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III. That whenever the said foreman of works shall be sent 28 Vic. c. 41. to any out-district of the Colony, it shall be lawful for the Governor in Council to defray his reasonable travelling ex- Travelling penses, by warrant in the usual manner, out of the Public expenses proTreasury.

vided for. IV. That there shall be allowed and paid to the clerk in the Salary of office of the civil engineer, in addition to the salary now by law Clerk in Civil attached to his said office, a further sum of ninety pounds per Onice inannum, to be paid out of the Public Treasury, by warrant in the

creased. usual manner.

V. That, in consideration of such additional salary, the said Clerk in Civil clerk, shall also, so long as the office of surveyor-general is held Engineer's in conjunction with that of civil engineer, perform and discharge stricted. the duty of clerk to the surveyor-general, but it shall not be competent for such clerk to hold or perform the duties of any

other public office.

VI. From and after the passing of this Act, the clerk of the Salary of Board of Public Works shall have and receive out of the Public Clerk to the

Board of PubTreasury a salary at and after the rate of sixty pounds per lic Works.

VII. The salaries by this Act granted, shall be subject to the Salaries goprovisions of the Act 26 Vic. c. 15.

verned by VIII. That no person appointed to the office of foreman Quinquennial

Act. of public works under this Act shall be eligible to be elected, or to serve as a Member of the House of Assembly of these Foreman of

Works shall Islands.

not serve in IX. It shall not be lawful for the foreman of public works the Assembly. appointed under this Act, to enter into any contracts for or to be Nor to be beneficially interested in any public works.

interested in





LANDS HELD BY THE WAR DEPARTMENT. There have been no enactments relating to the War Department

passed since the Compilation of the Laws of 1862.



25 Vic. c. 10. An Act supplemental to the Acts relating to the

Royal Victoria Hotel. (Assented to 29th April, 1862.) PREAMBLE.


HEREAS, it is expedient that the powers and authorities

of the Commissioners of the Royal Victoria Hotel should be increased, so as to enable them from time to time to make efficient provision for keeping the hotel premises in a proper sani

tary condition ; May it, &c. Powers

İ. That it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners from granted to the time to time to cause all such works to be performed in connecCommis

tion with the said premises, as after due enquiry made by them, sioners of the

and after having obtained reports from the civil engineer of the Royal Victoria Hotel, in re

Colony, and from such other engineers, or other scientific perspect to

sons, as the said commissioners may be able to obtain the services sewerage. of, they may deem necessary for the effectual sewerage of the hotel,

and the buildings, grounds, and other appurtenances thereto attached or belonging, and there shall be allowed and paid out of the Public Treasury of the Colony, by warrant, in the usual

manner, to the said Commissioners, such sum and sums of money Expense not to as may be required by them for the purposes aforesaid, or any of exceed £1,000. them, not exceeding in the whole the sum of one thousand pounds. Where drains II. That in carrying out the powers by the next preceding may be con

section, vested in the said Commissioners, it shall be lawful for structed by

them to carry any drains, which, after such enquiry as aforesaid, Commissioners.

they may deem necessary to be constructed, through any public streets or other public grounds, notwithstanding that such streets or other public grounds may not be under their peculiar jurisdiction, as Commissioners, as aforesaid.

III. A temporary clause. Commissioners IV. That it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners, and empowered to they are hereby authorized and empowered from time to time to make rules and make rules and regulations for the better ordering and government regulations for the better

of the Hotel, with regard to its sanitary state and condition, and ordering and the same to alter, amend, and rescind; all which rules and regulagovernment of tions shall, when approved of by the Governor in Council, have the Hotel.

force and effect of law, and shall be published in the official news

paper of the Island for general information. Penalty on V. That any person who shall violate any rule or regulation violation of so made, approved and published, shall, on conviction before the rules.

