A Dictionary of Medicine: Including General Pathology, General Therapeutics, Hygiene, and the Diseases Peculiar to Women and Children, 2. köide

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Sir Richard Quain
Longmans, Green, and Company, 1882 - 1816 pages

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Page 1317 - Gives, lends, sells, transmits, or exposes, without previous disinfection, any bedding, clothing, rags, or other things which have been exposed to infection from any such disorder, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds...
Page 1317 - Authority is entitled to remove Patients, and for keeping in such Hospital so long as may be necessary any Persons brought within their District by any Ship or Boat who are infected with a dangerous and infectious Disorder...
Page 1103 - The laudanum prevents an uneasy bruised feeling,which is often complained of after the kneading, and in irritable subjects is apt to induce restlessness and insomnia. Galvanic excitement of contraction in the paralyzed muscles is often decidedly useful ; but it is a measure which requires to be employed with moderation and at intervals of about twentyfour hours. If resorted to too early, or too freely, it exhausts the nervous power of the affected muscles.
Page 1317 - Any person who — (1.) While suffering from any dangerous infectious disorder wilfully exposes himself without proper precautions against spreading the said disorder in any street, public place, shop, inn, or public conveyance, or enters any public conveyance without previously notifying to the owner, conductor, or driver...
Page 1273 - An Act to repeal the Adulteration of Food Acts, and to make better provision for the Sale of Food and Drugs in a pure state.
Page 1120 - Pancreatic extract is peculiarly adapted for administration with nutritive enemata. The enema may be prepared in the usual way with a mixture of milk and gruel, or milk, gruel, and beef-tea. A dessertspoonful of liquor pancreaticus is added to it just before administration." — Sir William Roberts. 80. Whey. — Into warm milk put a sufficient quantity of rennet to cause curdling, and strain off the liquid, which is then ready for use.
Page 938 - If, however, the headache, and nausea be severe, then the administration of further remedies is called for. The patient should keep perfectly still and quiet, with the room darkened; for every sound or sight causes pain, and the slightest movement is sufficient to produce gastric uneasiness. Sometimes free evacuation of the contents of the stomach, especially if it contain undigested food, is followed by relief. Dr. Fothergill says, — " An emetic and some warm water soon wash off the offending...
Page 1317 - The relative advantages of the system of medical inspection and of quarantine, as against cholera in the ports of Europe, underwent the most thorough discussion at the International Sanitary Conference which was held in Vienna in 1874. A large majority of the delegates, including those from every State of the first rank except France, declared in favor of the former system.
Page 1316 - It provides for the detention of the vessel only so long as is necessary for the requirements of a medical inspection, for dealing with the sick (if any) in the manner it prescribes, and for carrying out the processes of disinfection...
Page 1119 - Blanc-manges were made by treating peptonised milk in the same way, and then adding cream. In preparing all these dishes it is absolutely necessary to complete the operation of peptonising the gruel or the milk even to the final boiling before adding the stiffening ingredient. For if pancreatic extract be allowed to act on the gelatin, the gelatin itself undergoes a process of digestion, and its power of setting on cooling is utterly abolished.

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