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[blocks in formation]

Even now I tremble

To me the difference 1 forges dread: your greatness

Hath not been used to fear.

To think, your father, by some accident,
Should pass this way, as you did. O, the fates!
How would he look, to see his work, so noble,
Vilely bound up? What would he say? Or how
Should I, in these my borrow'd flaunts, behold
The sternness of his presence?



Nothing but jollity. The gods themselves,
Humbling their deities to love, have taken
The shapes of beasts upon them: Jupiter
Became a bull, and bellow'd; the green Neptune
A ram, and bleated; and the fire-robed god,
Golden Apollo, a poor humble swain,
As I seem now. Their transformations
Were never for a piece of beauty rarer,
Nor in a way so chaste; since my desires
Run not before mine honor, nor my lusts
Burn hotter than my

[blocks in formation]

Your resolution cannot hold, when 'tis

Opposed, as it must be, by the power o' the king: One of these two must be necessities,

1. e. of rank.

Which then will speak; that you must change this

[blocks in formation]

With these forced thoughts, I pr'ythee, darken not
The mirth o' the feast. Or I'll be thine, my fair.
Or not my father's; for I cannot be
Mine own, nor any thing to any, if

I be not thine: to this I am most constant,
Though destiny say, no. Be merry, gentle;
Strangle such thoughts as these, with any thing
That you behold the while. Your guests are

Lift up your countenance, as it were the day

Of celebration of that nuptial, which

We two have sworn shall come.


Stand you auspicious!

O lady Fortune,

Enter SHEPHERD, with POLIXENES and CAMILLO disguised; CLOWN, mopsa, dorcas, and others.


See, your guests approach:

Address yourself to entertain them sprightly,

And let's be red with mirth.

Shep. Fie, daughter! when my old wife lived,


This day she was both pantler, butler, cook;
Both dame and servant; welcomed all, served all;
Would sing her song, and dance her turn; now


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At upper end o' the table; now, i' the middle;
On his shoulder, and his; her face o' fire
With labor; and the thing,

she took to quench it,

You are retired,

and not
Pray you, bid

She would to each one sip.
As if you were a feasted one,
The hostess of the meeting.
These unknown friends to us welcome; for it is
A way to make us better friends, more known.
Come, quench your blushes, and present yourself
That which you are, mistress o' the feast. Come on,
And bid us welcome to your sheep-shearing,

As your good flock shall



Welcome, sir! [to Pol. It is my father's will, I should take on me The hostess-ship o' the day.-You're welcome, sir!

[to Camillo. Give me those flowers there, Dorcas.-Reverend


For you there's rosemary and rue; these keep
Seeming and savor1 all the winter long:

Grace and remembrance be to you both,
And welcome to our shearing!



(A fair one are you) well you fit our ages With flowers of winter.


Sir, the year growing ancient.

Not yet on summer's death, nor on the birth

1 Beauty and fragrance.

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