Preface. A list of such come dias autos of Calderon as have been analyzed or partly translated into English (p.xxvi-xxviii) The constant prince (El principe constante) The secret in words (El secreto a voces) The Calderón de la Barca, Pedro, 1600-1681. Dramas. 1853. physician of his own honour (El medico de su honra) v.2. Love after death (Amar despues de la muerte) The purgatory of Saint Patrick (El purgatorio de San Patrticio) The scarf and the flower (La banda y la flor)

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Page 268 - Flores nocturnas son, aunque tan bellas, efímeras padecen sus ardores; pues si un día es el siglo de las flores, una noche es la edad de las estrellas. De esa, pues, primavera fugitiva ya nuestro mal, ya nuestro bien se infiere: registro es nuestro, o muera el Sol o viva.
Page 268 - Estas, que fueron pompa y alegría Despertando al albor de la mañana, A la tarde serán lástima vana, Durmiendo en brazos de la noche fría. Este matiz, que al cielo desafía, Iris listado de oro, nieve y grana, Será escarmiento de la vida humana: ¡Tanto se emprende en término de un día!
Page 49 - Art thou a diamond? then by Thy own dust make deadliest poison, Weary thyself out in wrath : but I, Though I suffer greater torments, Though I greater rigours see, Though I weep still greater anguish, Though I go through more misery, Though I experience more misfortunes, Though I more hunger must endure, Though my poor body have no covering But these few rags; and this impure Dungeon be still my only dwelling, All for the faith my soul derides; For it is the sun that lights me, For it is the star...
Page 6 - BRITO. Thanks be to God! that April and sweet May Once more I walk on, and that, as I like, Without unpleasant reelings and dismay I go about upon the solid ground. Not as just now at sea, when, yea or nay, Within a wooden monster's caverns bound, Though light of foot I could not get away Even when in greatest fear of being drown'd. So little weary of the world am I, 0 dry land, mine!
Page xxv - Neath our very eyes prescribing Limits that our arms deride — 'Tis a mockery of our praises, 'Tis a bridle to our pride, 'Tis a Caucasus, which, lying Midway, doth the stream detain; Back thy Nile of victory turning From its onward course to Spain. Hither, then, I went with orders To examine, and to see What the form and disposition Of the place to-day might be; How, with less expense and danger, You might undertake its siege. May heaven grant its restoration Quickly unto you, my liege! Though...
Page 4 - ... my woe is such a master Of my pleasures, that to keep Them from any diminution, Though itself be wide and deep, It would rather not repeat it ; But 'tis needful I obey ; Grateful for the care you've shown me. I am called the Cheik Muley, And the King of Fez's nephew. Of an illustrious race and nigh, Boasting many a Bey and Pasha.

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