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Page 295 - ... our then situation; and though I used every diligence, I had the mortification to see it in flames long before I could reach it. I halted the troops for the night a mile from it, and pushed on three companies of the 71st, under Lieutenant-Colonel Pack, with two howitzers, to the bridge, to endeavour to prevent its total destruction.
Page 267 - We had little politics ; though he gave me, in a few words, such a character of Pitt, as one great man should give of another his rival : much of books, from my own, on which he flattered me very pleasantly, to Homer and the Arabian Nights ; much about the country, my garden (which he understands far better than I do), and, upon the whole, I think he envies me, and would do so were he minister.
Page 292 - ... was greatly and gloriously decided to be our own. The corps which formed the right of the advanced line, was the battalion of light infantry commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Kempt, consisting of the light companies of the 20th.
Page 387 - Laws relating to the permitting the Importation into Great Britain of Hides and other Articles in Foreign Ships; and to the prohibiting the Exportation from Ireland of Corn or Potatoes, or other Provisions, and to the permitting the Importation into Ireland of Corn, Fish and Provisions, without Payment of Duty ; until...
Page 74 - Majesty's commission, under the great seal, to us and other lords directed, and now read, we do, in her Majesty's name, and in obedience to her commands, prorogue this Parliament to Thursday, the 8th day of October next, to be then here holden; and this Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Thursday, the 8th day of October next.
Page 77 - ... he was actually dead, and were just ready to leave him. This continued about half an hour. By nine o'clock in the morning, in autumn, as we were going away, we observed some motion about the body, and upon examination found his pulse and the motion of his heart gradually returning; he began to breathe gently, and speak softly.
Page 523 - When to these are added, — that a site at the junction of the inland and tide navigations of that river is chosen for the permanent seat of the general government, and is in rapid preparation for its reception ; — that the inland navigation of the river is nearly completed to the extent...
Page 364 - I am engaged, my blood runs chill at the very thoughts of it. I am as much convinced it is my duty to act as I do, as that the sun shines at noon-day. I can foresee the consequences very well. They have already in one sense thrust us out of the synagogues. By and by they will think it is doing God service to kill us. But, my lord, if you and the...
Page 156 - The luxuriant shoots of trees, which abound in sap, in whatever direction they are first protruded, almost uniformly turn upwards, and endeavour to acquire a perpendicular direction ; and to this their points will immediately return, if they are bent downwards during any period of their growth ; their curvature upwards being occasioned by an increased extension of the fibres and vessels of their under sides,, as in the elongated germens of seeds.
Page 295 - The nature of the ground was such, that I was under the necessity of going directly to his front; and to make my line, as much as I could, equal to his, I formed all the troops into one line, except the St. Helena infantry, of...

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