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29 Vic. c. 23.

III. This Act shall commence and take effect from the passing thereof, and shall continue in force for and during the continuance of the Act 27 Vic. c. 20.

Commercement and duration of Act.




29 Vic.c. 25. An Act for regulating the use of the Fire Engines

belonging to the Colony, and for making better provision for the suppression of Fires in the Island of New Providence.

(Assented to 11th May, 1866.) PREAMBLE.

lating a Fire Brigade in the Island of New Providence is about to expire, and Whereas since the passing of the said Act various Volunteer Fire Brigades have been established, and it has in consequence thereof, and for other reasons become inexpedient to renew the said Act, but other provisions are required for the better suppression of fires in the Island of New Providence ;

May it, &c. Control of I. The fire-engines shall be under the superintendence and conFire Engines. trol of the inspector of police for the time being, subject never

theless to the provisions hereinafter contained, for the transfer of their custody to volunteer fire-brigades, and it shall be his duty to see that all engines not so transferred, are at all times kept in good working order, and all expenses attending the keeping of the same in order shall be defrayed out of the Public Treasury of the

Colony. Volunteer Fire II. It shall be lawful for the said inspector, acting under the Brigade may authority of the Governor in Council, to place any one or more of have custody of the said engines in the custody and charge of any volunteer fire Engines.

brigade, the members of which shall be desirous of obtaining the same, and who will undertake to keep the same in good working order, and will consent to place themselves under the orders of the inspector of police as their chief officer, and to observe such rules and regulations for their government when working at a fire, as

may be framed by the Governor in Council. Duty of Fire III. If a volunteer fire-brigade shall consent to take charge of a Brigade. public engine on the terms hereinbefore required, shall be the

duty of the members of any such brigade on every occasion of a fire in the Island of New Providence, whether the same shall occur in the district to which the brigade may belong, or in any other district, to proceed without delay with the engine in their charge to

the scene of such fire, and there to place themselves under the Neglect of

command of the inspector of police. If a volunteer fire-brigade, Public Fire

having taken charge of a public engine as aforesaid, shall neglect Engincs.

to keep the same in proper condition and working order, it shall be

lawful for the inspector of police, acting under the orders of the 29 Vic. c. 25. Governor, to repossess himself of any such engine, and to place the same in some proper public engine-shed ; and it shall be lawful for the said inspector at all times to enter into any place where a public engine is kept by any such volunteer fire-brigade, for the purpose of inspecting and taking possession of the same, provided always that every volunteer fire-brigade from whose charge and custody an engine has been taken under the provisions of this section, shall have the right of appeal to the Governor in Council, whose decision in the matter shall be final.

IV. On the occasion of a fire the inspector of police shall, with- Inspector and out delay, proceed with all the available men of the police force to men of Police the scene of the fire, taking with him any engine or engines, which to attend fires

with paid men. may not be in charge of a volunteer brigade, and for which purpose it shall be lawful for him to employ as many extra men as may be necessary for the service, and can be procured, and to pay them such reasonable wages for conveying the engine to the fire, and returning with it to the engine-house, as also for working at the fire, as may be sanctioned by the Governor in Council.

V. On every occasion of a fire the inspector of police, or in his Inspector's absence the police officer next in command, shall take the com- duty at a fire. mand of all fire-brigades and other persons who may voluntarily come forward and offer themselves to work thereat, or who may be compelled to work as hereinafter provided for; and the said inspector may remove or order any policeman, fireman, or other person under his command as aforesaid, to remove any persons who interfere by their presence with the operations of the firebrigades or other persons working under the orders of the said inspector, and generally he may take any measures that appear expedient for the protection of life and property, with power, by himself or those acting under his orders, to enter into any lands or houses, and to take possession of, or pull down, or blow up any house, fence, or other erections for the purpose of putting an end to a fire, doing as little damage as possible. He may also, on any such occasion, take possession of all private wells and tanks, and use the water therein for the purpose of extinguishing the fire.

