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Printed and Sold by WILLIAM Durell, at his
Book-Store and Printing Office, No. 19,
Queen-Street, 1793,

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IN consequence of that liberty wherсwith I Chrit hath made his people free, it becomes their duty as well as privilegc, openly to confess and worship him according to the dietates of their own consciences. To perform this aright, and bear a proper testimony against the heresies and falfe-opinions which have always disturbed the peace and corrupted the purity of the Church, it has been found necesary to explain with candour and boldness, the articles of faitli and discipline, and accurately to diflinguish between truth and error. Whereever such explanations constitute a bond of union wholly voluntary, and unattended with civil emoluments or penalties, they cannot be considered as an infringement upon the equalliberties of others, or as fixing boundaries and terms of communion, inimical to Christian Charity. The unerring word of God remaining the only Aandard of the Faith and Worhip of his people, they can never incur thecharge of presumption, in openly declaring, what to them appears to be the mind and will of their divine Lord and Master.

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