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The Tramways Trust Crown Lease Act.— 1907.

piration of the said term of forty-two years for a further term of fortytwo years upon the like terms and conditions, except that the yearly rental to be reserved upon such renewal shall be an amount equal to Four Pounds per centum on the then estimated unimproved value of the said lands: Provided always that, except with the consent of the Governor, it shall not be lawful for the said The Municipal Tramways Trust to claim a renewal of one only of the said pieces of land.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.



The Tramways Trust Crown Lease Act.—1907.


FIRSTLY—All that piece of Crown lands situated at the rear of the wharf known as the

Ocean Steamship Wharf,” at Port Adelaide, comprising four acres three roods and thirty-nine and one-half perches, or thereabouts; and

SECONDLY-All that piece of Crown lands adjoining the Adelaide Botanical Gardens in the City of Adelaide, and known as The Old Lunatic Asylum Grounds," comprising eight acres three roods and thirty-nine perches, or thereabouts,

As the said pieces of Crown lands firstly and secondly above described are more particularly delineated and shown on separate plans thereof deposited in the office of the Surveyor-General, at Adelaide aforesaid, on the twelfth day of December, one thousand nine hundred and seven, and therein respectively colored "pink,” which said plans have, for the purpose of identification, been signed by William George Toop Goodman, the engineer to the said The Municipal Tramways Trust, and Alexander Bain Moncrieff, the Engineer-in-Chief.

Adelaide : By authority, C. E. BRISTOW, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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An Act to further amend the Law relating to Institutes.

[Assented to, December 21st, 1907.] BE

E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,

with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as “ The Institutes Further Amendment Short title and Act, 1907," and shall, except so far as inconsistent therewith, be incorporation. incorporated and read as one with the Public Library, Museum, and Art Gallery Acts, 1883-4, 1885, and 1895, “The Institutes Mortgage Act, 1898,” “ The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890, ” “ The District Councils Act, 1887," and all Acts amending or incorporated with those Acts.

2. The operation of this Act shall be retrospective so far as it Act retrospective. can apply to any transaction either wholly or partly entered into and performed before the passing of this Act by or on the part of any Corporation or Institute pursuant to the provisions of “The Institutes Amendment Act, 1888.”

3. Any Institute or, in case there be trustees, the trustees of any Power to sell Institute, including a Corporation which has purchased an Institute Institute. pursuant to “ The Institutes Amendment Act, 1888,” may, with the consent in writing first obtained of the Minister Controlling Education, and notwithstanding anything in any grant or trust deed contained, sell and convey or transfer the Institute and any real and personal estate of the Institute, which shall thereupon be freed and discharged from the trusts thereof.

4. Any

The Institutes Further Amendment Act--1907.

Application of purchase-money.

4. Any purchase-money arising from any sale made pursuant to the preceding section shall be applied in or towards the purchase or erection of other premises for Institute purposes; and the premises so purchased or erected as aforesaid shall vest in the Institute or the trustees thereof, or in the case of a sale by a Corporation in such Corporation, upon the same trusts as immediately before such sale affected the property sold, except as modified by this Act.

Corporation to be 5. A Corporation which has acquired or shall acquire an trustee of Institute, with power to

Institute and the real and personal estate of such Institute under mortgage and execute the provisions of “The Institutes Amendment Act, 1888,” shall mortgages.

be and be deemed to be the trustee of such Institute within the meaning and for the purposes of “ The Institutes Mortgage Act, 1898,” and this Act, and any such Corporation shall be empowered to validly execute a mortgage deed or instrument of the real estate of an Institute so acquired as aforesaid by affixing to such mortgage deed or instrument the common seal of such Corporation. And, notwithstanding the provisions of “The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890,” and “The District Councils Act, 1887,” and any Acts amending those Acts, it shall not be necessary for the Corporation to obtain the consent of the ratepayers before borrowing money on mortgage of any Institute às such trustee as aforesaid.

General revenue and 6. Whenever a mortgage deed or instrument has been or shall property of Corpora- hereafter be executed by a Corporation as mentioned in the last tion liable for repayment of mortgages, preceding section, or whenever an Institute and the real and debts, &c.

personal estate thereof have been or shall hereafter be acquired by a Corporation subject to any encumbrances affecting the same, as mentioned in section 6 of “ The Institutes Amendment Act, 1888,” then, in addition to the security comprised in such mortgage or encumbrances, the general revenue, funds, and property of such Corporation shall be liable for the repayment of the mortgage debt or encumbrances (as the case may be).

Members of Council

7. Nothing in this Act shall impose, or be deemed to have imnot personally liable. posed, any personal liability on the members composing the Council

of any such Corporation, or any of them.


Corporation may issue 8. A Corporation, in addition to and without limiting the debentures for certain other powers provided in this Act, and “ The Institutes Mortgage

Act, 1898,” may borrow and raise, for the purposes enumerated in section 2 of the last-mentioned Act, such sum or sums by means of debentures on the security of the general rates of the Corporation declared or to be declared from time to time, as shall be sufficient for such purposes, or any of them: Provided that except where the borrowing or raising of any such sum or sums is a necessary consequence of, or essential to, the performance of a transaction which has already been approved by ratepayers under the provisions of “ The Institutes Amendment Act, 1888,"no such debentures shall be issued without the consent of ratepayers to be obtained in the


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