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only without foundation, but utterly false, and that, on the contrary, the humanity shewn by himself, his officers, and his men, under the greatest provocation, has been most extraordinary, praiseworthy, and incredible; on reflection, I feel it would be an act of moral cowardice, as well as moral injustice, if I did not overcome my great dislike to writing, and refute falsehood and calumny, having the power to do it; for all at once, I find myself placed in a peculiar situation, which I once thought so improbable as to be impossible ;-for instead of

hundreds of others in a superior position,

with superior acquirements to myself, having seen the same things—large as the world is, and numerous as its inhabitants are, I all at once become the only and solitary individual who has seen the same things placed under similar circumstances to myself; I mean, a perfectly, I hope, unbiassed and unprejudiced position.

If these pages came from any one holding a post, civil or military, in the Legion—if they came from any of the very clever reporters to the public press, who have been

resident at St. Sebastian or elsewhere—if

they came from any of the talented officers in Her British Majesty's service—to him belonging to the Legion, the cry would be: Oh! as an officer of the Legion, he could

only say what he has done.” To the journalist, it would be said: “ he can

only re-echo the view already taken by the


paper that pays him.” To Her British

Majesty's officer, it would be said : “He only “ re-echoes the already avowed opinion of his “ government;"—and finding, then, myself the only traveller, the only spectator, who has remained with the British Legion more than a few days since its appearance in Spain, and, moreover, the only Englishman, I believe, who, previously to visiting the Legion, had, since its unfortunate revolution began, gone through Spain from one end to the other, from north to south: from Cadiz, by Seville, to Madrid; from Madrid to Saragossa ; then by Jaca, over the Pyrenees, into France. From the peculiar and solitary situation I am placed in, for the sake of truth and justice, I am compelled to take up my pen and write, and draw from the stores of my memory,

and lay before the public, what shall be, as far as lies in my power, a fair and impartial statement of the Spanish question; and, after much reflection and consideration, having

the firm and conscientious conviction and

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with the hope and expectation that I can make

my readers partake of that conviction, that the much-abused foreign policy of Lord Palmerston has been most unjustly abused, and that his Spanish policy has been highly English—that is, most honourable to British interests, and equally useful to the interests of Spain.

I do not pretend to conceal from myself -I am fully aware, that, owing to the high state of party feeling that exists on

the subject, at the present moment I shall draw every species of attack and abuse on myself; but, in shrinking from the task, I should feel myself guilty of an act of moral cowardice; therefore, hesitation would

be little less than criminal. The device of

my banner shall be,

Magna est Veritas et prævalebit.

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