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ardour of my researches into the mystery; and by means of the consideration of first principles; that is to say, the first principles of Holy Scripture, I discovered that this seeming contradiction was in truth, a most exquisite coincidence, and perfect congruity, with general analogical truth, on the basis of divine revelation:

For, first, I consider the north and south poles of the globe at large, to be symbolical of the general opinion and judgment of the human unregenerate world at large, respecting the true objects of reason, as evinced by their tendency, their pointing ; which objects are all included in the general terms of truth and happiness. In this definition (which is the common segment of every two straight moral lines not drawn in Holy Scripture) all agree; all contend that it is part of their infallible straight lines, though they are in so many different planes. Therefore I consider the common general tendency of the poles of the earth, to be truly symbolical of the general tendency or pointing of human fallen carnal REASON in the human WORLD.

Nevertheless, in almost every degree of latitude from equator to poles, private poles, of individual natural magnets vary; the same magnet varies in every such degree, as it is carried on through them; and it also varies in the same degree of latitude, at different periods

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of time. This denotes with equal truth and evidence, the variation of opinion in individual men respecting the objects of reason, or respecting true happiness, when they come to define this general term in their own particular case.*

Now, it is self-evident and indisputable, that in childhood, the opinions of mankind respecting happiness, or experimental truth, (that is to say, their symbolical magnetic needles,) point only to sensible, animal, carnal temporal gratifications.t In infancy they are almost purely ani

* It may perhaps be thought, that in order to express by means of natural magnets, the difference of opinion between two men, respecting reason and truth, two natural magnets should be put close together, and their pointing should be to different points of the compass; and that this would be a true emblem of the moral case. But all true magnets point the same way, in the same latitude and longitude. Here, therefore, is a seeming breach in analogic consistency. To this I reply, that all moral, intellectual, and spiritual distance, is universally typified by natural distance. When two magnets are placed together, this implies that they are equally, near in all respects; or, that the men whom they represent are so. In short, that they do not differ at all in their opinions respecting truth and happiness. So long as they do differ, they cannot be brought close together in consistence with the truth of analogy or proportion. Also electricity, is often supposed to be magnetism, or strong desire is mistaken for the power of reason and truth.

+ These puerile attractions are, in fact, generally electric, or from passion and appetite, which are the reason, or overrule the reason of actual irrationals, or children; and I think

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mał: in youth they are somewhat different, as being blended with sentimental and intellectual objects; and as we approach to the temperate latitudes of reason, they become less animal, less sentimental, and less fanciful, but more rational and spiritual.

Yet, upon the whole, it manifestly appears, that the general balance of opinion in the world at large, respecting these different kinds of happiness, or objects of reason, is in favour of the animal and carnal; that is, of the solid objects as they are termed, and esteemed of time and sense. Thus, there evidently is, and ever has been, a much greater proportion of mankind, who are influenced by sensual, animal, temporal happiness, (or rather gratification,) than of those who are influenced by intellectual, rational, and spiritual happiness. In other words, the bulk of mankind are not men of science, not philosophers, not very abstracted from sensual objects, not very spiritual, but the very reverse. Hence, it appears, figuratively speaking, that the needle of childish reason deviates less upon the whole, from the general standard opinion of happiness, or the common tendency of carnal reason, represented by the grand gene

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it probable, that in the very low latitudes, the magnetic needle may be found to be vitiated by electricity. How often do we perceive other people to deceive themselves in this manner.

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ral poles, than those of the maturer stages, or higher latitudes.

Now, this well known truth of moral life, perfectly coincides with the state of the variations of the compass,

in the very low latitudes, at, and near to the equator. From observations collected by Professor Cavallo, in his Treatise on Magnetism, it appears that in latitude south 7° 50' the variation, or declination of the needle from the true meridian or polar tendency, was only 0° 7'. In 1° 13' south latitude, it was 3° 12'. And in 0° 7' north latitude it was 4° 27'. From the date of Mr. Cavallo's book, he appears to be one of the early writers on the subject. Yet I suppose that his facts are correct. Necessity, and not choice, directed me to this work, five-and-twenty years ago in India.

The above shows, figuratively speaking, that we deviate less in childhood, from the general opinion and judgment, on a balance, of the world at large, respecting the true objects of reason, than at any other period.

Thus, for instance, in Cavallo's Tables here inserted, we see that near the equator, the variation from the general poles is very small: but in the higher latitudes it becomes gradually greater, increasing from 4° 27', to 30° 21' north latitude, and from 0° 6' to 27° 39' south latitude, only with singular irregularity and unsteadiness in the southern hemisphere.

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7 43

35 33 30 28 26

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30 38 43 58 39 14 12 37

8 44 41 45

8 30 54 30 45 37 25 32

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38 w. 44 e. 15 w.

7 w. 35 E. 6 w.



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