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He must acknowledge that he was this one county. In all probain error in 1815, or that his pre-bility, these farms contain not sent doctrines are false. He has much less than fifty thousand a choice, to be sure; but one of acres of land; and we would the two he must take. Mr. Hys- beg Mr. HUSKISSON to observe, KISBON’s conduct puzzles us more that this is not that poor land, of than that of any other man.- of which Mr. RICARDO speaks, as For, he has sense; he has expe- being necessary to be thrown out, rience; he has evidently thought of cultivation. If a hundred and a great deal on the subject. We seventy farms be actually broken know, that attachment to place up, what must be the situation of and emolument is very strong, the other farms of the county? and we have seen nothing to make We are at our wits end to account us suppose, that it is not as strong for the conduct of Mr. HuskissON. with him as with others. But he He has more sense than any of must see (unless his mind be the rest; and can he imagine that wholly changed as to its faculty this thing can go on in the present of reasoning,), that this system way without producing a convulmust, and that too, before long, sion?, We repeat, that his be wholly changed ; or, that there speech of 1815 must be republishmust be something very little shorted before the Parliament meet. of a general convulsion. In the His present opinions are in Norwich Gazette and the Norwich direct opposition to ours. Ours Mercury, there are a hundred were what they had been from the and seventy-five advertisements year 1803 to the year 1815; and for the public sale of farming what they have been from 1815 to stock! In about forty of these the present hour. The people of the owners announce that they Havant burnt him in effigy in are quitting business; in a consi- 1815. We defended him. We derable number the sales are ex- said that he was right. But we pressed to take place under exe- cannot say that he is right now; cutions, or assignments: and in for, in 1815, he said that the prethe other cases, we are left to sent taxes would not be paid, unconclude, that the parties are less wheat were at double the price leaving off farming. Only think that it was during the war; and of a hundred and seventy odd now he says that the present taxes farms thus actually broken up in can be paid with wheat at the

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sane price that it was at before surrendering his sword, he ex the war He will have to re-pressed his wish to surrender it to tract. One of the two of these ROCHAMBEAU, 'and not to Washopinions he must give up; and InGron! The weakness, the miwould it not be better for him, serableness, of this request was manfully to give up, than to en- to be surpassed by nothing but deavour by a train of subterfuges the gentle, the polite, and the digto support à pretended consis- nified manner in which it was retency, and to drag along another fused by the American General, year or two of his life, basted in- who, without a word that could eessantly as he will be by us ?- discover any angry feeling, with We really do believe; shameful out a word from which you could as it is to him: we really do be- gather that he perceived the false lieve, that he is restrained from pride of CORNWALLIS, pat the acting this manly part, partly, if whole upon the customs of war not principally, because his sur- and his duty towards his country, rendering would be a surrender

--This might serve as a warning ing to us! This false pride is of to Mr. HUSKESSON and his colall things in the world the most leagués: surrender they must, or foolish; and it scarcely ever fails tear the country to pieces j and in to add to the quantity of mortifi- spite of all their endeavours to cation that the party has to expe- disguise. it, the nation will say, rience. During the American that they surrender to the Author

the world had to witness of the Register. If it be said, mumerous instances of this silly that we ought to imitate the genpride on the part of the English tleness, the politeness and dignity Government and its commanders; of Washington, we observė, that but the most remarkable instance the enemy has not yet signified of it was, perhaps, exhibited by his intention to surrender. When CORNWALLis when he was taken, Mr. Huskisson shall be brought with his army, at Little York in to that point, he shall see how Virginia. The capturing army gentle and polite we can be ! consisted of Americans under the One would almost think that he command of WASHINGTON, and of would hasten to surrender, were French under the command of it only from curiosity to see how ROCHAMREAU. When it came to we should look, when in a gentle the ceremony of CORNWALLIS's mood.

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BACONIs considerably more in demand than last week, in conse

quence of the fineness of the weaAverage Price of CORN through

ther. And the same cause operatout ENGLAND, from the last ing against the making up of New Gazette.

| in Ireland, the trade seem to give Per Quarter.

je up the idea of a further decline.

Best 32s.' Middling, and heavy Wheat...


25s. to 28s. Rye.

8 Barley.,

.21 2

Butter-Continues steady at Oats...

..17 8

nearly the same prices as for two 2

or three weeks past; and much Pease.


depends upon the weather, as to At MARK LANE (last Monday).

the course likely to be pursued by

the larger Dealers, who usually Per Quarter.

invest pretty considerably at this

time of the year; especially when Wheat.

40 0 Barlcy.


there is a probability of cold 6

weather. Carlow, 80s. to 825.Oats.

19 7

Waterford, 738. to 755.—Belfast, Rye.

0 0 Beans..

80s.--Limerick, 72s.--Dutch, 82s.

.23 3 - "H in Pease ....


Cheese-Begins to accumulate 181 SMITHFIELD (last Market). in considerable quantities"; but Per Stone of 8 pounds (alive).

there is an unusual disproportion in the value; the finest kinds bring

ing very high prices, whilst the Beef.. 28 to 3 4

inferior kinds are almost unsale. Mutton 2 6 2 10

able. After the ensuing Reading Veal.. 3 6 4 6

Fair, it is expected there will be a Pork .3 0 3 8

considerable fall in price. Fine NEWGATE (last Market).

Cheshire, 74s. to 76s. ; inferior,

60s. to 70s.-Old Derby, (coloured) Per Stone of 8 pounds (dead). 52s. to 56s, ; New, 46s, to 48s.;

Pale, 43s. to 458.-New Double Beef.. .2 0 to 2 8

Gloucester, 48ś. to 50s.; Single, Mutton. .1 10 2 6

(the best) 44s. to 468.; (middling) Veal.. :28 4 0

36s. to 42s. Pork

.2 4 3 8 Lamb. 2 8 3 4

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VOL. 43.- No. 13.] LONDON, SATURDAY, Sept. 28, 1822. [Price 6d.

Published every Saturday Morning; at Sir o'Clock.

< of the world” would go to TO FARMERS. pieces, and that all would be con

fusion, uproar, confiscation, revoOn Sinking or Swimming, and lution, rape, and the devil knows Standing or Falling, together. what.

At the time when this chain

speech came out, I took the liKensington, 24 Sept. 1822. FAŘMERS,

berty to calation the Farmers and You, who have families that their Wives not to place too much you wish to preserve from abso- reliance on a metaphor. I told lute beggary or pauperism; to them, that the Duke, who is a you especially I address this Let- learned man of very high Norter. For about three years we man blood, spoke in lauguage have been hearing of t'íe fellow- too sublime for our vulgar capafeeling between the Landlords cities; and that, though he did and Tenanis. We have been say, that we were all links of the hearing the former assuring the same chain with himself, his latter, that they will “not desert meaning might be different from them;" that they will “ sink or what we, of the lower orders," swim” with them ; that they will might suppose it to be. Thèn stand or fall” with them; and there was the word broken. His the new Duke, he of Bucking- Grace was pleased sublimely to ham, told them, that they form observe, that, if the chain 'were

in that " chain of oice broken, if any of the links which he was a part ; and that, if failed, such and such would be the chain were once broken ; if the consequences. But, he did any of the links_ failed, the whole not define what he should deem a of that strong and bright chain, breaking, or a failing, of a link. which was the "envy of sur- We might, indeed, gather from "rounding nations and admiration what he afterwards published,

2 B

a link

Printed and published by C. CLEMENT, No. 183, Fleel-street.

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