VI. All constables are hereby authorized and required, on the Constables' orders of the said inspector, to aid in the extinguishing of fires, duty to obey and the said inspector is also empowered to require any other Inspector. person who may be present at a fire, to assist in extinguishing, or in removing property, and any constable or other person refusing or neglecting to give assistance when required, if physically capable of doing so, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds, to be recovered and applied as other like penalties are recovered and applied.

VII. If any house, fence, or other erection is pulled down or Compensation blown up, or any other damage done to private property, under the for pulling authority of this Act, the owner shall be entitled to be compensated down profor the value out of the Public Treasury of the Colony ; such perty. value to be ascertained by appraisers, to be indifferently chosen by the Government and the owner.

VIII. All expenses by this Act authorized to be incurred shall Expenses of be defrayed out of the Public Treasury by warrant in the usual this Act.


29 Vic. c. 25. IX. The Governor in Council shall have power to make rules

for carrying the obligations of this Act into execution, and to affix Governor in penalties for the violation of any rule so made, to be recovered in Council to

manner aforesaid. make rules,

X. It shall be the duty of the inspector to forward to the &c.

Governor yearly, to be laid before the Legislature at the opening Yearly report of the session, a detailed estimate of the probable expense of oiling, and estimate.

cleaning and repairing the fire-engines and the appurtenances thereto, belonging to the public for the ensuing year, and for the purchase of any new engines, tools, or stores which may be required for the same.

30 Vic. c. 9. An Act, entitled an Act to amend the Act of As

sembly 29 Vic. chap. 25, for regulating the use of the Fire Engines belonging to the Colony.

(Assented to 2nd April, 1867.) Repeals part I. That so much of the fifth section of the said Act as directs of 29 Vic.c. 25. that, in the absence of the inspector of police, the police officer

next in command shall take the command of all fire-brigades, shall

be and the same is hereby repealed. Gives certain II. During any absence of the inspector of police from a fire, all powers to Ma- and every of the powers vested in that officer by the Act to which gistrates

this Act is an amendment, save and except the command of the during the absence from a

volunteer fire-brigades, shall and may be lawfully exercised by the fire of Police Police Magistrate or Assistant Police Magistrate for the Island of Inspector. New Providence. Regulates the III. During any absence, as aforesaid, of the inspector of police command of from a fire, the senior officer then present of the volunteer fireFire Brigades

brigade for the district in which the fire is then existing, or in and who shall give orders

case there shall be no brigade for such district, then the officer during the ommanding the brigade which shall first arrive at the fire, shall absence of assume the command of all volunteer fire-brigades attending any Police In- such fire, direct the working of the engines, and carry out all spector.

orders for enforcing the provisions of the said Act which may be given to him by the Police or Assistant Police Magistrate, but without any power on his part, without such orders, to enforce the



The meaning of certain words.

IV. That the words “inspectors of police,” as used in this Act, and the Act to which it is an amendment, and the words “Police Magistrate” and “ Assistant Police Magistrate” for the Island of New Providence, as used in this Act, shall respectively mean the officers acting as inspector of police, Police Magistrate, or Assistant Police Magistrate of the Island of New Providence, for the time being.




No enactments relating to the Militia have been passed since

the Compilation of the Laws in 1862.







28 Vic. c. 41. An Act to amend the Laws regulating the De-

partment of Civil Engineer, and for more effectually providing for the Superintendence of Public Works. (Assented to 3rd May, 1865.)


the department of Civil Engineer, and to provide more

effectually for the superintendence of public works ; May it, &c. Governor to

I. On the passing of this Act, it shall be lawful for the Governor appoint a to appoint, by commission, under his seal at arms, a fit and proqualified per- perly-qualified person to be foreman of public works, whose duty son to be

it shall be particularly to superintend and see to the proper perForeman of Works.

formance and completion of all public works in the Island of New Providence, or in any other part of the Colony to which the Governor in Council may consider it for the benefit of the Colony to send him ; to attend the civil engineer's office when not otherwise employed on the public service, and perform such duties as may be required of him by the civil engineer, and especially to take care of the public fire-engines and the appliances thereof, and see to their being constantly kept in good order and condition,

and ready for immediate use. Salary of II. That such foreman of public works shall have and receive, Foreman of out of the Public Treasury, a salary at and after the rate of two Works.

hundred pounds per annum.

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