Water Pollution, 1969: Hearings, Ninety-first Congress, First Session, on S. 7 and S. 544, 4. osa

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Committee Serial No. 91-2. Considers S. 7 and similar S. 544, to amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to provide Federal funds for waste treatment facility construction, to establish standards for vessel sewage discharge sanitation devices and for a program to clean up oil spills, and to provide for more strict Federal water pollution standards compliance.

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Page 1100 - March 23, 1962, which contains a procedural method and a sample calculation that result in distances roughly reflecting current siting practices of the Commission. The calculations described in Technical Information Document 14844 may be used as a point of departure for consideration of particular site requirements which may result from evaluation of the characteristics of a particular reactor. its purpose and method of operation.
Page 949 - June 30, 1961, $3,000,000 for grants to States and to interstate agencies to assist them in meeting the costs of establishing and maintaining adequate measures for the prevention and control of water pollution.
Page 1029 - ... lessee. Upon failure of the lessee to control and remove the pollutant the supervisor, in cooperation with other appropriate agencies of the Federal, State and local governments, or in cooperation with the lessee, or both, shall have the right to accomplish the control and removal of the pollutant...
Page 1210 - THESE POLICIES 1. Upon receipt of an application for a permit for dredging, filling, excavation, or other related work in navigable waters of the United States, the District Engineers shall send notices to all interested parties, including the appropriate Regional Directors of the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, the...
Page 978 - ... working pressure which exceeds the maximum anticipated surface pressure, including one equipped with pipe rams, one with blind rams, and one...
Page 1211 - The schedule of operation for flood control would be prepared by the Secretary of the Army, and the Secretary of the Interior would operate the dam in accordance with those provisions.
Page 1030 - Illinois River and Lower Section of Des Plaines River {SWB 8); Rock River, Fox River, Des Plaines River, Kankakee River and certain named tributaries (SWB 11). Approved standards include above listed streams, Lake Michigan, Little Calumet River, Grand Calumet River and Wolf Lake only.
Page 952 - (d) Whenever any hazardous substance is discharged into or upon the navigable waters of the United States or adjoining shorelines or the waters of the contiguous zone, unless removal is immediately undertaken by the owner or operator of the vessel or onshore or offshore facility from which the discharge occurs or which caused the discharge, pursuant to the regulations promulgated under this section, the President, if appropriate...
Page 965 - The lessee shall not pollute land or water or damage the aquatic life of the sea or allow extraneous matter to enter and damage any mineral- or water-bearing formation.
Page 979 - The following mud system monitoring equipment must be installed (with derrick floor indicators) and used throughout the period of drilling after setting and cementing the Conductor Casing (First String) : (1) Recording mud pit level indicator to determine mud pit volume gains and losses.