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Index for Volume XII

Index for Volume Twelve THE NOT YUNK PUBLIC LIBRARY VARY to December, 1906.




31 96



A Decade in Kamerun Interior, Rev. Melvin
Frazer- March

114 A Year at Lolodorf, Rev. L. D. HemingerMarch

117 Among the Ntum, Rev. Melvin Frazer- March 121 Superstition in West Africa, A. B. T. Lippert, M.D.-March

127 The Coast Churches--March.

113 The Growth at Elat, Rev. William M. Dager -March

124 A Missionary Shipwreck-- January

28 A Parish Abroad-March.

129 As Seen in Syria-December.

598 BOOK NOTICES: An Observer in the Philippines—January... China and Her People--February.. Christian Missions and Social Progress-October 505 Christus Redemptor--August

411 Facts We Ought to Know About Missions in 1906-August

413 Great Missionaries to the Red Men-April.... 194 Great Voyages and What Came of 'ThemAugust

411 In the Heart of India-August.

410 Letters to A Chinese Official-October. Life Secrets-August

412 Missionary Heroes Among the Indians-April 194 Missionary Studies in the Sunday-schools--April 194 Missions in the Sunday-schools-August.. 414 On the Borders of Pigmy Land-January......

30 Opening of Tibet-January.

30 Philippine Experiences of an American Teacher -August

411 Philippine Islands-- January.

30 Problems of Asia and the Effect Upon Inter

national Policies—November. Reshaping of the Far East-April.

194 Samuel J. Mills-August

412 Students and the Modern Missionary Crusade -October

505 The Ascending Cross-August

412 The Cause of Russia-January.

31 The Far East-January

30 The Egyptian Soudan—March.

132 The King's Daughters and Other SketchesAugust

411 The Land of the Pigmies--August.

410 The Moslem Doctrine of God-August. ..... 413 The Passing of Korea-November.

558 Two Books for Student Volunteers-August.. 412 The Universal Element of the Christian Religion-January

31 Booth, Rev. Robert Russell, D.D., DeathJanuary

27 BRAZIL: In the State of Parana, Rev. G. A. LandesJune

... 304 Out-station at Santa Maria da Victoria, Pierce A. Chamberlain-June

302 What a Young Christian Did in Brazil, Pierce A. Chamberlain-June.

301 Brown, Rev. Hubert W., D.D., Death-May.. 232


PAGL. Celebration of the Eighth Day After Ascension, Rev. J. S. Smith-June.

..... 305 CHINA: Attitude of Chinese Scholars Toward Christians, Rev. Robert F. Fitch-February..

86 Canton Mission, Henry V. Noyes, D.D.February

83 Education in China, Paul D. Bergen, D. February

89 Lien-chou Tragedy, Arthur J. Brown, D.D. February

81 Mission Work in East Shantung, Rev. W. O. Elterich-February

91 Phases of the Present Situation in China, James B. Neal, M.D.-February

92 The Root That Cleaves the Rock, C. H. Fenn, D.D.-February

94 CHINESE AND JAPANESE IN THE U. S.: Present Condition of the Chinese Mission, J. H. Laughlin, D.D.-August

.. 404 Rescue Home for Chinese Girls, A. W. Halsey, D.D.-August

404 COLOMBIA: Boys' School at Barranquilla, Mrs. Dora Turk Lee June

306 Day, Mr. Dwight H., Election as TreasurerMay


Booth, Rev. Robert Russell, D.D.-January... 27
Brown, Rev. Hubert W., D.D.-May

232 Eddy, Rev. William K.-December..

589 Hepburn, Mrs. J. C.-May

231 Jolly, Mr. John-September

445 Labaree, Rev. Benjamin, D.D.-July.

357 Nassau, Miss I. A.-August..

409 Pitkin, Mr. Albert J.-January.

28 Wanless, Mrs. Mary E.-October.

496 Whiting, Rev. Joseph L., D.D.-October

497 Debt on the Presbyterian Building-March.. 127 Development of Committees, Henry S. Butler, D.D.-January

17 Eastern District Leaders Conference-August. 408 November

557 Eddy, Rev. William K., Death-December. 589 Educational Department: What It Is, Dr. T. H. P. Sailer-January

21 Foreign Mission Events at the Assembly-July.. 344 Forward Movement Notes-March -August


Brightening. Skies, Rev. C. H. Newton-July.. 353
Itinerating in Hainan, Mrs. Mary W. Gilman-

