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be given to the Officer commanding, as his Voucher: Provided always, that the Officer or Non-commissioned Officer demanding Carriages by virtue of the Warrant of a Justice shall, in England, pay down the proper Sums into the Hands of the Constable providing Carriages, who shall give Receipts for the same on unstamped Paper; and, in Ireland, the Officers or Non-commissioned Officers as aforesaid shall pay the Owners or Drivers of the Carriages, and One Third Part of such Payment shall be made before the Carriage be loaded, and all the said Payments in Ireland shall be made, if required, in Presence of a Justice or Constable: Provided also, that no Carriage shall be liable to carry more than Thirty Hundred Weight in England, and in Ireland no Car shall be liable to carry more than Six Hundred Weight, and no Dray more than Twelve Hundred Weight; but the Owner of such Carriages in Ireland, consenting to carry a greater Weight, shall be paid at the same Rate for every Hundred Weight of the said Excess; and the Owners of such Carriages in Ireland shall not be compelled to proceed, though with any less Weight, under the Sum of Threepence a Mile for each Car and Sixpence a Mile for each Dray; and the Loading of such Carriages in Ireland shall be first weighed, if required, at the Expence of the Owner of the Carriage, if the same can be done in a reasonable Time, without Hindrance of Her Majesty's Service; and the providing and paying for Carriages in Scotland shall be regulated by the Law in force at the Time of the Union with England: Provided also, that a Cart with One or more Horses, for which the Furnisher shall receive Nine-pence a Mile, shall be required to carry Fifteen Hundred Weight at the least; and that no Penalties or Forfeitures in any Act relating to Highways or Turnpike Roads in the United Kingdom shall apply to the Number of Horses or Oxen, or Weight of Loading of the aforesaid Carriages, nor shall any such Carriages on that Account be stopped or detained; and whenever it shall be necessary to impress Carriages for the March of Marines from Dublin, at least Twenty-four Hours Notice of such March, and in case of Emergency as long Notice as the Case will admit, shall be given to the Lord Mayor of Dublin, who shall summon a proportional Number of Cars and Drays at his Discretion out of the licensed Cars and Drays and other Cars and Drays within the County of the said City, and they shall by Turns be employed on this Duty at the Prices and under the Regulations herein-before mentioned; and no Country Cars, Drays, or other Carriages coming to Markets in Ireland shall be detained or employed against the Will of the Owners in carrying the Baggage of Marines on any Pretence whatever.

Cases of Emer

LXXII. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Providing for Lord High Admiral, or the Commissioners for executing the Supply of CarOffice of Lord High Admiral, or the Lord Lieutenant or Chief riages, &c. in Governors of Ireland, by their or his Orders distinctly stating gency. that a Cause of Emergency doth exist, signified by the Secretary of the Admiralty, or, if in Ireland, by the Chief Secretary K

[No. 10. Price 2d.]


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or Under Secretary, or the First Clerk in the Military Department, to authorize any Commanding Officer of Her Majesty's Royal Marine Forces in any District or Place, or to the chief acting Agents for the Supply of Stores and Provisions, by Writing under his Hand, reciting such Order of the Lord High Admiral, or the said Commissioners, or Lord Lieutenant or Chief Governors aforesaid, to require all Justices within their several Jurisdictions in England and Ireland to issue their Warrants for the Provision, not only of Waggons, Wains, Carts, and Cars kept by or belonging to any Person and for any Use whatsoever, but also of Saddle Horses, Coaches, Post Chaises, Chaises, and other Four-wheeled Carriages kept for Hire, and also of Boats, Barges, and other Vessels used for the Transport of any Commodities whatsoever upon any Canal or navigable River as shall be mentioned in the said Warrants, therein specifying the Place and Distance to which such Carriages or Vessels shall go; and on the Production of such Requisition to such Justice by any Officer of the Corps ordered to be conveyed such Justice shall take all the same Proceedings in regard to such additional Supply so required on the said Emergency as he is by this Act required to take for the ordinary Provision of Carriages; and all Provisions whatsoever of this Act as regards the procuring of the ordinary Supply of Carriages, and the Duties of Officers and Non-commissioned Officers, Justices, Constables, and Owners of Carriages in that Behalf, shall be to all Intents and Purposes applicable for the providing and Payment according to the Rates of Posting or of Hire usually paid for such other Description of Carriages or Vessels so required on Emergency, according to the Length of the Journey or Voyage in each Case, but making no Allowance for Post Horse Duty, or Turnpike, Canal, River, or Lock Tolls, which Duty or Tolls are hereby declared not to be demandable for such Carriages and Vessels while employed in such Service or returning therefrom; and it shall be lawful to convey thereon not only the Baggage, Provisions, and Military Stores of such Detachment, but also the Officers, Marines, Servants, Women, Children, and other Persons of and belonging to the


