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The Motor Vehicles Act.1907.

Control by police constable.

25. (a) Every driver of a motor vehicle shall stop if and when ordered so to do by any police constable, and shall obey the reasonable directions of such police constable.

(6) Every driver of a motor vehicle, when taking up or setting down persons in any street, or who is waiting for any such purposes, shall forthwith obey the reasonable directions of any police constable.

(c) The driver of any motor vehicle shall, upon demand of any police constable, give his name and address, the name and address of the owner of such motor vehicle ; and

(d) Any police constable may apprehend, without warrant, any driver who refuses to give his name and address, or the name and address of such owner as aforesaid. Penalty, Ten Pounds.

Power on refusal to give name and address.

Special regulations as 26. Whenever any number of persons, or any club or clubs, to speed tests.

intimate to the Minister that they desire to hold race meetings or speed tests in any particular place or locality on a day to be fixed, the Minister may temporarily suspend the operations of this Act or the regulations for such purpose, and may define the conditions under which such race meetings or speed tests shall be conducted: Provided that the consent in writing of the local authority in the particular municipality or district concerned shall be first obtained and produced to the Minister.

Suspension and indorsement of licences.

27. (1) Any Court before whom a person is convicted of an offence against this Act or the regulations thereunder (other than a first offence consisting solely of exceeding any limit of speed)(a) May, if the person convicted holds a licence, suspend that

licence for such time as the Court thinks fit, and may declare such person disqualified from obtaining a licence

for such further time as the Court thinks fit; and May, if the person convicted does not hold any licence, declare

him disqualified from obtaining a licence for such time as

the Court thinks fit; and (C) If the person convicted holds any licence, may cause particulars

of the conviction and order to be indorsed upon such licence; and shall also cause a copy of those particulars to

be sent to the Registrar. (2) Any person so convicted, holding any licence under this Act, shall produce such licence within a reasonable time for the purposes of indorsement.

(3) A licence so suspended by the Court shall, during the term of suspension, be of no effect, and a person whose licence is suspended, or who is declared by the Court to be disqualified for obtaining a licence, shall, during the period of suspension or disqualification, be disqualified from obtaining a licence.

(5) (a) No person who, under the provisions of this section, is disqualified from obtaining a licence, shall apply for or obtain a licence while he is so disqualified; and

(6) No The Motor Vehicles Act.—1907.

(6) No person whose licence has been indorsed shall apply for or obtain a licence without giving particulars of the indorsement. Penalty, Two Pounds.

28. The Governor may, by Proclamation published in the Government Gazette (a) From time to time, make, alter, or repeal regulations (includ- Regulations.

ing in such power the power to repeal the regulations in
the Ninth Schedule hereto) for any of the following

purposes: -
1. Regulating and controlling the speed of motor vehicles,

(a) In any city, or any part or parts of any city :
(6) In any town:
(c) In any other part of the State (and either generally

or in specified areas) outside the boundaries of

cities and towns :
II. Prescribing the manner (whether by means of a bell,

horn, or other instrument) in which warning of the
approach or whereabouts of any motor vehicle shall be

11. Prohibiting or regulating the driving or riding of any

motor vehicle on any footpath:
sv. Providing for minimising the noise caused by the engine

of any motor vehicle by a silencer or otherwise :
v. Appointing and removing any registrar, inspector, and

other officers as may be necessary or expedient for
effectually carrying out this Act and the regulations

vi. Prescribing fees payable to such registrar, inspectors, or

other officers :
VI. For any other purpose which he may consider necessary

for the safety of the public.
(6) May impose penalties of not more than Ten Pounds for the

breach of any such regulations: Provided that no regu-
lations shall limit the speed of any motor vehicle when
outside any city or town to less than twenty miles an hour,
except when meeting or passing any person riding any

horse or driving any horse and vehicle.
All such regulations shall be laid before both Houses of Parlia-
ment within one month after the making thereof, if Parliament be
then sitting, and if not, then within one month after the commence-
ment of the next ensuing Session, and shall be published in the
Gazette. Notwithstanding any publication thereof, no regulation
shall continue to have any force or effect if the same shall be


The Motor Vehicles Act.--1907.

disapproved, either wholly or in part, by resolution of either House of Parliament within sixty days after such regulations shall have been laid before Parliament, if Parliament shall be so long in Session: Provided that if Parliament shall not be in Session for thirty days after such regulations shall have been laid before it, then no such regulation shall continue to have any force or effect if disapproved by either House of Parliament within sixty days after the commencement of the next Session of Parliament.

