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The Laura to Booleroo Centre Railway Act.-1907.

28. If within two years from the publication in the Government If amount of

requisition not paid Gazette of a requisition upon the said Council as hereinbefore within two years provided the amount of the requisition shall not be paid to

not homoid to Commissioner may

publish notice. the Commissioner, he may publish in the Government Gazette a notice in the form in the Fourth Schedule hereto, or in a form to the like effect.

29. Upon such publication all the rights and powers of the Transfer to Commis

sioner of Council's Council in reference to the recovery of the railway rate or rates sights mentioned in the notice, or for the letting or sale of land for non- rate. payment of such rate or rates, shall be transferred to and vested in the Commissioner; and the Commissioner, or any person authorised by him in that behalf, may exercise any power or do any act which could before such publication have been exercised or done in reference to the recovery of any such rates by any district clerk, collector, receiver, or other officer of or person acting under the authority of the Council.

30. If any railway rate shall not within one year from its declara- Supplementary rail. tion produce the required sum, the Council shall from time to time

way rates. declare another railway rate until the required sum shall be produced ; and all the provisions of this Act with regard to a rate declared under section 22 shall, so far as applicable, apply to a rate under this section.

31. If any railway, riplus shall be held bothereafter made by the

31. If any railway rate shall produce more money than required Application of surplus

of railway rate. for its purpose, the surplus shall be held by the Council as a fund applicable towards meeting any requisition thereafter made by the Commissioner under this Act, and so much thereof as shall not be required for that purpose within five years from the declaration of the rate shall be applied from time to time towards payment of any District Council rate due in respect of the ratable property on which the railway rate shall have been paid.


32. All the provisions of the District Councils Act, so far as the Application of District

Councils Act to same relate to rates declared under such Act, and the recovery thereof my (except as to limitations of the amounts of such rates) shall, subject to the provisions of this Act and so far as applicable, apply to railway rates under this Act.

33. The Government Gazette containing a notice of the declaring Gorernment Gazette

evidence of railway of a railway rate in the form in the Third Schedule hereto, or in a rate. form to the like effect, shall be evidence, and, except on proceedings to quash such rate, shall be conclusive evidence that the rate has been duly declared.

34. The moneys received by a railway rate shall, up to the amount Payment of railway

rato to Commissioner, for which the Commissioner shall have made a requisition, be paid to him by the Council.

35. The

The Laura to Booleroo Centre Railway Act.—1907.

Gorernment Gazelte to be evidence of statement, &c.

35. The Government Gazette containing any order, statement, notice, requisition, or other publication made or given by the Governor or the Commissioner under this Act shall be conclusive evidence of the fact, tenor, and validity of such order, statement, notice, requisi. tion, or other publication, and of the facts stated, recited, or assumed therein; and no such order, statement, notice, requisition, or other publication shall be invalid by reason of any thing required as preliminary thereto not having been duly done.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.

GEORGE R. Le HUNTE, Governor.



The Laura to Booleroo Centre Railway Act.—1907.


THE FIRST SCHEDULE. “ The Lands Clauses Consolidation Act.” Act No. 26 of 1855-6, to amend “ The Lands Clauses Consolidation Act." “ The Lands Clauses Consolidation Amendment Act, 1881." • The Railways Clauses Consolidation Act." Act No. 6 of 1858, to amend " The Railways Clauses Consolidation Act.“ The Railways Clauses Act, 1876." “The South Australian Railways Commissioners Act, 1887.” “The South Australian Railways Commissioners Act Amendment Act, 1894."

All other Acts passed, or hereafter to be passed, amending any of the said Acts, or substituted therefor.



The LAURA TO BOOLEROO CENTRE RAILWAY. 1. [name of Returning Officer), certify that a poll taken on the

day 19 , in the District of Port Germein on the question whether the above-mentioned railway should be constructed in pursuance of “ The Laura to Booleroo Centre Railway Act, 1907,” resulted as follows:

Number of votes in approval of the line being so constructed ..
Number of votes in objection thereto.....................,
Number of informal votes ...........

Total number of votes ........

Dated this

day of

, 19 .

Returning Officer.



NOTICE OF Railway Rate. At a meeting of the District Council of Port Germein, duly held on day of

, 19, a railway rate was declared in the pound upon the assessment of that part of the District of Port Germein which is situated within the Laura and Booleroo Centre Railway District; and all persons liable are required to pay the amount of the rate, according to the assessment, to the District Clerk (or Collector or other officer) at the district office. Dateu this

day of

, 19

[Signed] A. B., Chairman of the District Council of Port Germein (or District Clerk).


The Laura to Booleroo Centre Railway Act.—1907.


District of Port Germein. Notice is hereby given that all moneys unpaid in respect of the railway rate (or rates) declared by the District Council of Port Germein on the day of

19 [if more than one rate add date of declaration of every other rate] are to be paid to the South Australian Railways Commissioner. Dated this

day of

19 .

[Signature of Commissioner] The South Australian Railways Commissioner.




Adelaide : By authority, C. E. BRISTOW, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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