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Yet while with close delight and inward pride
(Which from the world my careful Coul shall hide)
i see thee, lord and end of my, defire,
Exalted high as virtue can require,
With pow'r invested, and with pleasure cheerd,
Sought by the good, by the oppresser fear'd,
Loaded and bleit with the affluent store
Which human vowa at smoking shrines-implore;
Grateful and humble grant me to employ
My life subservient only to thy joyy
And at my death to bless chiy kindness, shown
To her who, of mankind, could love but thee-alones
While thus the constant pair alternate said,
Joyful above them and around then play'd
Angels and sportive Loves, a num'rous crowd;
Smiling they clape their wings, and low they bowd:
They tumbled all their little quivers o'er,
To chuse propitious shafts a precious store,
That when their god should take his future darts, ,
To strike (however rarely) constant hearts,
His happy skill night proper arms.employ,
All tipt with pleasures and all wing'd with joy;
And those, they vow'd, whose life should imitate.
These lovers' conftancy, should share their face.

The queen of Beauty flopp?d her bridled doves,
Approv'd the little labour of the Luves ;
Was proud and pleasid the mutual vow to hear,
And to the triumph callid the god of War:
Soon as she calls, the god is always near.

Now Mars, she said, lc Fame exali her voice,
Nor let thy conquells only be her choice,
But when she sings great Edward from the field
Return’d, the hostile spear and cap:ive shield
in Concord's temple hung, and Gallia taught to yield
And when, as prudent Saturn shall complete
The years design d to perfe&t Britain's ftare,

The swift wing’d Pow'r shall take her trump again,
Tosing her fav’rite Anna's wond'rous reign,


To recolle uriweary'd Marlbro's toils,
Old Rufus' Hall unequal to his spoils
The British soldier from his high command
Glorious, and Gaul thrice vanquish'd by bis hand,
Let her at least perform what I desires
With second breath the vocal brass inspire,
And tell the nations in no vulgar Irain,
What wars I manage and what wreaths I gain.
And when thy tumuks and thy fights are paft,
And when thy laurels at my feet are caft;
Faithful may'st thou, like Britifh Henry prove,
And Emma-like let me return thy love.

Renown'd for truth let all thy fons appear,
And conflant beauty shall reward their care.

Mars (mild, and bow'd : the Cyprian deity Turn’d to the glorious ruler of the sky; And thou, she smiling said, great god of Days And Verse, behold my deed and ling my praise; As on the British earth, my fav’rite ifle, Thy gentle rays and kindell influence smile, Thro' all her laughing fields and verdant groves, Proclaim with joy these memorable loves : From ev'ry annual course let one great day To celebrated fports and floral play Be fet alide ; and in the softest lays Of thy poetic fons, be folemn praise And everlasting marks of honor paid To the true Lover and the Nut-brown Maid.


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