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Manchester Law Association.-Middlesex Quarter Sessions.

.365 association, with a view to raising the Profes. The toast was responded to by Mr. Street, sion to which they all belonged, and were so one of the first proposers of the combination of deeply interested in. He considered law so- associations, who stated that the next aggregate cieties most important organisations for ad- meeting of the association would be held in vancing the Legal Profession, and in that way Manchester in the month of October. advancing the interests of society, which was a “The Liverpool Law Association

was prostill higher object; and he would, therefore, posd by Mr. Baker, and acknowledged by Mr. propose the toast, “ Success to the Manchester Edward Banner, the President. Law Association."

Mr. Thorley gave “The Lord Chancellor Mr. Rushton, Vice-President, said he was and the Judges ;” and Mr. F. Robinson “The happy to inform the meeting that the associa- President, Treasurer, Secretary, and officers tion was stronger in its finances and the num- for the past year,” which was acknowledged ber of its members, than it had ever been by Mr. Radford, the Chairman of the Comknown before ; and he was sure he was stating mittee. that which would not only be gratifying to The health of the President was proposed, every member of the association, but to the in very eulogistic terms, by the Mayor of Manpublic at large, for it was to associations like chester, and seconded by the Mayor of Salford, it that they had alone to look for the legal im- after which the "Lancashire Witches" and provements and reforms which were from time “The Strangers” concluded the series of toasts. to time accomplished. He warmly acknowledged the advantages the association had derived from the kindly feeling that was ma- MIDDLESEX QUARTER SESSIONS. nisested towards it by their distinguished chairman.

THE LATE MR. SERJEANT ADAMS. The Chairman then gave the health of the At the sittings of the Court for the January Mayor of Manchester, remarking that he did Quarter Sessions of the peace for the county of not wonder a community like Manchester - Middlesex. greater even than Rome in her palmiest days—| Mr. Payne said, -As the senior member should have chosen him as its chief magistrate, of the Bar attending this Court, I cannnot alfor he had fulfilled in a remarkable degree the low this, the first opportunity, to pass without condition that he should be a man of honour- expressing in a very few words the deep regret able distinction, by having been the founder of which I feel, in common with those around a business establishment which, if they sought me, at the loss which we have all sustained in the world over, they would not find its equal. the death of Mr. Serjeant Adams. In the But it was not only on account of those quali- course of the 30 years during which I have fications, but because of his public worth, he practised in this place I remember but four was selected for the functions he had exercised presiding justices, Mr. Const, Mr. Marriott, with so much dignity.

Mr. Rotch, and Mr. Serjeant Adams, and I The Mayor said, he was much indebted to think I may say that, “ taking him for all in the kindly feeling which had been shown to all,” the latter may successfully vie with any of wards him by his fellow-townsmen, and which his predecessors. A clear head, a kind heart, he hoped to retain to the end of his year of and a good general knowledge of the law, office. He hoped the subjects which had been with a quick perception in the application of it, brought forward by the Chairman would not may be considered as the characteristics of our be lost sight of, and he assured them that he departed friend, and although an impatience of should, in consequence of the views he had manner and a little hastiness of expression there heard propounded, feel a greater interest sometimes led to disagreements, yet they were in the association than he had ever before en- very soon over, and I am satisfied that our tertained.

mutual esteem continued unbroken to the last. The health of the Mayor of Salford, Stephen Indeed, to use the language of his own faHeelis, Esq., was next given, and acknowledged vourite author, though I am not able to affirm by that gentleman; who, as a member of the that he "nothing extenuated,” yet I can deprofession as well as the chief magistrate of clare most truly that " he set nought down in Salford, expressed his hearty concurrence in malice,” for a man of a more forgiving disthe remarks that had fallen from the Chairman, position I think I never met with. Having and said that he would yield to none, whether been associated with him in ragged school Liberal or Tory, in his desire for a thorough and reformatory matters, I can say that he legal reform.

