Report of the Commissioner of Education for Porto Rico

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910

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Page 323 - through the governor as may be required by the Commissioner of Education for the United States, which shall annually be transmitted to Congress." Beginning with the legislative session of 1900, school laws have been passed and from time to time amended. The organization provided for at the present time is, briefly, as follows: The
Page 323 - Rico. The organic act for Porto Rico provides: "That the commissioner of education shall superintend public instruction throughout Porto Rico, and all disbursements on account thereof must be approved by him, and he shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law, and make such
Page 397 - the highest mark in each district in this course was given a free trip to Mayaguez to attend the agricultural conference held there during the Easter week vacation. The experience of the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts of the University of Porto Rico at Mayaguez during the past year has shown that there is a demand
Page 295 - for house and office rent, and in districts of the second class $1,400. with the same allowance for rent. The salary for third-class districts is $1,200, with the same allowance for rent, and an extra allowance of $200 for traveling expenses in districts comErising more than one municipality. The supervising principal is ex officio a
Page 291 - The commissioner of education, appointed for a term of four years, or at the pleasure of the President, is the head of the insular department of education. He has power of appointment over all the subordinates in the department, with the exception of certain classes of teachers. He is required to supervise education in Porto Rico, to approve all
Page 186 - Superintendente of schools shall be at all times under the immediate control and guidance of the commissioner of education, who shall prescribe their duties. They shall, in every respect consistent with the welfare of the schools, cooperate and assist their respective school boards in the performance of their duties under the law. They shall receive the cordial support
Page 291 - of the commissioner in each one of these districts is the supervising principal. In districts of the first class this official receives a salary of $1,600, with an allowance of $240 for house and office rent, and in districts of the second class $1,400, with the same allowance for rent. The salary
Page 207 - Spanish. Latin, or French, 2 in history, and 1 in science. The remaining 7 units may be chosen, under the direction of the principal, from the various elective subjects offered. The course of study offers a sufficiently broad range for those preparing for college or seeking a foundation for business life. The course of
Page 257 - Art. III. Officers.—The officers of the association shall be a secretary, treasurer, and board of directors. The secretary and the treasurer shall be appointed by the board of directors and shall hold office until their successors have been appointed.
Page 209 - Constructions involving groove joints and halving; laying out and cutting joints; use of nails, screws, and glue; carving and finishing. (d) Construction by means of mortise-and-tenon joint; laying out duplicate parts, cutting mortise, sawing tenon, gluing and clamping, scraping, finishing. (c) Making a glue joint; planing joints, gluing, clamping, surfacing, sandpapering.

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