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PART 1. Division 11.

The Factories Act.—1907.
11. The making of any article or part of any

article; or
111. The altering, repairing, ornamenting, or finish-

ing of any article; or
iv. The adapting for sale of any article ;
and to or over which premises or place or the pre-
cincts thereof the employer of any person so working

therein has the right of access or control.
(2) For the purposes of registration and the computation of

registration fees, any number of adjacent buildings or

places. “ Furniture” means furniture of which woud forms a part, and

such as is usually made by cabinetmakers, chairmakers,

couchmakers, upholsterers, woodcarvers, or woodturners : Gazette means The South Australian Government Gazette : “Handicraft” includes any work whatsoever done in any

laundry or dye works, and whether or not done in pre

paring or manufacturing articles for trade or sale: “ Improver” means and includes— (a) Any person who

I. Is not an apprentice ; and

11. Is not over the age of twenty-one years; and
(6) Any person who, being over the age of twenty-one

years, holds a licence from the Chairman to be

paid as an improver: “ Inspector” means an inspector of factories appointed under

this Act, and includes the Chief Inspector: " Laundry” shall not include(a) Any prison, reformatory, industrial school, or home for

erring women; or (6) Any institution conducted exclusively for charitable pur

poses; “ Machinery” includes any driving strap, band, wire, rope, or

cable of any kind : “Metropolitan area ” comprises the whole of the area contained

in the present Electoral Districts of Adelaide, Torrens, and

Port Adelaide :
“ Mill-gearing” includes every shaft, whether upright, oblique,

or horizontal, and every wheel, drum, or pulley, or appli-
ance by which the motion of the first moving power is

communicated to any machine in a factory:
“ Minister” means the Minister of Industry or the Minister of

the Crown for the time being performing the duties of
Minister of Industry:


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The Factories Act.1907.



“ Occupier” means the person, company, corporate body, or

association employing persons in a factory, and includes any agent, manager, foreman, or other person acting or apparently acting in the general management or control of

any such factory : “ Parent” means parent, guardian, or person having the custody

of or control over any young person or child: “Proclamation ” means a Proclamation by the Governor pub

lished in the Gazette : “ Prescribed ” means prescribed by regulations made under this

Act: “ Woman” means any person of the female sex over the age of

sixteen years: “ Young person ” means a boy or girl between the age of

thirteen and six teen years. 7. Where a penalty or term of imprisonment is mentioned in or at the foot of any section or subsection any contravention of the section or subsection, whether by act or omission, shall be an offence against this Act punishable upon conviction by a penalty or term of imprisonment, with or without hard labor, not exceeding that mentioned.

DIVISION III.-REPEAL. 8. (1) The Acts mentioned in the First Schedule are hereby repealed.

(2) Such repeal shall not affect any right, interest, or liability already created, existing, or incurred, nor anything lawfully done or suffered under any of the said Acts.

(3) Any proceeding in respect of such right, interest, or liability may be carried on as if such repeal had not taken place.

(4) All officers appointed under the repealed Acts and in office at the time of such repeal shall be deemed appointed under this Act.

(5) All orders and notifications made under the repealed Acts and in force at the time of such repeal shall be deemed to have been made under this Act.



PART 11.



Division 1.—APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS. Governor may appoint 9. The Governor may appoint a Chief Inspector and so many inspectors. Factories Act, 1894, inspectors as may appear necessary. sec. 5. Districts.

10. The Minister may, for the purposes of this Act, divide the

State into such and so many districts as he thinks fit, and allot or See Vic. Act No. 1975, sec. 9. assign one or more of such districts to one or more inspectors.

Certifying medical practitioners. Vic. Act No. 1975, sec. 10,

ll. (1) The Minister may-
(a) Appoint any persons, being legally qualified medical practi-

tioners, to be certifying medical practitioners for the pur-
poses of this Act; and

(6) Allot

The Factories Act.—1907.

(6) Allot or assign one or more districts under this Act to one or

PART 1). more certifying medical practitioners.

Division 1. (2) In any part of the State to which no certifying medical Public vaccinators to practitioner has been allotted or assigned hereunder, every public vaccinator shall, without further or other authority than this section, be and act as certifying medical practitioner within the district for which he is public vaccinator.

act in certain cases.

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DIVISION 11. 12. No person shall occupy or use a factory unless and until the Factory not to be

used until registered. same is duly registered.

New Zealand Act, 59

of 1901, sec. 10. Penalty, Five Pounds for every day during which such unregistered

Factories Act, 1900, factory is occupied or used.

secs. 52 and 53.

13. (1) Every person

Application for

registration. (a) Who is in occupation of a factory when this Act comes into Factories Act 1894,

sect. 6. force (whether such factory is registered under the Acts

Vic. Act No. 1975, hereby repealed or not); or

sec. 11
(6) Who, after this Act has come into force, goes into occupation

of a factory; or
(c) Who is in occupation of a building or place which becomes

for the first time, or, after a period of disuse, again

becomes a factory ; shall register such factory.