was always ready to help both with purse and Mr. Beevir then gave “The Metropolitan person those important and nationally beneand Provincial Law Association," an organisa- ficial movements. When I had the honour, a tion by which the scattered elements of strength short time ago, of expressing the condolence had been collected into a body endowed with of the Bar on the death of his late gallant the wisdom of many, but acting with the ob- nephew, who met his death in the wars of his jects of one.

country, little did I think that I should so

soon have to be speaking of him, and not to 1 It does not appear that any mention was him, on an equally melancholy event. I say made of the services rendered by the Incorpo

no more of the deceased'; and with respect to rated Law Society, during now nearly 30 his successor, I will only observe that I trust years.-Ed. L. 0.


Middlesex Quarter Sessions.- Atlorneys to de Admitted. we shall be able to say, not in our own words, had had an opportunity of knowing the great but in the peculiar language of the great Lord merits and legal qualifications of his late Bacon, “Our sun has gone down, and yet no friend, and during the whole of his experience night has followed.”

an angry word never passed between them. The Assistant Judge said, he quite concur- In succeeding him as Assistant Judge he red in what had been said by the learned should rely on the assistance, ability, and er. counsel, for he himself having practised in the perience of the gentlemen of the Bar, and he Court, not in criminal, but in appeal matters, hoped there would be confidence on each side.


Easter Term, 1856.


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Queen's Bench.
Clerks' Names and Residences.

To whom Articled, Assigned, &c.
Arnold, Augustus Alfred, 44, Great Russell-street,
Bedford-square ; and Gravesend

Messrs. Hilder and Arnold, Milton
Aubin, William, Norwood

R. F. Dalrymple, Parliament-street Ayckbourn, Hubert, 10 Princes-street, Stamford

E. Hodgkinson, Little Tower-street
Bartleet, Charles, Croydon; Moorgate-street; and

A. Ryland, Birmingham
Bedford, Francis Riland, sả, half-moon-street,

H. Lewin, Southampton-street
Belfrage, Jobu Henry, 9, Gray's-inn-square :

J. Clayton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; J. Scott, St.

Swithin's-lane Boger, George Otway, 31, Frederick-st., Gray'sinn-road

W.R. H. Jordan, Teigamouth Bowers, Barclay George, 35, North-street

, New.' B. W. Rawlings, Furnival's-inn ; B. F. Watson, road, Pentonville; and Islington

Lincoln's-inn-fields Brombam, James Fraser, 3, Portland-place, Isling.

ton; Montague-place; and Plymouth A. Rooker, Plymouth Budd, Thomas Hayward, 13, Norfolk-crescent, Hyde-park

T. W. Budd, Bedford-row
Bugby, Henry, 8, South-place, Camberwell; New.'
road ; and Carey-street

W.F. Baynes, Carey-street
Calender, Richard Clement, 35, Queen Anne-st.,
Cavendisb-square ; and Bristol

J. Strickland, Bristol
Cates, Robert, jun., 11, Bedford-row; and Faken-

R. Crates, Fakenham
Charlesworth, Charles Henry, 4, Raymond-build-
ings, Gray's-inn ; and Leeds.

R. Tennant, Leeds
Clarke, John Osmund, 23, New Ormond-street,
Queen’s-square ; and Weybread

J. Gudgeon, Stowmarket
Clulow, John, 9, Selwood-terrace, Brompton; and

W. R. Drake, Parliament-street
Cowling, David John, York:

H.J. Ware, York
Cresswell, George, Walsall; and Arundel-street,

S. Wilkinson, jun., Walsall
Cutler, Egerton Cotton, 19,


J. Raw, Furnival's-inn Davis, Harry James, 9, Salisbury-street, Strand; and Leicester

W. Palmer, Leicester Dew, Chas., 73, Denbigh-st., Pimlico; Moignescourt; and Salisbury.

G. Hancock, Denbigh-street, Pimlico
Dickins, Fred. Charles, 2, Albion-place Black-

J. A. M'Leod, London-street
Evans, Edward Eaton, 5, 'Cumberland-terrace,
Pentonville ; and Haverfordwest

J. E. Evans, Haverfordwest
Evans, John Hayward, 3, Upper Gower-street;
and Lincoln's-inn-fields

J. Evans, Lincoln's-inn-fields Every, William, 4, Holford-square, Pentonville; R. Every, Exeter; H. M. James, Exeter ; A.Cox, Clement's-inn; and Bristol