Police or sitting Magistrate for the Island of New Providence

forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding five pounds. Except as VI. That no buildings shall be erected, or other works begun aforesaid, no by the said Commissioners, in connexion with the said Hotel (save works to be

and except the works contemplated and authorized by this Act), erected or be. gun in con

until after the Commissioners for the time being shall have first nexion with

laid before the House of Assembly, the plans and specifications for the said Hotel, such buildings or works; and all such buildings and works as may until sanc

be sanctioned by the Legislature, or which may be undertaken 25 Vic. c. 10. under the authority of this Act, shall be submitted to public competition, as follows:

tioned by the That is to say, the Commissioners shall advertise in the Legislature, official newspaper for the time being, for tenders for such buildings

and tenders for

the performor works, and therein state what advantage the contractor may

ance thereof have by way of assistance, in prison, or other labour, or materials ; duly adand no tender by them received, shall be opened, until at the ex- vertised. piration of the period limited for its reception.

VII. It shall not be lawful for the said Commissioners to Commissioners expend, or otherwise lay out upon the said hotel, or anything not to expend appertaining thereto, any sum of money whatever, except for money on the purpose for which the same may be specially granted by the for the purpose Legislature.

for which such money may have been



26 Vic. c. 12. An Act for granting a further sum of Money in

aid of the erection of the Wesleyan Chapel in the City of
Nassau, and for other purposes. (Assented to May 26th,

1863.) II. AND WHEREAS, in laying out the said chapel the western side-walk of Frederick-street, has been encroached on two feet six inches, running north and south, the extent of the eastern frontage of the chapel, and the trustees have prayed to be indemnified for such encroachment, and have offered, in consideration thereof, to yield up to the public certain portions of the lot of land so purchased by them, as aforesaid, for the purpose of widening Crownalley, and make its junction with Frederick-street more convenient than at present, Be it therefore enacted, that, upon the passing Conveyances of this Act, it shall be lawful for the Board of Public Works to accept of certain a conveyance from the said trustees of such portion of the lot of Lands autholand, as aforesaid, as may be required for the purposes aforesaid, rized, and di

rected to be and, on such conveyance being made and accepted, the portion of

recorded in the side-walk of Frederick-street, so encroached on as aforesaid, Office of Reshall vest in the said trustees in lieu of the land conveyed by gistrar of Rethem to the said Board of Public Works, provided that correct cords. plans of the portions of lands so respectively conveyed and vesting as aforesaid, shall be drawn and certified by the Surveyor-General of Lands, and shall be recorded in the office of the Registrar of Records of this Colony.

26 Vic. c. 18. An Act to provide for widening certain Streets in

the City of Nassau. (Assented to 26th May, 1863.)
HEREAS it will contribute to the public convenience to PREAMBLE.

widen Crown-alley, a street communicating with Frederick-street and Market-street, in the city of Nassau, and it is

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26 Vic. c. 18. necessary, for that purpose, to purchase a portion of certain lots of

land, adjoining the said alley, and bounded northerly on the said alley, and westerly on Market-street : AND WHEREAS, it is also necessary to widen that portion of Princes-street, commencing from the eastern end of the house now occupied by Charles T. Sands, in an easterly direction to the end of the said street; May

it, &c. Board of Pub. That it shall be lawful for the Board of Public Works to treat lic Works au- with the proprietors of such lots of land, for the purchase of 106 thorized to

feet in length, by six feet in width, of such lots, bounded northerly, treat for the purchase of

as aforesaid, on "Crown-alley, and of all such lots as are situated on certain lots for the north side of Princes-street aforesaid, from the eastern end of the purpose of the house now occupied by Charles T. Sands to the termination of wide Crown Alley

the said street, bounding on Frederick-street, and to purchase that and Princes

portion of the same on reasonable terms for the above-mentioned Street. purpose ; and in case the proprietor of either of such lots will not

sell the same on reasonable terms, or in case no proprietor of such lots, or either of them, or his lawful representative can be found within the Colony, then to ascertain the value thereof by appraisement of two disinterested persons, –

