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PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. See 26 Vic. c. 19, and 27 Vic. c. 23, by which the following grants of money are made :1st. To the minister of St. Andrew's Church, Nassau, as salary

£261 per annum. 2nd. To the commissioners of the said church to hire a house for the minister

52 3rd. To the organist of the said church





25 Vic. c. 11. An Act to amend the Laws regulating the Esta-

blishment in the Island of New Providence, known as the
Asylum. (Assented to 29th April, 1862.)
HEREAS, in and by two certain Acts of the General Preamble.

Assembly of these Islands, respectively mentioned and designated, in the printed copies of the Laws of the Colony, as 3 Vic. c. 16, and 8 Vic. c. 45, certain regulations are made for the government of the establishment now generally known as the New Providence Asylum, but which is in such Acts designated and referred to as the Poor's House Establishment; And whereas it is expedient that further regulations should be made in reference to the said establishment; May it, &c. :

I. That from and after the passing of this Act, the said esta- Designation of blishment shall for all purposes be called, designated, and known as, Asylum. the New Providence Asylum, anything in the said Acts contained, to the contrary notwithstanding.

II. That the Commissioners for the time being, of the said Commissioners establishment, shall, in addition to the powers given to them by of New Provi

dence Asylum the recited Acts, have the sole charge, care and superintendence

to have sole of the several buildings belonging or attached to the said es- charge of the tablishment, and shall be and are hereby invested with the right buildings of superintending, carrying on and completing all works at the belonging, or said establishment, which may have already been or may hereafter attached to the be authorized to be built, erected or performed thereat; and all monies which have already been granted for the performance of any works in connexion with the said establishment, and which at the time of the passing of this Act may remain unexpended,


25 Vic. c. 11. shall be paid over to the said Commissioners, to be appropriated,

as directed in the particular Acts by which such monies were

granted. Duty of Civil III. That it shall be the duty of the civil engineer of the Engineer of

Colony, whenever requested by the said Commissioners, to prethe Colony.

pare plans and estimates for any works which the Commissioners Proviso. may desire to have performed at the said establishment ; Provided

always, that it shall not be lawful for the said Commissioners to commence any works in connexion with the said establishment, until the sanction of the Legislature for the performance of the particular works shall have been first obtained.



26 Vic. c. 7. An Act to continue two Acts of Assembly therein

mentioned for establishing and regulating a Public Dispensary in the town of Nassau, and for regulating the Sale of Medicines and Drugs in the Island of New Providence. (Assented to 26th May, 1863.) HEREAS the Act passed in the ninth year of your Ma

jesty's reign, c. 20, for establishing and regulating a public dispensary in the town of Nassau, and for regulating the sale of medicines and drugs in the Island of New Providence, and the Act of the thirteenth year of your Majesty's reign, c. 22, amending the first

mentioned Act, will expire with the present session of Assembly. And whereas it is expedient that such Acts should be further continued ; May it, &c. :

That the said two Acts shall be, and the same are hereby continued in force for the further term of five years, and from thence to the end of the next Session of Assembly.

9 Vic. c. 20, 13 Vic. c. 22, continued in force for five years.


27 Vic. c. 29. An Act for fixing the Salary of Physician to the

New Providence Asylum, and for other purposes. (As

sented to 21st May, 1864.) PREAMBLE.

HEREAS the duties of physician to the New Providence

Asylum have greatly increased during the past few years, and it is fair and reasonable that the salary of the said officer

should be proportionably augmented; May it, &c. : Grants a salary I. That from and after the passing of this Act, there shall be of £280 to

allowed and paid out of the Public Treasury of the Colony, to the Physician of N. P. Asylum. physician of the New Providence Asylum, an annual salary of 2801.

, to be paid monthly, by warrant of the Governor in Council, in the

usual manner as other salaries are paid. Commissioners II. That it be lawful for the Commissioners of the said Asylum to fix fees for to fix and establish fees to be payable by or for persons, not being persons not paupers, who


be admitted into the Asylum for the purpose of being paupers being medically treated by the physician of the establishment, all Fees to

which fees shall be collected by, and may be sued for and recovered 27 Vic. c. 29. in the name of the superintendent of the establishment, and shall be applied by the Commissioners in aid of the support of the said plied in aid of establishment, and shall be accounted for by them annually to the the support of Legislature.

