Calderon his life and genius with specimens of his plays

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Page 236 - NAPIER'S PENINSULAR WAR. History of the War in the Peninsula, and in the South of France, from the Year 1807 to 1814. BY WFP NAPIER, CB, Col.
Page 156 - ... idos, sombras, que fingís hoy a mis sentidos muertos cuerpo y voz, siendo verdad que ni tenéis voz ni cuerpo; que no quiero majestades fingidas, pompas no quiero fantásticas, ilusiones que al soplo menos ligero del aura han de deshacerse, bien como el florido almendro, que por madrugar sus flores, sin aviso y sin consejo, al primer soplo se apagan, marchitando y desluciendo de sus rosados capillos belleza, luz y ornamento.
Page 103 - With respect to translation, even I will not be seduced by it ; although the Greek plays, and some of the ideal dramas of Calderon, with which I have lately, and with inexpressible wonder and delight, become acquainted, are perpetually tempting me to throw over their perfect and glowing forms the grey veil of my own words.
Page 101 - Tis true that, where ever I have liked any story in a romance, novel, or foreign play, I have made no difficulty, nor ever shall, to take the foundation of it, to build it up, and to make it proper for the English stage. And I will be so vain to say it has lost nothing in my hands...
Page 75 - Be courteous in thy manner, and liberal of thy purse ; for 'tis the hand to the bonnet and in the pocket that makes friends in this world ; of which to gain one good, all the gold the sun breeds in India, or the universal sea sucks down, were a cheap purchase. Speak no evil of women ; I tell thee the meanest of them deserves our respect ; for of women do we not all come ? Quarrel with no one but with good cause ; by the Lord, over and over again, when I see masters and schools of arms...
Page 125 - Painter win, . % Ere the instinct doth begin Of its fierceness and its pride, And its lair on every side It has measured far and nigh, | While with better instinct I Am its liberty denied. Born the mute fish was also, Child of ooze and ocean weed ; Scarce a finny bark of speed To the surface brought, and lo! In vast circuits to and fro Measures it on every side All the waste of ocean wide, Its illimitable home ; "While with greater will to roam I that freedom am denied. Born the streamlet was, a...
Page 232 - Aprended, flores, de mí lo que va de ayer a hoy, que ayer maravilla fui y hoy sombra mía aún no soy.
Page 229 - Árbol, donde el cielo quiso dar el fruto verdadero contra el bocado primero, flor del nuevo paraíso, arco de luz, cuyo aviso en piélago más profundo la paz publicó del mundo, planta hermosa, fértil vid, arpa del nuevo David, tabla del Moisés segundo: pecador soy, tus favores pido por justicia yo; pues Dios en ti padeció sólo por los pecadores.
Page 230 - Bow of light, that in worst hour Of the worst flood signal true O'er the world, of mercy threw; Fair plant, yielding sweetest wine; Of our David harp divine; | Of our Moses tables new; Sinner am I, therefore I Claim upon thy mercies make, Since alone for sinners...
Page 112 - He who far off beholds another dancing, Even one who dances best, and all the time Hears not the music that he dances to, Thinks him a madman, apprehending not The law that rules his else eccentric action. So he that's in himself insensible Of love's sweet influence, misjudges him Who moves according to love's melody : And knowing not that all these sighs and tears, Ejaculations, and impatiences, Are necessary changes of a measure, Which the divine musician plays...

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