(2) The registration of a factory shall be renewed every five years.

(3) Application for registration or for renewal of registration shall be in writing in the prescribed form, served upon or posted in a registered letter addressed to the Chief Inspector at his office. (4) Such application shall contain-

Contents of

(a) The full name of such person and a description of his

(6) The place where it is situated ;
(c) The nature of the work carried on or to be carried on

therein ;
(d) A description of the motive power (if any) therein;
(e) The trade name (if any) under which the business of the

factory is carried on; and
(1) Such further particulars as may be prescribed.
(5) Applications for registration shall be served or posted within When
the times following:-
(a) Under division (a) of subdivision (1) of this section, within
three months after this Act has come into force:

(6) Under

When to be

The Factories Act.—1907.


(6) Under division (6), within twenty-one days of such going

into occupation : (c) Under division (C) within twenty-one days of such building

or place becoming or again becoming a factory.

Every application for registration or renewal of registration shall be accompanied by the fee required by this Act.

Registration fee.

Approval of
Chief Inspector to
opening of factory.
Vic. Act No. 1975,
sec. 21.

Certificate of suitability, &c.

14. (1) No building or place which at any time after this Act has come into force

a) Is about to become for the first time; or

(6) After a period of disuse is about to again become a factory, shall be registered until the Chief Inspector has in writing certified

(a) That such building or place is suitable for a factory; and

(6) That the prescribed requirements have been complied with. (2) This section shall not apply to any premises or place which by any extension of this Act, under section 4 hereof, becomes for the first time a factory.


Registration. Vic. Act No. 1976, sec. 13.

15. (1) Registration or renewal of registration shall be effected by entering in a register to be kept by the Chief Inspector such par. ticulars as may be prescribed.

(2) Such register shall be either in the form set out in the Second Schedule or in a prescribed form.

Annual fee.

16. (1) The annual fee to be paid in respect of every facVic. Act No. 1975, torysec. 14.

(a) Shall be that specified in the Third Schedule ;
(6) Shall, in the year when such factory is first registered,

accompany the application for registration; and
(c) Shall in each and every year thereafter be paid by the

occupier of such factory on or before the thirty-first day

January. Half fee where

(2) When any factory is opened during any year after the thirtieth factory, &c., opened

day of June the fee to be paid on registration for that year shall be

dai of Lune the fee after 30th June.

one-half of the rate specified in the said Schedule. In default of payment (3) Any factory in respect of which such annual registration fee factory to be deemed

has not been paid shall be deemed to be not duly registered.

ha unregistered.

Notice closing
Factories Act, 1900,
sec. 5.

17. The occupier of a factory who intends to close and cease to use it shall give the Chief Inspector seven days' previous notice in writing of such intention. Penalty, Five Pounds.


sec. 23.

The Factories Act, 1907.


Division III. 18. (1) Every person who outside a factory wholly or partly Outside workers to

register names and prepares or manufactures, either directly or indirectly, any article addresses. for the occupier of such factory for trade or sale shall, either per. Factories Act, 1900, sonally or by written notice, register with the Chief Inspector

sec. 12.

Vic. Act No. 1976, (a) His full name and address ; and

(6) Any change in such address from time to time. (2) Every person so registered shall answer all questions put to him by an inspector(a) As to the person for whom the articles are being prepared

or manufactured; and (6) The price or rate to be paid to him therefor Penalty, Ten Shillings.

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DIVISION IV. 19. (1) Every occupier of a factory shall

Records and notices

by occupiers. (a) Make and keep a true record in such form and giving such

Factories Act, 1900, particulars as may be prescribed of the names, work, and sec. 10. wages of the persons employed in such factory, and the Soe Vic. Act No. 1976

of 1906, sec. 20. age of every such person under twenty-one years of age: (6) Produce such record for inspection, whenever demanded by Production to

an inspector, and forward annually and at the prescribed ins

time a true copy thereof to the Chief Inspector: (c) Affix and keep affixed in legible characters in some con- Information to be

spicuous place, and so as to be easily read by his employés. posted in factory.
a notice containing-
1. The name and address of the inspector for the Name of inspector.

11. The holidays and the working hours of the Holidays.

employés :
111. True copies or abstracts of such parts of this Act Abstracts of Act and

and regulations thereunder as may be prescribed: regulations. IS. The name and address of the certifying medical

practitioner for the district: (d) Affix and keep affixed in legible characters, in such place as Name of occupier. an inspector may direct or approve

1. The name of such occupier ; or,
II. If such occupier is a company, the registered name

of such company; or, 111. If such occupier is a firm, the firm name: (ej Affix and keep affixed in legible characters, in such place as Record of fines.

an inspector may direct or approve, a detailed record of all
fines levied by such occupier upon his employés :

(f) Forward

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