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The Factories Act.—1907.


Appeal to Local Coart from order made by Justices.

167. (1) There shall be an appeal

(a) From an order of Justices ;
(6) From a conviction by Justices; and

(c) From an order dismissing an information or complaint.
(2) Such appeal shall be to the Local Court of Adelaide of Full

(3) Such appeal shall be regulated by Ordinance No. 6 of 1850 and the Act No. 298 of 1883-4.

:) Such Local Court may make such order as to costs as it shall think fit, although such costs may exceed Ten Pounds.

Local Court may state a case for opinion of Supreme Court.

168. (1) Such Local Court may state a special case for the opinion of the Supreme Court.

(2) The Supreme Court shall deal with such special case according to the practice of the Supreme Court on special cases, and may make such order as to costs as to the said Court shall appear just.

(3) The Supreme Court may send the special case back for amendment, or may itself amend the same.

(4) The Justices, or the Local Court, shall make an order in respect of the matters referred to the Supreme Court, in conformity with the certificate of the said Supreme Court, or a Judge thereof.

(5) Such order of the Justices, or Local Court, shall be enforced in manner provided by this Act or otherwise by law.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.




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No. 603 of 1894 - The Factories Act, 1894"

The whole Act No. 752 of 1900 “The Factories Amendment Act, 1900” .... The whole Act No. 872 of 1904 “The Factories Further Amendment Act, 1904” | The whole Act No. 915 of 1906 “The Factories Act Amendment Act, 1906”.. | The whole Act

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Every factory in which more than sixty persons are employed, per annum
Every factory in which more than thirty and not more than sixty persons

are employed, per annum ...
Every factory in which more than ten and not more than thirty persons
are employed, per annum ......

.... Every factory in which more than six and not more than ten persons are

employed, or in which, though more than six are not employed,

steam, water, gas, oil, or electric power is used, per annum ........ Every factory in which not more than six persons are employed, and for

which the steam, water, gas, oil, or electric power is obtained from a

factory or workroom already registered, per annum ...... Every other factory.....

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FIFTH SCHEDULE.. “ The Factories Act, 1907.”


, the Minister of Industry (or the Minister of the Crown for the time being performing the duties of Minister of Industry), hereby consent to proceedings being taken by(1) against

, of (2) for an alleged offence under(3)

(1) Here insert the name of the proposed informant, and state whether a member of the Police Force or an inspector under the Factories Act, 1907.

(2) Here insert address and occupation of proposed defendant. (3) Here insert number of section or subsection or regulation.

Adelaide : By authority, C. E. BRISTOW, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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