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perhaps, all water comes originally from the heavens, and forms rivers, lakes, &c.; yet by dint of evaporation on one hand, and of earthy and mineral contact on the other, it not only loses much of its ethereal, vital qualities, but also imbibes earthy, unvital, and even pernicious ones. These things, therefore, though strictly belonging to the subject of the present section,) I shall not repeat, but refer my readers to them; and I shall proceed directly to the consideration of the grand and general Laws of the solar SYSTEM, as demonstrated by Sir Isaac Newton, and as they operate on our globe, in common with the other planets, and the comets.

These general laws of the physical system, appear to coincide entirely to mathematical demonstration, with those of the spiritual kingdom. The subject first occurred to this writer in a subsequent essay on magnetism, in writing which it first opened with any distinctness to his mind; but as it is so proper and congenial to this, he must here introduce it, as clearly as he, with a very moderate share of mathematical knowledge, is enabled to do. He will, however, begin in a more simple and popular line of comparison

The attractions, (not to mention repulsions and Centripeimpulsions, &c.) which all form parts of the mani- Centrifufold or universal powers of the sun of natureon one hand; and which partly regulate the otherwise

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more eccentric motions of the earth in her orbit,
on the other hand; almost self-evidently point
out the supreme and universal power of the
Most High; by which human nature, as typi-

fied by the earth, is limited to a certain, general,
at present. ordained course of action, tending to certain

concealed, but determinate points, or objects
of the divine will, which we are forced to fulfil,
in spite of our continual efforts to fly off into an
independent line of conduct, to points of our own
devising. The continual opposition of these two
forces, (centripetal and centrifugal, respecting
the sun,) is accurately described in the history
of mankind, in a religious and a political view;
and most strikingly, perhaps, in that of the
Israelitish and Jewish nations. Thus, their
opposition to our LORD JESUS CHRIST, in spite
of their prophecies ; and their persecution, re-
jection, and crucifixion of Him, only produced
the exact accomplishment of those prophecies,
and the establishment of that religion which
they intended to prevent or destroy.

Can there be a stronger instance of the same,
or similar things, in modern times, than the
late atheistical revolution of France, and many
other parts of Europe ? For a little season,
they seemed to have broken through the bands
of the cords, or restraining powers of divine Pro-
vidence, in one part of their ORBIT, or path ;
they flattered themselves that they had got a

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complete victory, and had proved that a divine Providence is a fable, and that human, carnal reason is the only god of this world. But the eternal, omnipotent, proportional law of retributive truth of the same Providence, soon brought them back to their lower focal orbit, by the force of secret, but irresistible combinations of influence and power, arising necessarily out of their own conduct, in a manner which they could not previously calculate, with all their boasted wisdom, though they might afterwards trace it, like the orator Portalis at Paris, in his oration on the necessity of renouncing atheism, which, like certain peculiar acids, destroys every thing it touches, (even the gold of faith,) but can constitute nothing good or vital; and of resuming universal morality, (meaning popish Christianity,) which he was probably afraid to call by its Christian name.*

Not yet convinced, they are still plotting in secret to effect their impious purpose of destroying true religion, in a more specious manner, which will be equally vain and ruinous to themselves, t as the prophet looking to the end

* This Essay was first written in 1794; but since then has been revised from time to time. The extract from the oration of Portalis is quoted from memory, and though substantially the same, may not be given verbatim.

+ That is to say, having found open war to be ineffectual, they have returned from atheism to popery, which two are


of time, sees and declares, "Why do the heathen
rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The
kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers
take counsel together against the LORD, and
against his anointed. Let us break their bands
asunder, and cast away their cords from us! HE
that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh ; the LORD
shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak
unto them in his wrath, and ver them in his sore
displeasure. Yet have I set my king upon my
holy hill of Zion."

The above illustration is by the analogy of
faith ; and I shall now endeavour to confirm it
by the addition of analogies derived more
directly from the demonstrations of the natural

laws of the visible heavens ; those laws of the parallel natural firmament, which are the types of the the spiri. laws of the SPIRITUAL FIRMAMENT or stability

of divine truth and perfect holiness, both reli-
gious and moral, as delivered by Moses and by
our LORD.

The natural Sun, being established by ra-
tional faith, on the foundation of Holy Scrip-
ture, as an appointed shadow of the glory of
God in our LORD Jesus Christ; then, the
earth, and the other planets, may, (I appre-


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tual and natural causes.

the alternate extremes of the full swing of human error and depravity; between which true evangelical religion is the happy medium. In general terms, superstition is the harlot, and legal infidelity is the beast. Male and female.

hend,) be justly considered as emblems of human nature, in different states, or stages of life, as briefly exhibited in Section or Essay the First. Mercury denoting Infancy ; Venus, Childhood ; our earth, the season of youthful love ; Mars, the more advanced period of manly ambition and vain glory; Jupiter, ripe, confirmed, and upright manhood of human natural reason and equilibrium ; Saturn, declining principles; and the Herschelian planet or Ouranos, the last or seventh stage of the course of this present world, or life, or dispensation, or Aiwv, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.For being all parts of one system, they are as members of one body, under one common head, the Sun.* Hence it cannot be said that they are unconnected between themselves, and that we cannot compare them toge

age and

* All types are necessarily ambiguous, until sin, the minus principle, shall be abolished. Hence, the Sun, though he is a type of our Lord in the present case, may be used as an emblem of carnal reason and conscience in another system. Thus it is said in Isaiah, ch. xxiv. " Then shall the Moon be confounded, and the Sun ashamed, when the LORD of Hosts shall reign in Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously._" For even Satan himself is changed into an angel of light,Corinthians. Hence the Sun, the Serpent, the cloven Tongue, the Lion, the Lamb, and all natural symbols, are equivocal, and “speak as a Dragon," viz. with a double or cloven tongue.

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