355 Kachek Opposition to Heathen Festivals, Rev. F. P. Gilman-July..

354 Preacher Gnang of Gnai-chiu-July.

356 Some Hainan Sketches, J. L. Kelly, M.D. -July

354 Hand, Charles W., Resignation as Treasurer March

127 Hepburn, Mrs. J. C., Death-May..

231 INDIA: Ananda Şadan Happy Home, Mrs. A. L. Wiley --April



I 29


PAGE Key to the Position in Bangkok, Rev. J. A. Eakin--May

218 Medical Work at Pitsanuloke, C. c. Walker, M.D.-May

224 Strategic Points in the Missionary Conquest, Mr. Robert E. Speer-January

23 Syrik: An Itinerating Medical Missionary in Syria, Ira Harris, M.D.-December.

587 A Step Forward in Ancient Hamath, Rev. Paul Erdman-December

592 As the. New Missionary Sees It, Rev. J. H. Nicol-December

594 A Wedding. Journey, Rev. W. S. Nelson-December

590 Medical Missions in a Tent, Mary P. Eddy, M.D.-December

595 Zahleh-Old and New, Rev. William JessupDecember

591 Syria, As Seen in-December.. Walker, Mrs. C. C., Death-July,

357 Young People's Missionary Conferences, T. H. P. Sailer, Ph.D.-May....



1 22


Leper Asylum at Sabathu, Rev. E. E. Fife-

191 New India, J. C. R. Ewing, D.D.-April. 183 Revival at' Ratnagiri, Rev.' A. L. Wiley-April 185 Some Reasons for Thanksgiving in the Punjab -April

190 Some Signs-April

180 Test of Persistent Prayer, R. Thackwell, D.D. -April

189 JAPAN: Hiroshima Field, Rev. W. B. LangsdorfSeptember

434 Hopeful Signs in Matsuyama, Rev. A. v. Bryan-September

437 Japanese Father and Son, Rev. W. Y. JonesSeptember

443 Missionary and the Soldier, Miss K. A. Gibbons-September

440 Morning at a Heathen Shrine, S. B. Rossiter, D.D.-September

433 Ups and Downs of Country Work, Rev. G. W. Fulton-September

441 Jolly, Mr. John, Death-September..

445 KOREA: Athletics in Korea, Rev. C. F. BernheiselNovember

553 Caroline A. Ladd Hospital- November..

550 Hospitals as Evangelistic Teachers, C. H. Irvin, M.D.-November

554 Opening a New Station, Rev. C. E. SharpNovember

555 Syen Chun--November

552 The “Bubble" at Syen Chun, A. M. Sharrocks, M.D.-November

547 Year's Work at Taiku, Mrs. H. M. BruenNovember

551 Laos: Notes-May

217 Medical Missions, S. C. Peoples, M.D:-May. Things for Which to Pray in Laos, C. H. Denman, M.D.-May

228 Visit of the Crown Prince to Chieng Mai-May 225 MEXICO: An Old Christian in Mexico, Isaac Boyce, D.D. - June

298 Missionary Problem, Mrs. M. T. CampbellJune

296 Raffles for Souls in Mexico, Rev. Charles Petran-June

300 Missionary Instruction in Sunday-schools, Rev. C. R. Erdman-August

408 "Missionaryites," Mr. D. McConaughy-August. 408 Mission STUDY CLASSES: Educational Department, T. H. P. Sailer, Ph.D.

How to Organize a Missionary Study Cam-

paign in a City, Mr. B. Carter Millikin

131 Mission Study for the Coming Year-October .. 504 Missionary Institutes During the Winter-April 192 Place of Study Classes in Systematic Mission

ary Education, T. H. P. Sailer, Ph.D.-

405 Nassau, Miss I. A., Death-August.

409 Newly Appointed Missionaries Group-September

445, 446 Our Parish Abroad-January... PERSIA: Crowd in the Garden of the British Legation -October

500 Medical Work in Teheran, J. G. Wishard, M.D. October

503 Persian Lepers, Mary E. Bradford, M.D.-0ctober

502 Progress in Persia, Rev. S. M. Jordan-October 497 Village Schools in Urumia, Mrs. B. W. Labaree-October

499 PHILIPPINES: Albay, A Word From, Rev. Roy H. BrownJuly

349 Antique Province, Rev. Paul Doltz-July. 351 Dumaguete and Silliman Institute, Rev. Walter 0. McIntyre-July

347 Outlook in the Philippines, S. B. Rossiter, D.D. -July

345 Presbyterial Committees Foreign Missions, Francis A. Wilber, D.D.-January..

19 SIAN:

Decree for Suppression of Gambling-May.... 216



Elat School-March

I 24 Lolodorf Native House-March.

