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c. 12. celled, under a like penalty to that which is imposed by the 2nd 28 Vic. section of the 22 Vic. c. 22.

without a certificate.

28 Vic. c. 42.-An Act to amend the Act of Assembly 19 Vic.

c. 7, and other Laws for Kmproving the Sanitary condition

of the Colony. (Assented to 3rd May, 1865.) W

HEREAS, it is expedient to amend certain of the laws of PREAMBLE.

this Colony, enacted for improving its sanitary condition ; May it, &c.:

I. That it shall be lawful for the Governor, on the recommenda- Authorizes the tion of the Board of Health, to appoint a fit and proper person as appointment of inspector of nuisances, which said inspector shall be the executive an Inspector of

Nuisances. officer of the said Board, and shall perform the occasional clerical duty, and all such things as may be ordered by such Board relating to sanitary matters; and it shall be the particular duty of the said inspector to use vigilance in promptly discovering and reporting to the Chairman of the said Board any nuisances existing, or which may hereafter exist or occur, tending to taint or infect the atmosphere, or injure the health of the inhabitants in and about the city, suburbs, and harbour of Nassau, and Island of New Providence.

II. The Inspector of Nuisances, who may be appointed under Salary of Inthe provisions of this Act, shall receive a salary out of the Public spector of Treasury, at the rate of 1501. per annum, payable monthly, by Nuisances. . warrant in the usual manner, on a certificate from the Chairman of the said Board that he has duly performed the duties required of him by this Act.

III. That the 44th section of the Act 19th Vic. c. 7, and so Salary to Clerk much of the schedule to the Act 26 Vic. c. 15, as grants a salary of Board of to the Clerk of the Board of Health, is hereby repealed.

Health abo.

lished. IV. Where any putrid or other substances mentioned in the 15th section of the Act of Assembly, 12th Vic. c. 8, are found Duty of Inwithin any part of the harbour of Nassau, or afloat or on shore Nuisances to within the limits specified in the said section, it shall be the duty have putrid of the Inspector of Nuisances to cause the same to be remo

moved, or other subeither over the bar of the said harbour, or to be buried an adequate depth, as he may be directed by the Board of Health, or the Chairman thereof for the time being; and the expense attending such removal or burial shall be payable out of the Public Treasury, by warrant in the usual manner, on the certificate of the Chairman of the said Board of Health, as aforesaid.

V. No person shall deposit any offensive matter, whether vege- Penalty for table or animal, on land adjacent to the sea, or on land adjoining depositing any public road of the Island of New Providence, under the like offensive penalty as attaches to persons throwing putrid substances into the harbour of Nassau, under the 15th section of the Act 12th Vic.

stances removed.


c. 8.

VI. Whereas it is at times necessary to send sick persons from Provision for New Providence, or from vessels arriving and being at the port of conveying sick Nassau, or otherwise, to the Quarantine Station at Athol İsland, persons to

Quarantine and it is desirable that such persons should be conveyed to the


28 Vic. c. 42. Quarantine Hospital on the said Island as speedily as possible

after such order, and with due protection from the sun and weather; Be it enacted, that it shall be lawful for the Board of Health, with the concurrence of the Governor in Council, to make due provision for the conveyance of such persons accordingly, and for the conveyance of provisions and other necessaries to and from the Quarantine Station aforesaid ; the expense whereof may be defrayed under the authority given in the 48th section of the said

Act 19 Vic. c. 7. Duty of Re

VII. It shall be the duty of the officers of Revenue, stationed venue Officers

on board of any vessel in the port of Nassau, on discovering any to report any putrid fish, potatoes, or other putrid or decayed and offensive

substance on board of any vessel in the said port, to give prompt

intimation to the Medical Inspector thereof, in order that effectual vessel in port. steps may be taken for abating the nuisance and preventing the

injurious consequence liable to flow therefrom.

matter on board any

29 Vic. c. 9.—To prohibit the Interment of deceased Persons

otherwise than in Places set apart as Parochial or other

Public Burial Grounds.
See Act printed in full, ante Part V., Class II.


