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Blackmore's (W.) Doctrine of the Russian Church
Blomfield's (Bp.) Manual of Family Prayers

Blunt's (W.) Confirmation, or the Laying on of Hands catechetically

Bund's (T. H. B.) Aids to a Holy Life, in Forms for Self-Examination
Burgon's (J. W.) Remarks on Art with Reference to the Studies of the

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Gresley's (W.) Coniston Hall, or the Jacobites; a Historical Tale


Heathcote's (W. B.) Prayers for Children, especially in Parochial Schools 319
Heathcote's Sermon preached before the University of Oxford


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Letters on the Rev. T. K. Drummond's Remarks the Archbishop of
Canterbury's Letter

Lyons' (C. J.) History of S. Andrews, Episcopal, Monastic, Academic,

and Civil

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Pastoral Address of the Bishop of S. Andrews

Plumer's (M.) Manual of Family Prayer

Poems and Pictures: a Collection of Ballads, Songs, and other Poems,
with one hundred Illustrations on Wood by English Artists

Poole's (G. A.) English History

Practical Christian's Library, the

Prayers for Children and Young Persons

Prevost's (Sir G.) Manual of Daily Prayer

Reverence due to Holy Places, 2nd Edition

Rogers's (H.) Calendars of All-Hallowen, Brystowe

Russell's (J. F.) Anglican Ordinations Valid


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Sermons preached in S. Saviour's Church, Leeds, the week following the

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Sermons for Sundays, Festivals, Fasts, and other Liturgical Occasions. 119
Shakspeare's Plays


Sharpe's London Magazine


Sick, Short Instructions and Devotions for the

Smith's (C. J.) Manual of English Grammar adapted to the use of Classical

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Trench's (R. C.) Fitness of Holy Scripture for unfolding the Spiritual

Life of Man (Hulsean Lectures for 1845)


Vaughan's (C. J.) Sermons


Verses for Holy Seasons, with Questions for Examination, by C. F. H.
Vidal's (Mrs.) Tales of the Bush



Virgin Saints, Annals of

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Whytehead's (T.) College Life: Letters to an Undergraduate


Wilberforce's (Robert) Charge to the Clergy of the East Riding, 1845 32, 34
Williams's (Isaac) Sacred Verses, Parts I., II., III.

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Wingard's (Abp.) Review of the latest Events and present State of the

Wordsworth's (Charles) Farewell Sermon at Winchester College
Wordsworth's (Christopher) Discourses on Public Education.

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In times like the present, when there is, without all question, an earnest seeking after truth, there is this danger connected with the good:that a particular truth once attained, those who have successfully pursued it may be carried on to embrace with it some error, which may have been arbitrarily connected with it. In such cases grievous loss occurs to the Church; for not only are those brought into peril who are enticed beyond the limits of truth, but the truth itself comes to be suspected by the half learned, and its pursuit depreciated by coldhearted and timid Christians.

The subject of the present paper affords a fair example of this. Although the doctrine of the visible unity of the Church was never really lost, and although there was always a witness, and a protest, and what is more, an earnest deprecation, against the sin of schism in the Liturgy, yet certain it is that the necessity of a visible unity in the body of CHRIST had ceased to be held in any adequate sense, and in any influential manner, by the great majority of our Church priests and people. We are now, however, pretty well convinced that unity in the Church of CHRIST, which is His body, the fulness of Him that filleth all in all, is necessary; and that that unity is both visible and spiritual, both of fellowship and of doctrine: we have learned to confess that breach of unity, in either of these respects, involves sin and danger; in other words, that schism and heresy are not only ecclesiastical and political, but moral and religious offences,-offences against GoD and the souls of men.

But here, as ever, our faith is tried by the great difference between the newly recognized truth, the present aspect of affairs, and the sanctions, so far as they are present and visible, of the Divine law. Assuming the necessity of unity and the sin of schism, we expect sufficient safeguards of Divine authority, sufficient barriers erected and No. I.-JANUARY, 1846.


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