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Part 2 furrection: for I muft acknowledge, that I meet with very great difficulties about it. But when I look upon it on that fide, and in that manner, as I have reprefented it, I find it to be very probable: Nevertheless, I am far from being fully perfwaded of the Truth of it, as I am concerning thofe Arti cles wherein we two agree. -Thefe I think are all the Objections wherewith thefe Gentlemen oppofe us. For I regard not what they fay, when they tell us, That this Reign of a thousand years is a lewish vifion, a Fancy derived from the impure Fountain of their Traditions. This is to declaim, and not to prove. 'Tis not impoffible but there may remain fomething that is good among the Traditions of the Jews; at least, St. Paul and St. Inde believed fo. The first learnt from their Tradition the names of the Magicians of Ægypti who oppofed Mofes ; and likewife thofe words of Mofes, I exceedingly quake and fear, which we no where read in the Old Teftament. And St. Iude learnt from thence the combat of Michael the Arch-angel with the Devil, for the body of Mofes ; alfo the Prophecy of Enoch. They urge likewife against us a multitude of ancient and modern Authors. But I had rather give credit to Iuftin Mar tyr, and Papias, who might have seen St.John, than to all those who have wrote fince. God hath his particular reasons, why he will not that the Prophe cies fhould be understood in every Age.

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