Bristol Fosbroke, Malbon, 42, Great Ormond-street,

Queen's-square; Chapel-street, Bedford-row; and St. Ives

J. Lawrence, St. Ives Fox, Adam, Manchester

J. Whitworth, Manchester Frampton, Edward, 14, River-street, Myddeltonsquare

J. H. Bolton, New-square Fricker, Robert Frederick Augustus, 15, Gloucester-crescent, Regent's.park

H. Bedford, Gray's-inn-square




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Attorneys to be Admitted.

367 Clerks' Names and Residences.

To whom Articled, Assigned, &c. Garland, Robert Devenish, 31, Frederick-street, H. J. Johns, Ringwood ; W. Sandys, Gray's-inn

Gray's-inn-road; and Lincoln's-inn-fields square
Gedge, Sydney, B. A., 19, Great Ormond-street T. Desborough, Sise-lane
Goody, Henry, 8, Everett-street, Russell-square ;
and Colcbester

H. T. Goody, Colchester
Groom, Richard, 14, Upper Park-st., Islington ;
and Old Chapel-row

J.A.M. Pinniger, Raymond-buildings
Hanbury, Archibald, 14, Everett-street, Russell-

.G. Dawes, Angel-court
Harcourt, Bateman, 6, Kensington-garden-terrace,
Bayswater; and Bucklersbury

W. Hughes, Bucklersbury
Head, Robert William, 14, Upper Brook-st.; and

C. H. Venn, Exeter; R. T. Head, Exeter
Heywood, John Frederick, Bolton-le-Moors: · S. Gaskell, Bolton-le. Moors; J. Gaskell

, Bolton.

le-Moors Hoyle, Fretwell William, 31, Albert-street, Re- W. F. Hoyle, Rotherham ; W. G. Taylor, Joba. gent's-park; and Rotherham

street Jackson, Herbert Innes, 19, Essei-street, Strand : J. Jackson, Essex-street Jessop, Charles Hale, 11, Bedford-row;

and Cheltenham

W. Jessop, Cheltenham Jones, George Newton Swinson, Handsworth

J. Partridge, Birmingbam ; J. Nasb, Henley.on.

Thames; E. Sargent, Birmingham Keetley, George Taylor, Derby

W.T. Shaw, Derby Lee, Frederick Cooke, 17, Inverness-road, Bays

T. French, Eye Lempriere, Harry Read, Ewell

J. I. Pocock, Lincoln's-inn-fields; R. A. Mitchell,

Lincoln's-inn-fields Mantle, William, West Bromwich; and Smeth- G. H. Hinchliffe, W. Bromwich, and J.C. Smith, wick

Wolverbampton M'Rae, John, 17, King-street, Bishopwearmouth : w. Snowball, Sunderland Morris, Thomas, Bolton-le-Moors .