Asylum. III. That so much of the fifth clause of the Act of the present Part of fifth session for providing for the care of seamen and other persons clause of Act arriving at the port of Nassau, and there becoming sick and desti- for providing

for the care of tute, as provides for the payment out of the Public Treasury of a

Seamen, &c., fee of two shillings per day to the physician of the Asylum, for repealed. the services referred to in the said section, shall be and the same is hereby repealed.

IV. That so much of the Act 26 Vic. c. 15, as grants a salary Part of 26 Vic. to the physician of the Asylum, shall be and the same is hereby c. 15, repealed. repealed.





27 Vic. c. 35. An Act to consolidate and amend the Laws

relating to Popular Education. (Assented to 21st May,

1864.) THEREAS the Education Acts of the Colony require to be PREAMBLE.

amended in various respects; May it, &c. : I. The Governor shall from time to time appoint a Board of Board of EduEducation of not less than five members, to be composed of cation to conmembers of the Legislature, three of whom, with the Governor, if sist mf fixe present, shall form a quorum.

the Legislature. II. The said Board shall and may meet as often during any and Board of Eduevery month in the year, as may be necessary for the despatch of cation to meet business, due notice of every such meeting being previously given, as often as in writing, by the secretary to the Board, to each and every necessary for member of the Board present in the Island of New Providence.

despatch of

business. III, It shall be lawful for the said Board to pass bye-laws not

Power to pass repugnant to any of the provisions of this Act, for the general regu

bye-laws. lation of the schools under their jurisdiction, which bye-laws, when approved by the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council

, shall be held to be in full force, and shall be acted upon accordingly.

IV. The Board of Education shall, upon the passing of this Act, Secretary of and upon any future vacancy, elect a fit and proper person to be Board to be Secretary to the Board, who shall be approved of by his Excellency elected. the Governor, and who shall be ex-officio General Inspector of the be ex-officio several schools under the jurisdiction of the Board, and shall visit General Inevery such school once at least in every year, such officer to be spector of selected and appointed from any number of trained teachers at the Schools, and Borough-road School, under the jurisdiction of the British and to be selected

from the Foreign School Society in England ; Provided that until such Borough Road

Board may

27 Vic. c. 35. officer can be had, it shall be lawful for the Governor to appoint

some fit and proper person as such Secretary and Inspector. School in Eng V. The proceedings of the said Board shall be open to public land.

inspection in such way as the Board may regulate. Publicity of

VI. It shall be lawful for the Governor, and he is hereby reproceedings of Board.

quested, at the recommendation of the Board, to appoint from time

to time teachers to the several schools under the jurisdiction of the Appointment Board ; and that it shall be the duty of such Board to recommend schools vested for appointment the name of one person, or, if practicable, the names in Governor. of two competent persons to select from for appointment, or to any

future vacant school; Provided, however, that the teachers now employed shall continue to hold their several appointments, as if

appointed under this Act. Holy Bible and VII. That the Holy Bible and such other religious and secular such other

works as the said Board may direct, shall be the only books or religious and secular works

lessons as the case may be, permitted to be read in any of the only, as the schools aforesaid ; Provided always, that no catechism or sectarian

work on the subject of religion be permitted, against the use of approve, to be which in the said schools any regularly-ordained minister of any admitted in

denomination of Christians resident in the Bahamas, shall protest schools.

