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See, a long 18 race thy fpacious courts adorn
See future fons, and daughters yet unborn,
In crouding ranks on ev'ry fide arise,
Demanding life, impatient for the skies!
See barb'rous 19 nations at thy gates attend,
Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend;
See thy bright altars throng'd with proftrate kings,
And heap'd with products of 20 Sabaan fprings!
For thee Idume's fpicy forests blow,

And feeds of gold in Ophyr's mountains glow.
See heav'n its sparkling portals wide display,
And break upon thee in a flood of day!
No more the rifing 21 Sun fhall gild the morn,
Nor ev'ning Cynthia fill her filver horn,
But loft, diffolv'd in thy fuperior rays,
One tyde of glory, one unclouded blaze.




The thoughts of Ifaiah, which compofe the latter part of the poem, are wonderfully elevated, and much above thofe general exclamations of Virgil, which make the loftieft parts of his Pollia.

Magnus ab integro faclorum nafcitur ordo !,
-toto furget gens aurea mundo!

-incipient magni procedere menfes !

Afpice, venturo lætentur ut omnia fæclo! &c.

The reader needs only turn to the paffages of Ifaiah,

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here cited.

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O'erflow thy courts: The Light himself shall shine
Reveal'd, and God's eternal day be thine!

The 22 feas fhall wafte, the skies in smoke decay, 105
Rocks fall to duft, and mountains melt away;
But fix'd his word, his faving pow'r remains ;
Thy realm for ever lafts, thy own Meffiah reigns!

22 Ch. 51..6. and Ch. 54. ✯. 10.



To the Right Honourable


Non injuffa cano: Te noftræ Vare myrica
Te Nemus omne canet; nec Phœbo gratior ulla eft
Quam fibi qua Vari præfcripfit pagina nomen.


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