T. Woodbouse, Bolton-le-Moors Mourilyan, Joseph Noakes, jun., 3, King Williamstreet, Strand ; and Sandwich

J. N. Mourilyan, Sandwich
North, Frederic, 15, Pelbam-place, Brompton ;
and Liverpool

J. North, Liverpool
Owen, David Henry, 33, Alfred-place, West

S. B. Sladen, Parliament-street
Plews, John, Masbam

J. Fisher, jun., Masbam
Powell, James, 36, Penton-place, Pentonville ; and

H. Powell, Pocklington
Pritchard, Edward Williams, Hereford .

E. Pritchard, Hereford Radeliffe, Henry, Salisbury

C. H. Radcliffe, Salisbury Radcliffe, Robert Carr, 7, Princes-street, Blackburn

T. Radcliffe, Blackburn Randall, Alfred Brodribb, Southampton:

T. Goater, Southampton Reeves, William Joseph, Birmingham

E. T. Palmer, Birmingham; W. Palmer, Birming, Rawlinson, Alfred, 28, John-street, Bedford-row, H. S. Westmacott, John-street Roomieu, Edward' Abrabam, 8, Regent-square R. Whitmore, New-square Seddon, James, Manchester.

W. Sale, Manchester
Settle, Joseph, Armley .

W. Middleton, Leeds
Sharp, Frederick William, 4, Churchyard-row,
Newington-butts; and St. Helens

J. Ansdell, St. Helens
Smith, Frederic, 21, Great James-street, Bedford-
row; and Bungay:

T. Smith, Bungay
Snelgrove, Kingsland, Exeter

J. Gidley, Exeter
Spencer, Thomas Edward, 79, Stanbope-street,
Hampstead-road; and Edgbaston

W. Spencer, Birmingham
Stephens, Arthur Thomas, 30, Bedford-row W. Stephens, Bedford-row
Stewart, Raynham William, Manor-bouse, Shackle. W. H. Orchard, Staple-inn; W. B. Lanfear, Ab-

churcb-lane Swarbreck, Edward Duckinfeld, 39, Berners-st., Oxford-street; and Thirsk

T.Swarbreck, Thirsk
Thompson, George, York

L. Thompson, York
Vallings, Henry, 9, Upper Woburn-place; and St.

F. Vallings, St. Mildred's-court
Vavasseur, Frederick, 15, Newington-place, Ken-

G. Marten, Mincing-lane
Venn, William, 4, Upper-street, Islington J. A. M. Pinniger, Raymond-buildings ; E. Clarke,

Warren, Francis Robert, 57, Great Russell-street,

A. Warren, Great Russell-street
Warter, Henry De Grey, i, Carey-street, Lin.' R. Curling, Frederick-place; H. D. Warter, Carey.

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368 Attorneys to be Admitted.-Marriage with a deceased Wife's Sister. Clerks' Names and Residences.

To whom Articled, Assigned, &c. -Wheeler, Robert, 15, Harpur-street, Red-lion- J. Boodle, Cheltenham ; T. W. Chandler, Chelten

square; Devonshire-street; and Cheltenbam . bam; G. Ridge, Cheltenham Whyley, Mark, 1, Frederick-st., Gray's-inn-road; and Cambridge

C. Francis, Cambridge Williams, Robert, 27, Middelton-square

; Clerken

T. Rogers, Fenchurch-street Wilmot, Francis Stewart, 16, Percy-circus, Pen

tonville ; Raymond-buildings; and Chippen. ham

W. Wilmot, Chippenham Woolly, Charles Alfred, Lewes

F.H. Gell, Lewes Wright, Henry Brougham, Sunderland.

• G. Crapes, Gray's-inn ; J.J. Wright, Sunderland Notices for Easter Term, pursuant to Judges' Orders. Cooper, John Newland, 8, Everett-street, Bruns- 'G. Balchin, Arundel; A. Chandler, Paternoster

wick-square; and Paternoster-row Mathews, Charles Edward, Claremont-cotiage,' A. Ryland, Birmingbam; W.T. Longbourne, SouthHampstead ; and Birmingham

square, Gray's.inn
Pontefax, Marshall, 5, St. Andrew's-court,
born; and Croom's-bill, Blackheath

N.C. Moginie, St. Andrew's-court, Holbora
Re-admission last Day of Easter Term.
Rising, Robert, 25, Regent-road, Great Yarmouth ; and West Somerton.
Garbett, Edmund, Dawley, Salop ; 16, Walbrook; 2, Clifton Terrace, West Brompton.



