Transactions of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society

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Page 33 - Th' autumnal bulb, till pale, declining days ? The GOD of SEASONS ; whose pervading power Controls the sun, or sheds the fleecy shower : He bids each flower His quickening word obey, Or to each lingering bloom enjoins delay.
Page 95 - It shall be the duty of the county board of horticultural commissioners in each county, whenever it shall deem it necessary, to cause an inspection to be made of any orchards, or nursery, or trees, plants, vegetables, vines, or fruits, or any fruitpacking house, storeroom, salesroom, or any other place or articles in their jurisdiction, and if found...
Page 30 - The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel, But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatch'd, unfledged comrade.
Page 169 - He who makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before is the benefactor of mankind ; but he who obscurely worked to find the laws of such growth is the intellectual superior as well as the greater benefactor of the two.
Page 18 - Society were unanimously presented to the retiring President for the able and impartial manner in which he had performed the duties of his office for the last three years.
Page 299 - This includes a report on the work and expenditures of the agricultural experiment stations established under the act of Congress of March 2, 1887, for the fiscal year...
Page 375 - Anemometry. A circular of general information respecting the theory and operation of typical instruments for indicating, measuring, and automatically recording wind movement and direction, with detailed instructions for the erection and care of those instruments of the Weather Bureau pattern.
Page 366 - Methods of the Mechanical Analysis of Soils and of the Determination of the Amount of Moisture in Soils in the Field, pp.
Page 393 - FERNS, BRITISH AND FOREIGN : The History, Organography, Classification, and Examination of the Species of Garden Ferns, with a Treatise on their Cultivation, and Directions showing which are the best adapted for the Hothouse, Greenhouse, Open Air Fernery, or Wardian Case. With an Index of Genera, Species, and Synonyms.
Page 9 - A little difference exists between the dry and wet seasons ; but generally the dry season, which lasts from July to December, is varied with showers, and the wet, from January to June, with sunny days. It results from this, that the periodical phenomena of plants and animals do not take place at about the same time in all species, or in the individuals of any given species, as they do in temperate countries.

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