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Phyllida ame ante alias: nam me difcedere flevit.



Printed for J. Tonfon in the Strand, F. Brown
without Temple-Bar, and 0. Lloyd near the
Church in the Temple. MDCCXV.

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Sir Samuel Garth, M. D.


Sfoon as Ithought of making the Lover a Prefent to one of my Friends, I refolved, without farther distracting my Choice, to fend it To the Beft-natured Man. You are fo univerfally known for this Character, that an Epiftle

fo directed would find its Way to You without your Name, and I believe no Body but You yourself would deliver fuch a Superfcription to any other Perfon.

This Propenfity is the nearest akin to Love; and Good-nature is the worthieft Affection of the Mind, as Love is the nobleft Paffion of it: While the latter is wholly employed in endeavouring to make happy one fingle Object, the other diffuses its Benevolence to all the World..


As this is Your natural Bent, I cannot but congratulate to You the fingu lar Felicity that your Profeffion is fo agreeable to your Temper. For what Condition is more defirablethan a conftant Impulfe to relieve the Diftreffed, and a Capacity to adminifter that Relief? When the fick Man hangs his Eye on that of his Phyfician, how pleafing muft it be to fpeak Comfort to his Anguish, to raise in him the first Motions of Hope, to lead him into a Perfuafion that

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