MARRIAGE WITH A DECEASED sister is equally prohibite and punishable by WIFE'S SISTER IN 1705.

death, being in the like degree of affinity, and -so hath been constantly observed in this king.

dom since the said Act of Parliament, which Excerpt from a MS. volume of Criminal was correctory in the beginning of our Refor

Decisions, from 23rd August, 1685, to 23rd mation of two abuses --one, of the canonists in January, 1716. The volume belonged to, the Popish Church, who extended the prohibite and has on it the name and armorial bear- degrees of marriage beyond the degrees men, ings of, Charles Areskine, of Alva, Esq., tioned in the Word of God, in order to extend formerly Lord Justice-Clerk.

their power of granting dispensations; the se“James Drysdale, Indyted for Incest, found-cond for correcting the laxness of casuists, ed on the Law of God and Ja. 6 par. cap. 14 : derived from the Civil Law and heathen cusIn so far he did cohabit with Barbara Tanna- toms, who, though they condemned persons in hill, sister to . . Tannahill, his deceased affinity to cohabit, which were judged to be in wife , and in consequence thereof she is at pre- place of parents and children, yet

, in the colsent with child; concluding with the pains of latteral line, they took greater liberty, judging Death.

of times that marriage being dissolved by Barbara Tannahill, Indyted for the said death, the affinity and consequences thereof Crime upon the said Medium.

ceased; and accordingly in the 1649, a table “It was pled for James Drysdale, that the of prohibite degrees was made out, as appears pannell being a single map and unmarried, the from the rescinded Acts, which clears both our fact lybelled, suppose it was true, should only law and practice, for Jean Knox was banged infer an arbitrary punishment, and not the pain for committing incest with her husband's bro. of death; because, primo, there is no contin-ther, May, 1646. gencie of blood between such collatterals in “Replyed : That however an argument may, affinity; only the transgressing upon the re- be drawn from the said 16 verse of verence that was due to the dissolved marriage, Levit., yet it is hard to subject the leidges to which its a question among lawyers if it meritts the pains of death in a case not determined by the ordinary punishment unless there were Statute, and which is contraverted among some Statute for that purpose, and a transgres- lawyers, and the Act 1649 is rescinded, and sion of that kind was thought more against the case of Jean Knox past without any debate such Statute than the Law of Nature, as being or hearing of lawyers, upon her own confession but a consequence from the 16 verse of the 18 that she had to do with two brethren, by marcap. of Levit., which required a civil sanction rying one of them when she was with child to give it effect as to death.

to the other, whereby such a confusion did “In the next place, as to the modus probandi, happen as justly subjected her to the ordinary the woman's confession could be no proof. punishment. Besides, the husband was not

" It was Answered: That the degrees men-condemned, as he would have been if the tioned in the 18 Cap. Levit. are understood in said table of 1649 had been in everything exour law to comprehend the equivalent or like planatory of the Law of Nature, for it says that in proximity and affinity; and therefore, since the unlawful company of man and woman, as the 16 verse expressly prohibits to use a well as marriage, begets an affinity that subbrother's wife, it thence follows that a wife's jects to the ordinary punishment in the case

cap. 18 of


Correspondence. - Regulations at the Queen's Benck Chambers.-Notes of Week. of transgression, so that it seems the wisdom Summonses of the day will be called and of our nation has not thought fitt to renew and numbered at a quarter before 11 o'clock, and authorise the said table.

heard consecutively. “The Lords found the lybell relevant to infer The parties on two summonses only will be the pain of death, and repelled the defences allowed to attend in the Judge's Room at the proponed for the pannell.

