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The Institutes Further Amendment Act. 1907.

same way (mutatis mutandis ) as is provided in the case of loans for special purposes by “ The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890,” “ The District Councils Act, 1887,” or any Acts amending those Acts.

9. A Corporation which has borrowed or raised, or shall hereafter Establishment of borrow or raise, funds for any of the purposes mentioned in this Act, sinking fund. shall provide for the establishment of a sinking fund to ensure the redemption within a period of thirty years of any funds so borrowed or raised by setting aside annually out of the general revenue of the Corporation and the income of the Institute such sum or sums as shall be sufficient for that purpose. The moneys comprising any such sinking fund shall be invested, subject to the approval of the Minister Controlling Education, in manner to be determined by the Corporation, with power at any time and with the like approval to vary such investments or apply such moneys, or any part thereof, towards the reduction of the capital of the funds so raised.

10. The interest accruing due on any mortgage, debt, or deben- Interest to be tures mentioned in this Act shall be paid by the Corporation out Corporation revenue of the general revenue of such Corporation, and out of the income of and Institute income

as Corporation may any Institute in respect of which the mortgage debt was incurred, determine. or the debenture fund was applied, in such proportions as such Corporation may from time to time determine.

11. Every conveyance, mortgage, or transfer by an Institute, or the Prior sales validated. trustees thereof or the committee of management thereof, of any Institute or of any real or personal estate of an Institute executed with the consent of the Minister Controlling Education prior to the passing of this Act, is hereby validated.

12. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any Power to mortgage. grant to or trust deed of any Institute, an Institute or the trustees thereof, and a Corporation which has purchased an Institute may, with the consent in writing of the Minister Controlling Education, mortgage or charge such Institute and its real and personal estate upon such terms and conditions, including a power of sale, as may be approved by the said Minister. Upon any sale of any Institute or Institute property under the power of sale contained in any such mortgage the purchaser shall hold the same absolutely freed and discharged from all trusts affecting the same.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.


Adelaide: By authority, C. E. BRISTOW, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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An Act relating to Motor Vehicles.

[Assented to, December 21st, 1907.] E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,

with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as “ The Motor Vehicles Act, 1907,"

Short title.

2. “The Motor Traffic Regulation Act, 1904,” is hereby repealed. Repeal. The Act No. 16 of 1872, and “ The Lights on Vehicles Amendment Act, 1903,” are hereby repealed so far as they relate, or but for this repeal might relate, to motor vehicles.

3. In this Act and any regulations thereunder, unless the context Interpretation. otherwise requires, the words

“ This Act” includes regulations:
“ District” means the districts constituted under “ The District

Councils Act, 1887," so far as such districts are specially

mentioned: “ Minister" means the Treasurer for the time being of the said

State, or any other Minister appointed by the Governor to

administer this Act:
“ Motor vehicle” mean and include any motor car, motor carriage,

automobile, motor cycle, or other vehicle or carriage driven or
propelled, or ordinarily capable of being driven or propelled,
either partly or wholly, by any volatile spirit, steam, or elec-
tricity, or by means other than animal power; but shall not


The Motor Vehicles Act.—1907.

include any vehicle run upon a railway or tramway, or any

traction engine: - Municipality” means any locality, the citizens of which are

incorporated under “ The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890,”

so far as such localities are specifically mentioned: Registrar” means the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, appointed

under this Act: Regulations” means regulations made under or by virtue of this

Act: “ Street” means and includes every street, roadway, terrace,

thoroughfare, or other public place.

Indication of penalties.

4. The penalties referred to at the foot of any section in this Act or of any regulation thereunder shall be deemed and taken to indicate that any contravention of such section or regulation, whether by act of commission or omission, is and shall be deemed to be an offence punishable on conviction by a penalty not exceeding the penalty mentioned.


5. The Governor may from time to time appoint a Registrar under this Act.

Registrar to keep register of motor vehicles.

6. The Registrar shall keep a register for the registration of motor vehicles; such register shall be in the form set out in the First Schedule hereto, or in a form to the like effect, and may be kept in two parts, one part relating to motor vehicles not being motor cycles, and the other part relating to motor cycles.


7. (a) Every owner of a motor vehicle, not being a motor unsold or kept in stock by the owner or agent of the owner, and not being in actual use or kept for hire, shall register such motor vehicle with the Registrar, and shall furnish the particulars set out in the form in the Second Schedule hereto. Subject to the provisions of the next section of this Act a fee of Ten Shillings in the case of a motor vehicle not being a motor cycle, or of Two Shillings and Six Pence in case of a motor cycle, shall be paid before the motor vehicle is registered : Provided that owners shall not be required to register motor vehicles registered at the time of the passing of this Act. Penalty, Five Pounds.

(b) The Registrar shall thereupon assign a number to the motor vehicle and register it in the register of motor vehicles. The Registrar, on the registration of the motor vehicle, shall forthwith furnish the owner thereof with a copy of the entries in the register relating to the motor vehicle.

Registrar to assign number.

Special registration 8. (1) The Registrar may assign to any manufacturer of, or dealer for manufacturers and in, motor vehicles general identification numbers, which shall be used

only for motor vehicles on trial after completion, or on trial by an intending purchaser. The fee shall be Ten Shillings for each number assigned.

(2) The

The Motor Vehicles Act.—1907.

(2) The coloring of the plates having placed thereon or annexed thereto any of such distinguishing numbers shall be different from that used for the plates required to be used by owners and specified in the Third Schedule hereto, but all other provisions of these regulations as to the size and position of the plates shall apply.

(3) Whenever any manufacturer or agent shall use any number assigned to him under this section he shall supply the name and address of the person driving the motor vehicle on that occasion if required to do so by the Registrar.

(4) The Registrar shall keep in the register of motor vehicles a record showing the name of the manufacturer or dealer to whom any general identification numbers have been assigned, the place of business of the manufacturer or dealer, and a description of the coloring adopted under the provisions of subsection (2) hereof. Penalty, Ten Pounds.

vehicles nther than

9. (a) Every owner of a motor vehicle not being a motor Plates on motor cycle shall affix, and keep affixed, to such motor vehicle two plates, cycles. one on the front and the other on the back thereof, in an upright position, and so that every figure of the registered number is upright and easily distinguishable, from the front in the case of the plate placed on the front of such motor vehicle, and from behind in the case of the plate placed on the back of such motor vehicle.

(6) Such plates must conform, as to lettering, numbering, and otherwise, with the provisions set out in the Third Schedule hereto.

(c) Where any motor vehicle is registered as aforesaid and is also licensed to ply for hire by a Municipal Corporation the plate bearing the number assigned by the licensing Corporation to such vehicle shall, by the addition of some distinctive design, character, or letter, or letters, to be approved by the Registrar, be distinguished from the plate and number provided for by this Act. Penalty, Ten Pounds.

10. (a) Every owner of a motor cycle shall have a plate affixed Platos on motor to such motor cycle in such a position that the figures of the cycles. registered number are easily distinguishable from both sides.

(6) Such plates must conform as to numbering, lettering, and otherwise with the provisions set out in the said Third Schedule. Penalty, Ten Pounds.

11. The Registrar shall establish and keep a register of licences Register of licences. in the form set out in the Fourth Schedule hereto, or in a form to the like effect.

12. (a) Subject to the provisions of this Act the Registrar may, Registrar nay licence. upon an application being made to him in the form in the Fifth Schedule, grant a licence to drive a motor vehicle, in the form of the Sixth Schedule hereto, to any person on payment of a fee of


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