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cepts and draws the whole soul; but when the heart is averted from him, or the affections are far from him, then he regards nothing else.

Reason, knowledge, science, all powers of the mind without faith and love, have no attraction for him. Now, according to universal analogy, (See Sect. I,) the equatorial parts of the globe, are typical of the regions of the heart; and the poles generally symbolise the frigidly rational head, or heads, of the human earth, or natural man ; and therefore, the same analogy seems to show at once, that as a parallel to the above spiritual case, the natural sun ought to attract the equatorial parts of the earth, in preference to any others, and even without a greater mass of matter there; seeing that it is quality, and not quantity, which attracts in the antitype; for a grain of love is more valuable than a pound of carnal knowledge.

Secondly, on the above analogic view of all things, it appears to this visionary, that a superabundance of foreign and heterogeneous matter from the poles, if collected at the equator, would have the effect, not of increasing the attraction between it and the sun, but rather of decreasing it; for on referring to the moral scale, we perceive immediately, that that attraction must consist in faith and love in simplicity, and sincerity. These warm and pure

principles may be also found in the heart, though buried, as it were, under heaps of the rubbish of superstition, and erroneous judgments from the carnal mind, and will therefore still attract, in spite of their deterioration. This is evidently the case of natural magnets, whose attraction, though weakened, is not annihilated by the mixture of heterogeneous matter. Nevertheless, if the heterogeneous matter be separated from the magnet, the attraction of the remnant, however small, will be much increased by the removal of the negative quantity and quality.

But if the foreign matter accumulated at the equator of the heart be carnal wisdom, pride, and selfishness, such an accumulation seems calculated to cause an absolute repulsion. Thus it is said in the book of the prophet Isaiah, chap. i. -To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to me saith the LORD? I am full of the burnt-offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts ; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats, &c. Wash


you clean ; put away the evil of your doings from before

mine eyes.

But though a quantity of such foreign, or polar matter, as the above, accumulated at the human equator, 'will not increase the attraction of the sun of righteousness for it; yet if the natural sun be considered as the emblem of the

negative, heat, light, and spirit, or faith, knowledge, and spirit of this evil world, which“ lieth in the wicked one,” as our earth in its impure atmosphere; then I suppose that such an accumulation of evil polar matter at the equator of the heart, must be considered as pleasing to, and therefore attracted by, this negative sun, as a type of the God of this world,transformed into an angel of light.Hence the symbol is equivocal, or there may be a greater attraction of the equatorial parts in both cases; only in one case it will be positive, and in the other it will be negative. It is self-evident on gospel principles, that if one side of this case be true, then the other must be equally real, for they are as PLUS and MINUs, or the LORD, and the adversary.

It is also agreeable to true Bible analogy, that whilst the equator of the earth is averted from the sun (as at present) in the same degree, as the poles and axis are declined or fallen from the true vertical, or parallelism to the poles and axis of the sun, the interference of the polar parts, should diminish the mutual attraction, between the sun and the equator ; because this denotes that we offer or obtrude on the sun of righteousness, our own carnal reason and worldly wisdom, when he requires the heart, or the obedience of faith and love. Hence, in proportion as the earth quits this presumptuous, and rebel



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lious position, and returns gradually to the
equinox , (which typifies the most humble and
simple position of which it is now capable in
its fallen state, viz. the humble return of the heart
to God, and the removal of our offensive, car-
nal, political, selfish wisdom from his worship,)
the attraction between the spiritual sun and the
moral equator gradually increases, until the
auspicious period of the EQUINOX, which sym-
bolizes the humility and simplicity of childhood.

Except ye be converted, and become as little
children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of
heaven.Matt. xviii.

Considering the terraqueous globe as an Latitude, individual, viz. the equator, representing in- and moral. fancy; the torrid zone, childhood and youth; the temperate zones, mature man-womanhood; and the frigid zones, old age and death ; it is evident that degrees of LATITUDE will imply in the lowest view of the subject) degrees of Age. But as these are invariably accompanied by certain intellectual, moral, and animal qualities of mind and heart, which chiefly distinguish, and, as it were, give colour, scent, and taste to the above mere numerical periods of life; therefore degrees of latitude equally, or chiefly denote the degrees of those qualities ; or, generally speaking, they typify the elements of MORALITY, from north to south ; for I omit, at present, to


examine the distinct and sexual analogies of the

northern and southern hemispheres. Longitude Again, degrees of LONGITUDE being from spiritual. EAST to WEST; or, from solar HEAT and LIGHT,

to nocturnal cold and DARKNESS, will naturally symbolize degrees of religious faith and knowledge on one hand, and degrees of infidelity and ignorance on the other; and the meridional point from which we begin to reckon east and west, is the exact point of religious truth to us, between enthusiasm or superstition on one hand, and indifference and infidelity on the other.

The true LATITUDE, or morality, is readily found, by solar observation, * every where; but to ascertain the true loNGITUDE of religion is much more difficult. Yet the actual MERIDIAN of fallen human nature at large, in its natural state, as declared by the ASTRONOMY of the Bible, and testified by natural astronomy to demonstration is this, “ BORN in sin, and CHILDREN of WRATH.”

The heathens can have no method of discovering true religious longitude, but it is otherwise with Christians. Yet amongst them, also,

* Viz. When the sun of divine truth, impressing the mind and heart, (or reason and conscience,) by means of the quadrant of the law, is found to be in the zenith, by the line of judgment, and the plummet of righteousness.(Isaiah xxviii.) We then conclude that our moral balance is true and equal, viz. between social and self-love.

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