same time. “The jury found the said Barbara Tanna- All long orders to be left that they may be hill, her judicial confession before the Lords ready, on being applied for the following day. of Justiciary and the inquest, together with Counsel will be heard at one o'clock. The the concurring witnesses their depositions, name of the Cause in which Counsel are endoth sufficiently prove the indytement against gaged to be put on the Counsel File. her; but referred her retracting to the Lords Affidavits in support of exparte applications themselves. And as to James Drysdale, found for Judge's Orders (except those for Orders to nothing proven against him, except the wo hold to Bail), to be left the day before the man's assertion, which is proven by concurring Orders are to be applied for, except under testimonys, together with her judicial confes. special circumstances; such affidavits to be sion, which is a great presumption of his guilt properly endorsed with the names of the parties, of the crime indyted.

the nature of the application, and the names “The Lords appointed Barbara Tannahill of the Attorneys. to be hanged, and they banished James Drys- All affidavits produced before the Judge to dale.

be properly endorsed and filed. 8th Feb. 1705."



Russell Gurney, Esq., Q.C., has been elected CHARTER-PARTY STAMP.

Common Serjeant of the City of London, in The master of a British ship, whilst at the the room of E. Bullock, Esq., resigned. Mr. port of Beyrout, in the Mediterranean, entered Gurney was called to the Bar by the Honourinto a charter with a foreigner to convey a able Society of the Inner Temple, on the 21st cargo from that port to Great Britain. Is that November, 1828. charter-party exempt from the stamp duty of Mr. Richard Caparn, Solicitor, has been apthis country or not, it being executed abroad? pointed Clerk of the Holbeach County Court, And can the master or shipowner bring an in the room of Mr. Edward Key. action upon it without its being stamped ? Mr. John Phipps Sturton, Solicitor, has been AN ARTICLED CRERK. appointed Vestry Clerk of Holbeach, in the

room of Mr. Edward Key. SOLICITORS' FIRE-PROOF ROOMS. Mr. Henry Spurling, Solicitor, has been apA letter from a solicitor recently appeared in pointed Clerk to the Chick St. Osyth Burial The Times suggesting a Limited Liability Com- Board, in the room of Mr. P.S. Sparling. pany for erecting fire-proof safety rooms for

Mr. T. C. Trotter has been appointed Civil deeds, plate, and other valuables. The mem- and Session Judge of Midnapore, East Indies, bers of the Profession who do not belong to the during the absence on leave of Mr. Luke. Incorporated Law Society, are probably not

The Hon. E. Drummond has been appointaware that the whole of the basement of the ed Accountant-General to the government of building in Chancery Lane is appropriated for India. the deposit of deeds, &c., and I understand that

Mr. G. G. Mackintosh has been appointed in an additional building to form the south Accountant to the Government of Bengal.wing of the Institution, a considerable number From The Civil Service Gazette. of strong rooms will be provided, together


The Queen has been pleased to appoint arbitration rooms, which are much needed, es- James R. Holligan, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to pecially since the increased number of refer- be Auditor of Public Accounts for the Island ences under the Common Law Procedure Act, of Barbados. 1854.


The Queen has been pleased to appoint

William Charles Harris, Esq., Chief Constable REGULATIONS AT THE QUEEN'S

of the county of Hants, and Captain Douglas

Wm. Labalmondiere, Inspecting SuperintendBENCH CHAMBERS.

ent of the Metropolitan Police, to be the Assist

ant Commissioners of Police of the Metropolis. 29th February, 1856.

-From the London Gazette of 4th March. The following regulations for transacting

the business at these Chambers will be The Queen has been pleased to appoint

strictly observed till further Notice. Richard Leninge Swift, Esq.. Barrister-atAcknowledgment of Deeds will be taken at Law, now her Majesty's Consul in the Island 10 o'clock.

of St. Thomas, to be her Majesty's Consul at Original summonses to be placed on the File. Buffalo, in the United States of America.

Summonses adjourned by the Judge will be From the London Gazette of Feb. 26. heard at half-past 10 o'clock.

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