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were fo fituated, at that Time, that he could not command so much as he wanted, by 600l. His Friendship with my Father, and that which subfifted between him and me, made all his Concerns known to me; and I foolishly offered to give him my Note for fo much, which, as I was well known to have ferved my Time to Mr. Diaper, and to be going into Trade for myfelf, and my Father to be a Man in very good Circumstances, he might easily the Sum he wanted upon: This, tho' an Affair that ought to be very cautiously tranfacted, was what I had known to be very common in the City, upon fuch Emergencies; and I did not doubt Mr. Deacon's Honour, who was rich, and who promised me to take it up, before it became due; fo that I took no counter Security from him, and confided intirely in his Integrity and Difcretion, forgetting the excellent Maxims I had imbibed in my Apprenticeship, of leaving nothing of that Nature to. Chance, or the Accidents of Death or Sickness. Mr. Deacon was, I am perfuaded, a very honeft Man; but fomehow or other, not being able to take up my Note, as foon as due, had called on the Perfon who had it in his Poffeffion, and made him eafy, by appointing a Time of Payment; fo that I thought the Affair quite over, when his sudden Death betrayed to me that he had not paid it, and it was ftill in the fame Hands: What to do I could not tell; I waited on Mr. Deacon's Brother, who


who was his fole Heir and Executor; but, being a mercenary, selfish Wretch, he pretended his Brother had left no Minute of the Affair any where amongst his Books and Papers; and flatly refufed to believe what I related, or to pay me the Money; and, after all I could fay, I was forced to leave him, venting fuch Reproaches only, as my Anger and Refentment dictated to me to make Ufe of. I thought this as mortifying a Stroke as any Man could meet with, thus to be trapped, before he begun the World, by his Good-nature and Gratitude, out of 600 7. besides, I had not the Money to pay it, and my Reputation was likely to fuffer upon the Occafion. I was quite afhamed to mention it to Mr. Diaper; and, as to my Father, I refolved, if I could not get Time for the Payment, to undergo any Thing, rather than make him acquainted with it; and it was a great Misfortune to me, that Prig was out of Town, who was most capable of advifing me in fuch an Affair; for as to the Clerk he had left in his Chambers, he was a mere Green-horn. I was refolved therefore to keep out of the Way, as the Perfon who had the Note was very vociferous in demanding the Money; fo that I did not ftir from my Lodging for near a Fortnight; but, as ill Luck would have it, I expected one Morning a Porter from an Inn, with fome Prefents from Mr. Goodwill, which I was obliged,

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in Civility, to receive; and, in the Interim, the Maid

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Maid of the Houfe came up to my Chamber, to let me know a Porter below had brought me a Letter, and fomething in a Bafket, whom I immediately ordered up; but my Blood was congealed in my Veins almoft, when, prefenting the Letter, which was all a Sham, he told me he had a Warrant against me, at the Suit of Mr. Vulture, the Moneyfcrivener; and immediately three or four more villainous Countenances, fans ceremonie, bounced. into the Apartment. I found it was as vain, as imprudent, to refift, and, putting on a tranquil Air, defired to know where they proposed to carry me? Sir, replies the Chief of them, my Lock-up House is in Gray's Inn Lane, where you will be as much. at your Eafe as at Home; fo ordering a Coach to be called, and giving proper Directions to my Landlord, if any body enquired, I suffered myself to be conducted to the aforefaid Place of falva Cuftodia. I was put, at my Entrance, into a Room, where were feveral Prisoners, of both Sexes, fome airily finging and talking, others ftupid, and full of Despair, at their Misfortunes; but all feemingly agreed in this, that Drinking was a Cure for their Maladies. As foon as the Officer had left me, one of them advanced, and very facetioufly welcomed me to my new Quarters, where he faid he had been feveral Times; and, feeing me look fomewhat dull, bid me not mind it, one half of the World had been there already, and the other must come there focn;


foon; come Sir, we must have your Footing, and when your Gall's a little broke, you'll be eafy. I asked him what he meant by my Footing? Only Two and Sixpence for a Bowl of Punch, which is what we all pay at our Entrance into this noble Society, Sir, and you look too much like a Gentleman to dispute the Cuftom. I immediately gave him the Two and Sixpence, and a Bowl was brought in, which was foon fucked up by my Affuciates, who then became very curious and inquifitive to know my Bufinefs, and the Occafion of my being bum'd, as they called my being arrested. I had no Mind to fatisfy them, nor indeed did I relish their Company; but immediately had a Meffenger called, to fend a Note by to Mr. Brifk, Mr. Prig's Clerk, that I might have a little Advice. Mean Time the Officer had intimated to the Keeper of the Houfe, that I was a warm Hand, and flufh of Cole, as I afterwards heard; fo that he came, with a great many Bows and Scrapes, and told me, if I pleased, I might have a Room to myfelf, if I did not chufe fo much Company. I told him I had much rather to be alone; fo, taking Leave of my new Acquaintance, he ushered me into an Apartment up two Pair of Stairs, where he locked me in, and left me to my Meditations. I was, indeed, harraffed, by my uneafy Thoughts, to fome Purpose, and never was feen fo forlorn a Wretch my former Sufferings, and my present Diftrefs,

C 6

Diftrefs, combined together to make me exquifitely unhappy. I had now the Idea of the Pain. and Regret I should give my Father, whofe Reproaches, for my Want of Conduct and Prudence, were ever in my Ears, and made me perfectly dif tracted: At length Mr. Brisk came,, who relieved. me from my prefent Perturbation, by his Prefence. He wished his Mafter had been at Home, who, by backing the Warrant, would have given me Time to put in Bail; but as that could not now be done, confidering the exorbitant Expence I must be at where I was, he advised me to remove myself to the Flect, till he came to Town, which, in the End, would fave me Money; and he gave me fuch an Idea of that Prifon, that I could not help thinking it far preferable to the Dungeon Life I led at prefent, and was likely to do if I continued at the Spunging-houfe any longer; fo I agreed to what he faid, and gave him the neceffary Money to procure me an Habeas Corpus for my Removal. I had luckily above twenty Guineas by me, at the Time of my Arreft, which, in fome Meafure, fupported my Spirits; and now I had taken my Resolution, methought I was easier, when the Officer came into my Apartment, to whom I imparted what I had done. He feemed quite chagrined, and put on a deal of ill Humour upon it, no doubt, expecting me to renew the Writ, and, for the Sake of avoiding a Gaol, ply him continually

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