119 Marriage at Libreville-March.

128 Ntum Natives—March BRAZIL:

Group of Protestants at Therezina—June ...... 303 CHILE: Group, De Manto-June..

306 CHINA: Canton Theological Seminary Graduates-February

84 Chinese Scholars Old and New-February..... 87 Corbett, Dr. Hunter, Helpers February. 93 Lien-chou Mission Residence-January.....

19, 22 Lien-chou Hospitals-January

24, 25 Ningpo College--February.

95 Ningpo College Faculty-February.

88 Shantung Union College Graduating ClassFebruary

90 Twilight in the Rice Field-February.

96 Yeung Kong Theological Class-February.. 85 INDIA: Forman College--April Forman College Football Team-April.. 186 Rev. Ralla Ram and Mother-April

189 JAPAN:

Christians in the "Second Stage"-September. 442 Hayashi, Mr. S.--September

443 Hiroshima Scenes-September

435 Matsuyama Castle-September.

438 Matsuyama Girls' High School--September. 439 Shozo Sasao-September

444 KOREA: Pyeng Yang Field Day-November.

553 Y. M. C. A. Seoul-November...

549 LAOS: Crown Prince Leaving Mr. Harris's HouseMay

225 Crown Prince Replying to Mr. Harris's Address —May

226 Crown Prince Laying Corner-stone-May. 227 Keng Tung Prince on Way to "Annual Bath" May

229 Vaccinating Staff Chiengmai Hospital-May...

... 223 MEXICO: Sombrerete Infant Class June

299 Newly Appointed Misanary Group-September.. 446 PERSIA:

Crowd in Garden of Briti:" Legation-October 501 Teheran Boys' School Graduating Class--Octo

ber PHILIPPINES: Silliman Institute Cottages-July..

348 Silliman Institute Picnic Group--July

351 Silliman Institute Students Building Addition

to Hospital-July SIAM: Missionaries and Siamese Christians-May. 218

Booth at Wang Lang Bazaar-May.
Bedwin Woman Carrying Sick Child to the Doc-
tor for Treatment-December.






220 PAGE,


..28, 29


Dr. Mary P. Eddy in Her Home at Junieh-

595 Junieh Bay, Showing Carriage Road Leading to

Mohammed Ali-Driver of the Diligence from
Tripoli to Hums—December.

599 Old Zahleh Mission House on Summit of Him -December

590 The New Hamath Property-December.

593 The New Zahleh River Street Front-December 591 Wreck of the Anto Maru-January.

AUTHORS. Bergen, Paul D., D.D.-February.

89 Bernheisel, Rev. C. H.-November. Boyce, Isaac, D.D.-June.

298 Bradford, Mary E., M.D.-October.

502 Brown, Arthur J., D.D.-March.

81 Brown, Rev. Roy H.-July.

349 Bruen, Mrs. H. M.-November.

551 Bryan, Rev. A. V.-September.

437 Butler, Henry S., D.D. - January.

17 Campbell, Mrs. M. T.-June.

297 Chamberlain, Rev. Pierce A.-June.

301, 302 Dager, Rev. W. M.-March.

I 24 Denman, C. H., M.D.-May.

228 Doltz, Rev. Paul-July.

351 Eakin, Rev. J. A.-May

218 Eddy, Mary P., M.D.-December

595 Elterich, Rev. W. 0.February.

91 Erdman, Rev. Paul-December.

592 Erdman, Rev. W. C.-August.

406 Ewing, J. C. R., D.D.-April.

183 Fenn, C. H., D.D.-February.

95 Fife, Rev. E. E.-April.

191 Fitch, Rev. Robert F.-February

86 Frazer, Rev. M.-March...

114, 121 Fulton, Rev. G. W.--September.