in writing to the Board as objectionable on religious grounds. Instruction in VIII. That it shall be lawful for the Board to make such apagricultural, propriate regulations to enable the children in the aforesaid mechanical

schools, to receive instruction on agricultural, mechanical, nautical and secular works by les

or other secular subjects, by lessons and by the perusal of useful sons, &c., works, as may, in the opinion of the Board, be most likely to prove sanctioned. beneficial to them respectively, according to their locality and

other circumstances. Contribution IX. The weekly contribution of scholars shall be two pence per of scholars. week and shall be compulsory, except in such cases as may be

specially sanctioned by the said Board ; Provided always, that it shall be lawful to pay such contribution in kind, according to a scale, from time to time, approved by the said Board, and such contributions when collected, or the proceeds of payment made in kind on account thereof, shall be so collected, the half for the use

of the teacher, and the other half for the use of the public. Parents of X. The parents of children admitted into the said schools are children liable hereby declared liable for the payment of such contributions due to for school

the Board on account of the admission of any child into any of fees.

the said schools, and it shall be lawful for the secretary of the said Board to sue therefor in the Island of New Providence, in the name of the Board of Education, and for any teacher on an Outisland to sue in like manner, when authorized by the said Board ; and it shall be lawful for any one or more of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and he and they are hereby required to aid and assist in the collection of such contributions, on proper accounts being from time to time rendered to him, or any one or more of them in such way and manner, and under the powers of any Act of the General Assembly, for the recovery, in a summary way, of small debts, as may best conduce to the due recovery of the respective contributions admitted or ascertained to be due by any

such parent. Three boys XI. It shall be lawful for the said Board to nominate three and two girls boys and two girls, as pupils to the Central Schools, from the authorized to

schools established under the authority of this Act, who may be be trained as

willing to be trained to teachers, and each of whom shall be en- 27 Vic. c.35. titled to receive an annual salary out of the Public Treasury, not exceeding fourteen pounds, as the said Board shall limit and assistant direct.

teachers, with XII. That all ministers of religion, all members of Council and small stipends. of the Legislature, and all persons nominated for the purpose by Visitors. the Governor, shall be visitors of the said schools, and are respectively empowered and invited to correspond with the said Board, and communicate any suggestions or complaints to the said Board direct.

XIII. It shall be lawful for the said Board to draw annually Sum allowed out of the Public Treasury, by warrant from the Governor, in the for prize books usual manner, the sum of forty pounds, to provide appropriate and formation books and rewards for meritorious scholars in the various schools

of lending

libraries. under the Board, and for the formation of small lending libraries consisting of books, to be attached to the several schools, for the use of scholars in their leisure hours at home, under such regulations as the said Board may adopt.

XIV. That the several teachers of the said schools shall be Classification classed according to such regulation as the said Board may adopt, of teachers. with the understanding of prospective advancement to vacancies, as they may be judged competent by the said Board.

XV. That the several male teachers now employed, or who may Male teachers be appointed under this Act, shall contribute to the Widows' and to contribute Orphans' fund, as provided by and under an Act of the General to Widows' and

Orphans'Fund. Assembly of these Islands, passed in the seventh year of her Majesty's reign, entitled “ An Act to authorize certain deductions from the salaries of public officers, and to provide for the payment of pensions to their widows and orphans," as amended by an Act passed in the eighth year of her Majesty's reign, entitled “An Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to authorize certain deductions from the salaries of public officers, and to provide for the payment of pensions to their widows and orphans,” and be entitled to the benefits under the same accordingly.

XVI. All buildings, books, stores, and other materials which, Transfer of for the time being, are vested in the present Education Board, shall, buildings, &c. during the continuance of this Act, vest in the Education Board appointed under the authority hereof.

XVII. It shall and may be lawful for the Governor in Council Travelling to defray the approved expenses of travelling within the Colony, expenses of incurred by the Secretary, in inspecting the public schools at the Secretary auOut-islands.

XVIII. Nothing in this Act contained shall be construed to Education authorize the Board of Education, established hereunder, to inter- Board limited fere with any schools which have been or may be supported by schools paid means of voluntary subscription, or of funds derived from


under this Act. liamentary or specific Colonial grant.

XIX. The provisions of this Act, except where otherwise Act to come directed, shall come into operation upon the first day of July into operation next.

on 1st July. XX. This Act shall continue in force for ten years, and from Ten years duthence to the end of the then next session of the General As. ration. sembly.

XXI. In order to enable the said Board to purchase the neces- £150 granted sary books and stationery for the said schools, and to procure to Board of



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