History of the 78th Regiment O.V.V.I.: From Its "muster-in" to Its "muster-out"; Comprising Its Organization, Marches, Campaigns, Battles and Skirmishes

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H. Dunne, 1865 - 349 pages

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Page 166 - He feedeth on ashes : a deceived heart hath turned him aside, that he cannot deliver his soul, nor say, Is there not a lie in my right hand...
Page 315 - Why, dog bite them, the newspapers have been lying in this way all along. They allers are whipping the Federal armies, and they allers fall back after the battle is over. It was that ar' idee that first opened my eyes.
Page 347 - Republican liberty with gratitude to those who in a fresh baptism of blood reconsecrated the powers and energies of the Republic to the cause of constitutional freedom. Long may it be the happy fortune of each and every one of you to live in the full fruition of the boundless blessings you have secured to the human race!
Page 122 - There was gathered the first great army of the West, commencing with only twelve thousand, then twenty, then thirty thousand, and we had about thirty-eight thousand in that battle ; and all I claim for that is, that it was a contest for manhood : there was no strategy. Grant was there, and others of us, all young at that time, and unknown men, but our enemy was old, and Sidney...
Page 348 - Jonesboro added new luster to a radiant record, the latter unbarring to you the proud Gate City of the South. The daring of a desperate foe, in thrusting his legions northward, exposed the country in your front, and though rivers, swamps and enemies opposed, you boldly surmounted every obstacle, beat down all opposition, and marched onward to the sea. Without any act to dim the brightness of your historic page, the world rang plaudits when your labors and struggles culminated at Savannah, and the...
Page 316 - Davis and the rest (he continued) talk about splitting the Union. Why, if South Carolina had gone out by herself, she would have been split in four pieces by this time. Splitting the Union ! Why, — it, the State of Georgia is being split right through, from end to end. It is these rich fellows who are making this war, and keeping their precious bodies out of harm's way. There's John Franklin, went through here the other day, running away from your army. I could have played dominoes on his coat...
Page 349 - Columbia, Bentonville, Charleston, and Raleigh are names that will ever be suggestive of the resistless sweep of your columns through the territory that cradled and nurtured, and from whence was sent forth on its mission of crime, misery, and blood, the disturbing and disorganizing spirit of secession and rebellion. The work, for which you pledged your brave hearts and brawny arms to the government of your fathers, you have nobly performed. You are seen in the past, gathering through the gloom that...
Page 346 - ... been conquered. Although I have been but a short period your commander, we are not strangers; affections have sprung up between us during the long years of doubt, gloom, and carnage which we have passed through together, nurtured by common perils, sufferings, and sacrifices, and riveted by the memories of gallant comrades whose bones repose beneath the sod of an hundred battlefields, which neither time nor distance will weaken or efface.
Page 349 - Your rewards, my comrades, are the welcoming plaudits of a grateful people; the consciousness that, in saving the republic, you have won for your country renewed respect and power at home and abroad; that in the unexampled era of growth and prosperity that dawns with peace, there attaches mightier wealth of pride and glory than ever before to that loved boast, "I am an American citizen!
Page 348 - waved once more over the walls of one of our proudest cities of the seaboard. Scarce a breathing spell had passed, when your colors faded from the coast, and your columns plunged into the swamps of the Carolinas. The sufferings you endured, the labors you performed, and the successes you achieved in those morasses, deemed impassable, form a creditable episode in the history of the war.

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