LXXIII. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Justices of the Peace assembled at their Quarter Sessions to direct the Treasurer to pay, without Fee, out of the public Stock of the County or Riding, or if such public Stock be insufficient then out of the Monies which the said Justices shall have Power to raise for that Purpose, in like Manner as for County Gaols and Bridges, such reasonable Sums as shall have been expended by the Constables within their respective Jurisdictions for Carriages and Vessels, over and above what was or ought to have been paid by the Officer requiring the same, regard being had to the Season of the Year and Condition of the Ways by which such Carriages and Vessels are to pass.

LXXIV. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said Lord Lieutenant or other Chief Governor for the Time being

being of Ireland to depute, by Warrant under his Hand and Seal, some proper Person to sign Routes in Cases of Emergency for the marching of any of Her Majesty's Royal Marine Forces in Ireland in the Name of such Lord Lieutenant or Chief Governor.

LXXV. And be it enacted, That all Officers and Marines, Exemption being in proper Uniform, Dress or Undress, and their Horses, from Tolls. (but not when passing in any private or hired Vehicle,) and all Recruits marching by Route, and all Prisoners under Military Escort, and all Carriages and Horses belonging to Her Majesty, or employed in Her Service, under the Provisions of this Act, when employed in conveying Persons or Baggage, or returning therefrom, shall be exempted from the Payment of any Duties and Tolls on embarking or disembarking from or upon any Pier, Wharf, Quay, or Landing Place, or passing Turnpike Roads or Bridges, otherwise demandable by virtue of any Act already made or hereafter to be made; and if any Toll Collector shall demand or receive Toll from any Marine Officer or Marine who shall be in proper Uniform, Dress or Undress, or for their Horses, and who by this Act is exempted from Payment thereof, or from any Recruits marching by Route, or from any Prisoners under Military Escort, or for any Carriages or Horses belonging to Her Majesty, or employed in Her Service, under the Provisions of this Act, when conveying Persons or Baggage, or returning therefrom, every such Collector shall for every such Offence be liable to a Penalty not exceeding Five Pounds; provided that nothing herein contained shall exempt any Boats, Barges, or other Vessels employed in conveying the said Persons, Horses, Baggage, or Stores along any Canal from Payment of Tolls in like Manner as other Boats, Barges, and Vessels are liable thereto, except when employed in Cases of Emergency as herein mentioned; and that when any Officers or Marines on Service shall have Occasion in the March by Route to pass regular Ferries in Scotland, the Officer commanding shall be at liberty to pass over with his Marines as Passengers, paying for himself and each Marine One Half only of the ordinary Rate payable by Passengers, or he shall be at liberty to hire the Ferry Boat for himself and his Party, debarring all others for that Time, and shall in such Case pay only Half the ordinary Rate for such Boat.


LXXVI. And be it enacted, That every Marine upon being Marching discharged from the Service shall be entitled to an Allowance Money on (not exceeding in any Case the Amount of Twenty-one Days Marching Money) to enable him to reach his Home, or the Place at which he shall at the Time of his Discharge decide to take up his Residence, such Place not being at a greater Distance from the Place of his Discharge than the Place of his original Enlistment, which Allowance shall be calculated according to the Distance he has to travel: Provided always, that no Person who shall purchase his own Discharge, or be discharged on account of Misbehaviour, or at his own Desire,

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Notification to
Parishes of
good or bad
Conduct of

Penalties upon
Civil Subjects


10 VICT. before the Expiration of his Period of Service, shall be entitled to any such Allowance.

LXXVII. And be it enacted, That the Churchwardens of every Parish in England and Ireland, and the Constable or other Officer of every Parish or Place in Scotland, on receiving a Notification from the Secretary of the Admiralty of the Name of any Marine belonging to the said Parish or Place who has for meritorious Conduct received Her Majesty's special Approbation, or who in consequence of Misconduct has been dismissed Her Majesty's Service with Disgrace, shall affix to and leave such Notification on the Outside of the Door of the Church or Chapel belonging to such Parish or Place on the Sunday next succeeding the Receipt of such Notification.