-one to be nominated by the proprietor, or in the absence of himself or any legally-authorized representative, by the Chancellor of the Colony, and the decision of such appraisers shall be deemed the value of the land ; and such value being duly certified, shall be paid out of the Public Treasury, with any incidental expense connected with the same, by Warrant of his Excellency the Governor, on representation of the Board of Works, of such valuation or agreement as the case may be ; provided that in case such appraisers should disagree upon the value of the space required from the said lots, or either of them, they shall appoint an umpire to decide between them, and the decision of such umpire in the matter shall be valid as if the value had been ascertained by the originally-appointed appraisers ; and upon the valuation being paid to the proprietor, or in case such proprietor is absent, or a minor, or otherwise incapable of receiving the same, on payment of the valuation thereof to the trustee of any such minor or minors, or depositing thereof into the public bank of this Colony on behalf of such minor or absent proprietor, all right and interest of any such proprietor in any such space or portion of such lot, as aforesaid, shall cease and be barred, as against the Colony.

27 Vic. c. 5. An Act to amend an Act entitled An Act to

improve the Harbour of Nassau, and to afford greater facilities for repairing Vessels that have sustained Damage, and for other purposes.(Assented to 30th March, 1864.) THEREAS, the provisions of the Act of Assembly, 22nd

Vic. c. 25, providing for the extension of certain quays abutting on the harbour of Nassau, will, if carried into execution, entail a larger expenditure of public money than it is desirable to apply to the particular works by that Act contemplated to be per



formed, and it is therefore expedient that other provisions should 27 Vic. c. 5 be made for improving the bay or strand in the Island of New Providence ; May it, &c.

I. That the proprietors of the several lots of land fronting Empowers pronorthwardly on Bay-street, in the city of Nassau, and situate prietors of between Parliament-street to the east, and Fleming-square to the certain lots of west, shall have, and they are hereby respectively invested with,

out abutments. full power and authority at any time within five years from the passing of this Act, to build out the abutments now lying in front of their respective lots into the harbour of Nassau to such an extent as will bring the northern boundary of such abutments in a line with the northern boundary of the main public abutment.

II. That upon the completion of any abutment under the au- Civil Engineer thority of the next preceding section, the same shall be inspected to grant cerby the civil engineer of the Colony, and if that officer shall find that tificates of the same has been properly built in the line by this Act designated, being properly and is securely faced at the northern extremity and at all other built:-right portions thereof which abut in any way on the harbour of Nassau, of ownership with blocks of stone of adequate size and quality, it shall be the vested. duty of such officer to grant a certificate thereof under his hand, signed in the presence of one or more credible witness or witnesses, and upon such certificate being recorded in the office of the Registrar of Records for the Colony, the entire lot, including as well the original portions as that extended under the provisions of this Act, shall be and become freehold property, and shall vest as such in the legal owner of the lot of land in front of which it is situate, with the right in such legal owner and his heirs to alienate the same, or any part thereof, separate and apart from the lot of land in front of which it is situated ; but the freehold right hereby granted shall be subject nevertheless to the restrictions hereinafter by this Act imposed.

III. That any proprietor of an abutment, situate within the Right of limits aforesaid, who may have, prior to the passing of this Act, ownership con. built out his abutment in the line by this Act designated, shall be ferred on per

sons who have entitled to the privileges by this Act conferred on, and vested in,

already built the proprietors of abutment lots, on his obtaining and recording out abutments. the certificate aforesaid, and thenceforth such abutment shall for all purposes be deemed and taken to be an abutment built out under the provisions of this Act.

IV. That the freehold rights, by this Act conferred on the Power vested proprietors of abutment lots hereinbefore referred to, shall be sub- in Board of ject to the following restrictions, that is to say: it shall not be Works to imlawful to erect buildings on more than one-half of the -southern Pestrictions on frontage of such abutment, and of such structure as shall from the erection of time to time be sanctioned by the Board of Public Works of the buildings on Colony ; and if any person or persons shall erect or commence to abutments. erect a building on any such abutment, without having first obtained the sanction of the said Board testified in writing under the hand of the Chairman for the time being of the said Board, or if any person or persons having obtained such sanction, shall erect or attempt to erect a building of materials or size different from the materials or size sanctioned by the said Board, it shall be lawful for the Board, and they are hereby required, as soon as the same shall become known to them, to institute all necessary legal measures for restraining the parties who may be violating this enactment,

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