29 Vic. c. 18.–An Act to continue Two Acts of Assembly,

making Provision for keeping a Supply of Ice at the Ice
House in the Island of New Providence. (Assented to
11th May, 1866.)
HEREAS two Acts of Assembly relating to the supply of

Ice, designated respectively in the printed copies of the Laws, as 20 Vic. c. 4, and 23 Vic. c. 10, will expire at the termination of the present Session of Assembly, and it is expedient that the same should be continued in force; May it, &c. :

I. That the said recited Acts shall be, and the same are hereby continued in force, for the further term of five years, and from thence to the end of the then next Session of Assembly.


Continuing certain Acts.


28 Vic. c. 4.–An Act to revive and continue the Act of the

21st year of Her Majesty's Reign, c. 9, for establishing
and regulating a Public Market at Dunmore Town,

Harbour Island. (Assented to February 24th, 1865.)

HEREAS the Act of Assembly, 21st Vic. c. 9, for esta- PREAMBLE.

blishing and regulating a Public Market at Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, expired at the close of the last Session of Assembly, and it is expedient to revive and continue the same; May it, &c. :

I. That the said recited Act shall be and the same is hereby 21 Vic. c. 9, revived, and shall be, and the same is hereby continued in force revived for ten from and after the passing hereof, for and during the term of ten years. years, and from thence to the end of the then next Session of Assembly.

II. All persons who have, since the expiration of the said Act Persons inof Assembly, done or performed any act, matter, or thing, under demnified for or by virtue of the said Act, as if the same was in force, shall be, any act comand they and each and every of them are, hereby indemnified the expiration from

any action or proceeding at law, or other liability whatsoever, of 21st Vic. in respect of any such act, matter or thing, by them so done, or c. 9. performed.


30 Vic. c. 12.-An Act to Consolidate and Amend the Laws

relating to Public Markets in the Island of New Provi-
dence. (Assented to 2nd April, 1867.)
HEREAS the Laws regulating the several Public Markets Preamble.

in the Island of New Providence will expire with the present Session, and it is expedient that the same should be consolidated, and in certain respects amended; May it, &c. :

I. That the premises situated in Bay-street, in the City of Public Market Nassau, heretofore used and known as the Nassau Market, shall site. continue to be a Public Market for the city and suburbs of Nassau, in which, subject to the payment of such rates and to the observance of such rules and regulations as may be imposed and made by this Act, or under its authority, all persons may put to open show or sale and sell butchers' meat and fish of all kinds, poultry, wild fowl, eggs, grain, vegetables, and other articles, upon every day in the week (Sundays excepted), during such hours as the said market shall be kept open, and to which also all persons may resort during such hours for


lawful purpose. II. That the limits of such market shall extend eastwardly to Limits of Culmer-street in the eastern district of the Island of New Provi- Market.

30 Vic. c. 12. dence, westwardly to Fort Charlotte in the western district, and

southwardly to the northern boundary of Grant's Town Market, and no person shall sell or expose for sale within such limits in any other place than the said market any butchers' meat, under a penalty not exceeding 11. for every offence, and such butchers' meat shall be forfeited : Provided, that nothing herein contained shall extend to preserved or salted meats, or to meats brought to

the Port of Nassau in ice. Superintend- III. That the said market shall be under the superintendence ence of Market of the Board of Public Works for the Island of New Providence, to be under Board of

and it shall be lawful for the said Board, from time to time, to Works.

make, or cause to be made, such repairs, alterations, improvements, and additions to the buildings in the said market as they shall judge necessary and proper; and also to erect, or cause to be erected, a slaughter-house, and fish-shed, within the said market

premises. Exempts IV. That the 27 Vic. c. 4, shall not extend to any buildings Market from

erected under the authority of this Act. 27 Vic, c. 4.

V. That the building in the said market in which meat is sold Market hours shall be kept open on every week-day (Sundays excepted), for the regulated.

