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a man's death when he is buried ? Secondly. It was the completion of his humiliation. “ They have brought me into the dust of death.”

6. Now that he ascended, what is it but that he descended first into the lowest parts of the earth ?” Thirdly. By this he sanctified the grave, and

prepared it for his people. They would have been afraid to go in, but he entered it before them. They can lie in his bed, after him. He has freed it from every horror. He has softened it, and made it easy for them.

“ And there was Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary, sitting over against the sepulchre." Let us sit by them, and contemplate. There lies in that rock, He who made it. There are sealed up the lips which said, “ Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give There are closed the

eyes which always beamed compassion, and wept for human woe. There, cold, are the hands which were laid on little children, to bless them, and that delivered the widow's son to his mother. There lies the Life of the world, and the Hope of Israel. He was “ fairer than the children of men." "He was “ the image of the invisible God.”—“ He went about doing good.”—“ He was rich, and for our sakes, became poor.”

you rest."

6 Come saints, and drop a tear or two,
For him who groaned beneath your

load :
He shed a thousand drops for you,
A thousand drops of richer blood.”

Rev. William Jay.

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