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farther use to be made, than alone the recovery of

the king, as to be

La. Generally thankful.

Enter KING, HELENA, and Attendants.

Par. I would have said it; you say well. Here

comes the king.

La. Lustick,1 as the Dutchman says.

I'll like a

maid the better, whilst I have a tooth in my head. Why, he's able to lead her a coranto.2

Par. Mort du Vinaigre! Is not this Helen?
La. 'Fore God, I think so.

King. Go, call before me all the lords in court.

[Exit an Attendant.

Sit, my preserver, by thy patient's side;

And with this healthful hand, whose banish'd sense Thou hast repeal'd, a second time receive

The confirmation of my promised gift,

Which but attends thy naming.

Enter several LORDS.

Fair maid, send forth thine eye: this youthful parcel

Of noble bachelors stand at my bestowing,

O'er whom both sovereign power and father's voice I have to use: 3 thy frank election make;

1 Lustigh is the Dutch word for lusty, cheerful.
2 A sprightly dance.

They were his wards as well as his subjects.

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Thou hast power to choose, and they none to for


Hel. To each of you one fair and virtuous mis


Fall, when Love please !—marry, to each, but one!
La. I'd give bay Curtal,1 and his furniture,
My mouth no more were broken than these boys',
And writ as little beard.


Peruse them well:

Not one of those, but had a noble father.

Hel. Gentlemen,

Heaven hath, through me, restored the king to


All. We understand it, and thank Heaven for


Hel. I am a simple maid; and therein wealthiest, That, I protest, I simply am a maid.

Please it your majesty, I have done already.

The blushes in my cheeks thus whisper me ;

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We blush, that thou shouldst choose; but, be re


Let the white death sit on thy cheek for ever;

We'll ne'er come there again.'


Make choice; and, see,

Who shuns thy love, shuns all his love in me.

Hel. Now, Dian, from thy altar do I fly ;

And to imperial Love, that god most high,
Do my sighs stream.-Sir, will you hear my suit?

1 A docked horse.

1 Lord. And grant it.


Thanks, sir; all the rest is mute.1 La. I had rather be in this choice, than throw

ames-ace 2 for my life.

Hel. The honor, sir, that flames in your fair eyes, Before I speak, too threateningly replies:

Love make your fortunes twenty times above Her that so wishes, and her humble love! 2 Lord. No better, if you please. Hel. My wish receive, Which great Love grant! and so I take my leave. La. Do all they deny her? An they were sons of mine, I'd have them whipped; or I would send them to the Turk, to make eunuchs of.

Hel. Be not afraid [to a Lord.] that I your hand should take;

I'll never do you wrong for your own sake:
Blessing upon your vows! and in your bed
Find fairer fortune, if you ever wed!

La. These boys are boys of ice; they'll none have her sure, they are bastards to the English ; the French ne'er got them.

Hel. You are too young, too happy, and too good,

To make yourself a son out of my blood.

4 Lord. Fair one, I think not so.

La. There's one grape yet: I am sure, thy father

1 I have no more to say to you.
2 The lowest chance of the dice.

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