Regulations in force until altered or repealed.

29. The regulations in the Ninth Schedule hereto shall be and continue in full force and effect until altered or repealed by regulations made under this Act.

This Act and regulations paramount.

30. When any by-law or regulation made by a Municipal Corporation, District Council, or other local authority (save only as to bylaws or regulations for registration of cars plying for hire therein) is inconsistent with this Act or any regulation thereunder, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

Legal procedure.

31. Any penalty imposed by this Act, or any regulations thereunder, may be recovered in a summary way before any Special Magistrate or two Justices, under the provisions of the Ordinance No. 6 of 1850, or of any Act now in force, or hereafter to be in force, relating to the duties of Justices of the Peace with respect to summary conviction and orders.


32. There shall be an appeal from any conviction or order dismissing any information under this Act, or the regulations, to the Local Court of Adelaide in its Full Jurisdiction, and such appeal shall be conducted in manner provided by the said Ordinance No. 6 of 1850 and the Act No. 298 of 188:3-4 for appeals to Local Courts.


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In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, 1 hereby assent to this Bill.



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Sec 7.

Particulars to be given by Applicant for Registration of a Motor Vehicle.
1. Full name of owner......................
2. Postal address of usual residence of owner .........
3. Description or type of vehicle*......
4. Type and color of body of vehiclett............
5. Weight, unladen.....
6. Whether intended for-

(a) Private use.
(6) Trade purposes.

(c) Use as a public conveyance.
7. Particulars as to position on vehicle in which it is proposed to place the plates

forming the identification mark. Signature of owner, or person applying on his behalf


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Date of application • Mention horse-power, whether propelled by electricity or steam, &c., and the name of the maker, or the type by which the motor vehicle is ordinarily known. † In case of motor cycle, particulars under this head need not be given.

Mention how body painted.

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The Motor Vehicles Act.—1907.

Provisions to be complied with. 1. Each plate displayed on a motor vehicle (not being a motor cycle) shall be rectangular, and bear upon it the distinctive number assigned to such motor vehicle.

2. The ground of the plate shall be black, the figures white.

3. All figures shall be three and a half inches high; every part of every figure shall be five-eighths of an inch broad; and the total width of the space taken by every figure, except in the case of the figure 1, shall be two and a half inches.

4. The space between adjoining figures shall be half an inch, and there shall be a margin between the nearest part of any figure and the top and bottom of the plate of at least half an inch, and between the nearest part of any figure and the sides of the plates of at least one inch: Provided that designs, painted or otherwise, shown upon any motor vehicle (not being a motor cycle) may, if so desired, be used instead of plates, and in such case any reference to plates in this Act and regulations shall be construed to include a reference to such designs, and any reference to the fixing of plates to include a reference to the painting or other delineations of the design.

The size of the plate to be affixed to a motor cycle shall be approximately five inches long and two and one-half inches high, and the size of the figures thereon shall be two inches high, and in the same proportion relatively as for motor vehicles.

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Sec. 12.

“ The Motor Vehicles Act, 1907."

Application for Licence.
To the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
1. Full name of applicant...............................
2. Postal address of residence of applicant.......
3. Whether application is for licence to drive a motor vehicle, or for licence limited

to driving a motor cycle.................. 4. Whether applicant is less than seventeen years of age, or, in case of an application

limited to driving motor cycles, whether he is less than fourteen years of

age .. ................... ....... .............................. 5. Whether applicant is the holder of a licence, or has at any time previously been

the holder of a licence.. 6. Particulars of any licence which the applicant holds, or which he has previously

.......::::...................:::::: ..........::::.......: 7. Particulars of any indorsement on any licence which the applicant holds, or which

he has previously held.................... 8. Whether the applicant has at any time been disqualified for obtaining a licence.

If so, particulars as to the Court by whom, the date on which, and the period

for which the disqualification was imposed .............................. Signature of applicant. ...... Date of application...


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