the selections would be helpful to and welcomed by teachers and pupils. In some cases, where the construction is simple and no special comment has seemed necessary, none is offered; that is, no effort has been made to explain the obvious.

The author desires gratefully to acknowledge his indebtedness to Professor Raymond G. Bressler, of the University of Texas Department of Extension, for his assistance in selecting and editing the selections, and also in the preparation of the Introduction; to Allyn & Bacon, publishers of Shurter's Public Speaking, for the use made of portions of that text in the Introduction to the present volume; also to publishers of copyrighted material designated in subsequent pages.

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