LXXVIII. And be it enacted, That if any Constable or other Person who by virtue of this Act shall be employed in billeting any Officers or Marines in any Part of the United Laws relating Kingdom shall presume to billet any such Officer or Marine

against the

to Carriages.

in any House not within the Meaning of this Act, without the Consent of the Owner or Occupier thereof; or shall neglect or refuse to billet any Officer or Marine on Duty when thereunto required, in such Manner as is by this Act directed, provided sufficient Notice be given before the Arrival of such Marines; or shall receive, demand, or agree for any Money or Reward whatsoever, in order to excuse any Person from receiving any such Officer or Marine; or shall quarter any of the Wives, Children, Men or Maid Servants of any Officer or Marine in any such Houses against the Consent of the Occupiers; or shall neglect or refuse to execute such Warrants of the Justices as shall be directed to him for providing Carriages, Horses, or Vessels, or shall demand more than the legal Rates for the same; or if any Person ordered by any Constable in manner hereinbefore directed to provide Carriages, Horses, or Vessels shall refuse or neglect to provide the same according to the Orders of such Constable, or shall demand more than the legal Rates for the same, or shall do any Act or Thing by which the Execution of any Warrants for providing Carriages, Horses, or Vessels shall be hindered; or if any Person liable by this Act to have any Officer or Marine quartered on him shall refuse to receive any such Officer or Marine, or to afford him proper Accommodation or Diet in the House of such Person in which he is quartered, or to furnish the several Things directed to be furnished to Officers and Marines, or shall neglect or refuse to furnish good and sufficient Stables, together with good and sufficient Hay and Straw, for each Horse, at the Rate established by this Act, and in such Quantities as shall be fixed by Her Majesty's Regulations, not exceeding Eighteen Pounds of Hay and Six Pounds of Straw per Diem for each Horse, or shall pay any Sum of Money to any Marine on the March in lieu of furnishing in Kind the Diet and Small Beer to which such Marine is entitled; such Constable, Victualler, and other Person respectively shall forfeit for every Offence, Neglect, or Refusal

Refusal any Sum not exceeding Five Pounds nor less than
Forty Shillings.

Marines so

LXXIX. And be it enacted, That if any Officer of Royal Penalty upon Marines shall take upon him to quarter Men otherwise than is officers of allowed by this Act, or shall use or offer any Menace or Com- offending. pulsion to or upon any Justice, Constable, or other Civil Officer tending to deter and discourage any of them from performing any Part of their Duty under this Act, or to do any thing contrary thereto, such Officer shall for every such Offence, being thereof convicted before any Two or more Justices of the County by the Oath of Two credible Witnesses, be deemed and taken to be ipso facto cashiered, and shall be utterly disabled to hold any Military Employment in Her Majesty's Service; provided a Certificate thereof be forthwith transmitted by the said Justices to the Secretary of the Admiralty, and that the Conviction be affirmed at some Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the said County to be held next after the Expiration of Three Months after such Certificate shall have been transmitted as aforesaid; and if any Marine Officer shall take or knowingly suffer to be taken any Money or Reward of any Person for excusing the quartering of Officers or Marines, or shall billet any of the Wives, Children, Men or Maid Servants of any Officer or Marine in any House, against the Consent of the Occupier, he shall for any of the said Offences, upon being convicted thereof before a General Court-martial, be cashiered; and if any Officer shall constrain any Carriage to travel beyond the Distance specified in the Justice's Warrant, or shall not discharge the same in due Time for their Return home on the same Day if it be practicable, except in the Case of Emergency, for which the Justice shall have given Licence, or shall compel the Driver of any Carriage to take up any Marine or Servant (except such as are sick) or any Woman to ride therein, except in Cases of Emergency as aforesaid, or shall force any Constable, by threatening Words, to provide Saddle Horses for himself or Servants, or shall force Horses from their Owners, or in Ireland shall force the Owner to take any Loading until the same shall be first duly weighed, if the same shall be required and can be done within a reasonable Time, or shall, contrary to the Will of the Owner or his Servant, permit any Person whatsoever to put any greater Load upon any Carriage than is directed by this Act, he shall forfeit for every Offence any Sum not exceeding Five Pounds nor less than Forty Shillings.

LXXX. And be it enacted, That every Marine Officer who Penalty for shall, without Warrant from One or more of Her Majesty's forcible Entry. Justices, forcibly enter into or break open the Dwelling House

or Outhouses of any Person whomsoever under Pretence of searching for Deserters, shall, upon due Proof thereof, forfeit the Sum of Twenty Pounds.

Clothes, &c.

LXXXI. And be it enacted, That any Person who shall Penalty for detain, buy, or exchange, or otherwise receive from any Marine purchasing or Marine Deserter, or any other Person, upon any Account or from any Pretence whatsoever, or shall solicit or entice any Marine, or Marine,

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