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he fhall return to the Company of his Friends, the Care of his Family, and all the Bleffings of Being?

The Manner in which You practise this heavenly Faculty of aiding human Life, is according to the Liberality of Science, and demonftrates that your Heart is more fet upon doing Good than growing Rich.

The pitiful Artifices which Empyricks are guilty of to drain Cafh out of Valetudinarians, are the Abhorrence of your gene


rous Mind; and it is as common with Garth to fupply Indigent Patients with Money for Food, as to receive it from Wealthy ones for Phyfick. How much more amiable, Sir, would the Generosity which is already applauded by all that know You, appear to those whofe Gratitude You every Day refufe, if they knew that You refift their Prefents leaft You fhould supply those whose Wants you know, by taking from those with whofe Neceffities you are unacquainted?


The Families You frequent receive You as their Friend and Well-wisher, whose Concern, in their behalf, is as great as that of those who are related to them by the Tyes of Blood and the Sanctions of Affinity. This Tenderness interrupts the Satisfactions of Conversation, to which You are so happily turned, but we forgive You that our Mirth is often infipid to You, while You fit abfent to what paffes amongst us from your Care of fuch as languifh


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in Sickness. We are fenfible their Distresses, instead of being removed by Company, return more ftrongly to your Imagination by Comparison of their Condition to the Jollities of Health.

But I forget I am writing a Dedication; and in an Address of this Kind, it is more ufual to celebrate Mens great Talents, than thofe Virtues to which fuch Talents ought to be subservient; yet where the Bent of a Man's Spirit is taken up in the Application of

his whole Force to ferve the World in his Profeffion, it would be frivolous. notto entertain him rather with Thanks for what he is, than Applaufes for what he is capable of.being. Befides, Sir, there is no Room for faying any thing to You as You are a Man of Wit and a great Poet; all that can be spoken that is worthy an ingenuous Spirit, in the Celebration of fuchFaculties, has been incomparably faid by your felf to others, or by others to you: You have never been ex-.


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