sale of butchers' meat, from sunrise until three o'clock in the afternoon, and the remaining portion of the said market shall be kept open for the sale of all other articles until six o'clock in the afternoon ; and on Saturdays all portions of the said market shall be kept open for the sale of butchers' meat and other articles in their

respective places until eight o'clock in the evening. Market rates VI. That the Governor, acting by and with the advice and and dues to be decided by

consent of the Executive Council, shall have full power and Governor in authority, from time to time, to decide what rates and dues shall Council. be taken in the said market for stallage, slaughterage, wharfage,

and otherwise, and to fix and impose the same; and also, from time to time, to make such rules and regulations as to the Governor, acting as aforesaid, may appear necessary for the good government and ordering of the said market, and for carrying this Act, and the provisions thereof, into execution; and any person or persons refusing or neglecting to abide by and obey any or either of such rules and regulations shall for every offence forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding five pounds, to be recovered and

applied as hereinafter directed. Appointment VII. That it shall be lawful for the Governor, from time to of Clerk. time, to appoint, by commission under his seal at arms, a fit and

proper person to be clerk of the said market, who shall hold his office during pleasure, whose duty it shall be to give constant attendance in the said market, during market hours, and generally to carry out and enforce the provisions of this Act, and all rules and regulations which may, from time to time, be made for the

government of the said market. Dues to be VIII. That all rates and dues, and other monies arising from paid weekly the sale of stalls as hereinafter provided for, shall be collected and to Receiver

received by the said clerk, and by him paid over weekly to the General.

Receiver-General and Treasurer, to be kept by that officer as a

separate fund, to be designated the Market Fund. Salary of IX. That the said clerk shall receive and be paid out of the Clerk.

said Public Treasury, in monthly payments, in the usual manner, a salary at and after the rate of 1501. per annum, to be charged to the said Market Fund.


X. That no person shall be entitled to sell butchers' meat in the 30 Vic. c. 12. said market without having been first licensed for the purpose by an instrument in writing under the hand of the said clerk, all Butchers which licences shall be subject to be revoked by the Board of licensed. Works for any violation of market rules or misconduct in the said market.

XI. That no person not having a licence granted in manner Penalty for hereinbefore mentioned, and in force, shall vend, sell, dispose of, selling meat or deliver in the said market any butchers' meat by retail, under a

without penalty not exceeding 51. for each and every offence, to be sued licence. for, recovered, and applied as hereinafter directed.

XII. That in the month of May, in every year, it shall be the Stalls and duty of the clerk of the said market to put up at public auction in blocks to be the said market the rental or use for one year of the several stalls sold. every year

at Public Aucand blocks in the meat market, save and except one stall and two

tion. blocks to be retained for the use of the Contractor for the time being for supplying fresh meat to her Majesty's Forces, and one stall and one block to be reserved for use as hereinafter provided for, and to sell the same to the highest bidders therefor, who, upon payment of the purchase-money, shall be licensed and put in possession of the stalls and blocks respectively purchased by them, and shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be entitled to retain and use the same for one entire year. Provided always, that no one individual shall be permitted to purchase or to hold more than one of such stalls and blocks during any one year. XIII. That the purchaser of any such stall

and block shall not Stalls and have the right to transfer the same to any other person; and if blocks not such purchaser shall not use the stall and block purchased by him transferable

after purchase. at least twice in every week for the sale of fresh meat, such purchaser shall forfeit his right thereto, and the same shall be sold for the unexpired term of the original rental.

XIV. That every person who shall expose for sale in the said Penalty for market, or within the limits aforesaid, any unwholesome provi- exposing for sions, or shall attempt to introduce or sell in the said market the sale unwholemeat of any animal which has been killed or has died before sions.

some proviarriving at the said market, shall for such offence be subject to a penalty not exceeding 51.

XV. That the clerk of the said market shall inspect all turtle Clerk to incut up for sale therein ; and no person who shall kill turtle for spect all turtle sale by retail shall cut up any of the callapach or bone part of the cut up for sale. callapee with intent to sell the same with the flesh under a penalty not exceeding thirty shillings.

XVI. That if any licensed butcher shall refuse or neglect to Penalty for a pay for any animal purchased by him for the purpose of being licensed slaughtered and exposed for sale in the said market, whether such butcher refusanimal has actually been slaughtered or exposed for sale or not, any animal such refusal or - neglect shall be deemed fraudulent, and such purchased by butcher shall upon proof thereof before any Justice of the Peace him. be adjudged to have forfeited his licence, and his right to any stall and block then held by him in the said market, unless the sum of money due by him in respect of any such animal shall within thirty days after such adjudication be well and faithfully paid by him to the person entitled to receive the same.

XVII. That, with the view of having on record for reference a Clerk's duty to detailed account of the revenue of the public market showing any keep a cash


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