441 Gibbons, Miss K. A.-September.

440 Gilman, F. P., D.D.-July.

354 Gilman, Mrs. F. P.--July

355 Griswold, H. D., Ph.D. —April


Halsey, A. W., D.D.-August.
Harris, Ira, M.D.-December.
Heminger, Rev. L. D.--March.
Irvin, C. H., M.D.-November.
Jessup, Rev. William December.
Jones, Rev. W. Y.-September.
Jordan, Rev. S. M.-October.
Kelly, J. L., M.D.-July...
Labaree, Mrs. B. W.-October.
Landes, Rev. G. A.-June.
Langsdorf, W. B., Ph.D.-September..
Laughlin, I. H., D.D.-August.
Lee, Mrs. Dora Turk-June..
Lippert, A. B. T:, M.D.-March.
McConaughy, David Jonuary


McIntyre, Rev. W. 0.-July.
Millikin, B. Carter-March
Neal, J. B., M.D.-rebruary.
Nelson, Rev. W. S.-December.
Newton, Rev. C. H.-July..
Nicol, Rev. J. H.—December.
Noyes, H. V., D.D.-February.
Peoples, s. C., M.D.-May
Petran, Rev. Č. - June
Rossiter, S. B., D.D.-July.

Sailer, T. H. P., Ph.D.-January


-August Sharrocks, A. M., M.D.-November. Sharp, Rev. C. E.-November. Smith, Rev. Jesse S.-June Speer, Robert E. - January. Thackwell, R., D.D.-April. Walker, C. C., M.D.-May. Wilber, Francis A., D.D.-January Wiley, Rev. A. L.-April Wiley, Mrs. A. L.-April Wishard, J. C., M.D.-October.

PAGE. 404 587 117 554 591 443 497 354 499 304 434 402 306 126 20 129 408 347 131

92 590 347 594

83 221 300 345 433

21 192 230 405 547 555 305

23 189 224

19 185 192 503


Home Missions

Bannerman, Rev. W. S.-- June

283 Book references June

294 Call from the North, A-June.

286 Causes for Thanksgiving In-November. 527 Chena-June

278 Chilkats, Christmas-tide Among the, by the Rev. Allen F. McLean-June

280 Cleary Creek—June

275, 279 Council City-November

527 Davis, Mr. Samuel G.-June

288 Dedication in the Wilds, A, by S. Hall Young, D.D.-June

275 Douglas Island—June

292 Fairbanks-_June ...

286 Frank, Rev. Howard M.-June

275 Gold-Miner and the Church, The, by the Rev. Hermann M. Hosack-June

272 Haines-June

280 Here and There-June

286 Hosack. Rev. Hermann M.-June Jones. Rev. Livingston F.-June

288 Juneau-June

288 Klukwan-June

282 Marsden. Rev. Edward November

527 Moore, Frederick L.—June

292 Periodical references—June

293 Point Barrow-June

286 Presbytery of-November

527 Sitka Sketches—June

283 Spriggs, Rev. Samuel R.- June

286 Teller-June

288 Triumphing Over Darkness, by Fred R. Fal. coner-June

282 Waggoner, Rev. David--June

288 Waiting and Working, by the Rev. Howard M. Frank-June

278 Wrangell-April

177 Wrangell- June

Young, S. Hall, D.D.-June

286 AMERICA: At Heart a Christian Nation, by S. S. Palmer, D.D.-January

5 Her Awakened Conscience, by Robert F. Coyle, D.D.-January

3 Her Ideals Must be Restored, by Wallace Rad.

cliffe, D.D. - January Her Manhood and Womanhood, by George B. Stewart, D.D.-January

3 Her Strength and Her Weakness—January.. 3 Her Territory, Wealth and Opportunity, by William Carter, Ph.D.-January

5 The Measure of Her Reverence, by W. H. W. Boyle, D.D. - January

4 The Unity of Her Churches, by D. Stuart

Dodge, D.D.-January American Church, The-Its Strength and Weakness, by Henry Wynans Jessup - January.

6 America's Position and Prestige, by Charles L.

Thompson, D.D.-January
America's Spiritual Need, by John Willis Baer,

An Honored Life, by the Rev. Henry Little

Blessing, Everywhere a, by William H. Cole-

140 Information, A Library of, by Edmund P.

Makes Good Better, by Thomas G. Ritch-

139 Pen, The-In our Magazine-March

139 Reference to, by James A. Dodds, Ph.D.March

140 Reference to, by Ezra B. Newcomb, D.D.March

139 Reference to, by James E. Rogers, D.D.March


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