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cutioners of this terrible sentence, the missionary spirit, which has sud. are here implied !

denly pervaded the churches, and es, “2. The Fews are to be converted.... timate the efforts lately made, and The Jews will assuredly be convert- still making, for sending the gospel to ed, and with raptures of faith and those, who know not the precious • love, hail the adorable Jesus, as the name of Jesus ; we not discover true Messiah..... To their own land a striking resemblance of what the they will again return, and Aourish vision describes ? May we not exthere under a government adapted to claim, behold the angel! his fight is their new and exalted condition. There begun !" they will constitute the centre, the most distinguished and dignified thor's view, is comprised also

This prediction, in our aupoint, to which the whole Christian church will stand related. But to ef.

under the third class of prophe, fect all this....what instruction, what cies, and receives additional light arrangements, what assistance from from the rules of explication reother nations, what journeyings, what specting co-existing events. The concurring providences must here combine!

hour of God's judgment be con“3. The fulness of the Gentiles is to siders, as the very hour when be brought into the church....But the angel begins to fly. God's what means and ends, what causes

judgment against the nations, and effects, what a train of events

who are chargeable with the are comprised in the conversion of the world to the obedience of Christ ! murder of the saints, appears-alWhat prejudices must be conquered, ready begun. “What are the what old foundations razed, what singular, what the desolating new structures erected ........Should Pentecostseasons be frequently repeat

scenes, which have opened, and

are still enlarging in prospect? ed, and the work be cut short, still a num. ber of years must necessarily elapse Why are convulsed nations risin accomplishing this blessed pur. ing in a new and terrific form to pose.

exterminate each other?”. By "4. The destruction of antichrist.... such questions the author exHis destruction began at the Refor. mation, and will increase in the same presses his apprehension, that degree in which the gospel is preach. God is now coming out of his ed with success....Every thing that place to judge the earth, and ac, militates against revealed religion, cordingly, that the angel is about and the worship of God the Redeem

to begin, if he has not already ér, throughout the whole earth, shall be overthrown.

begun his flight. Here the in“What changes in the moral vestigation ends in the following world, what revolutions in the civil, manner. are impending! Attend to each of “Let this suffice. You have at. the enumerated articles ; estimate tended to the prophecy, and estimated their magnitude ;....and then deter- the period of its accomplishment. mine whether two hundred years are You have compared existing facts not a short space for the consumma. with the prediction, and drawn 4 tion of such events! And if the ex. conclusion. Do you now call, Watch. tensive propagation of the gospel is man, what of the night? Watchmar, to precede the conversion of the

what of the night 2 The watchman Jews, the bringing in of the fulness

saith, the morninge cometh, and also the of the Gentiles, and the destruction of night. Clouds and darkness still reantichrist, say, whether we may not main, and the gloom may even thick. indulge the expectation, that it will en at its close ; but the rising dawn soon commence, if it be not already will soon dispel the shades, and shine begun ?

more and more unto the perfect day, « With this conclusion, if, now, we THE MORNING COMETH!" compare existing facts , if we view

: From the numerous reflections suggested by this subject, the grovelling. Africans! or tame the author selects the following.

savages of America! How can these 1. How mysterious are the ways of things be! Nyt by human porier or God.... The time which elapsed before might, we repl!: We knuir, more the birth of the Messiah; the narrow

than infidels can inform us, of the boundaries within which the church

stupendous heiglits and horrid abysses was circumscribed during the dis

over which the promise has to pass; pensation of the Old Testament; the

but none of these things more us.... It sufferings which overwhelmed her

is the work of God. This answers all immediately after the primitive ages

questions; this silences every cavil. of Christianity; and the small pro

Are not all things possible with lum gress of truth and righteousness for so

that doth according to his will in the many centuries to the present day, are

uriny of heaven, and among the inhabi, all, to us, mysterious and inexplica,

tants of the earth ?....”. ble. What difficulties hold us in sus

The 3d reflection is on the pense! How many inquiries arise! If certain accomplishment of the the everlasting gospel is to be preach- great event under consideration, ed to the whole world, why are the nations permitted to remain so long in

After mentioning the present ignorance and wickedness ? If the , exertions in the churches, as the heathen be given to the Lord Jesus, first strirrings for accomplishing why doth he delay to take possession that great end, the author breaks of them? Why' a discrimination forth in the following animated, Why ?.... But, Oman, who art thou that repliest against God ?...."

impressive manner : “ 2. The magnitude of this event

“Eventful period! a time replete nest arrests our attention. Vast in with occurrences of the highest in por: its nature and consequences, it in

tance to the world! Long lives for volves renovations in the moral world

many generations bave passed in unimore extensive and stupendous, than form succession, and men have grown any hitherto experienced; it impli- deviation from the ordir.ary course of

old without witnessing any remarkable cates radical changes in the manners and customs of mankind, and even...

Providence. But now a new era is revolutions in the principles and ad- commencing: The close of the last, ministration of civil government,

and the opening of the present centuwhich surpass the power of anticipa- . cxhibit strange and astonishing tion.... When all nations receive the things. Principles and achievements, gospel ; when men of cvery rank, from

revolutions and designs, events un, the least to the greatest, shall know

common and portentous, in rapid the Lord,.....then all will be happy; Eucli year, each day is pregnant with


attention. individuals will be happy, society will be happy, and peace, joy, and holiness something great, and all human cal

culations are set at defiance. The prevail throughout the whole world.... Alarmed at the prospect, infidels raise infidel, with his impious philosophy, objections, and ridicule the hope of stands ayhast, and destitute of rebelievers. All things, say they, con

sources, with trembling forebodings, tinue as they were froin the beginning of wonders bow and where the perplexed the creation ; and all things will for.

scene will end; while the Christian, ever so remain. Nothing can pro his Saviour, calmly views the turning

instructed by the word and spirit of duce the mighty change yon Chris. tians contemplate.'You cherish fic

of the dreadful wheels, and knows tions, chimeras, and dreams..... What!

which way they proceed. Strengtheni. convince the ferocious followers of ed in the mighty commotion, and looks

ed by divine grace, he stands undaunt: Mahomct, that their prophet was an impostor, their Alcoran a rhapsody! up, rejoicing that his prayers are persuade the Chinese to abandoni beard, and that his redemption drawtheir ancient habits ! induce the myri.

eth nigh." ads in India to demolish their pagod.

In the remaining part of the as, and erect temples to Jesus Christ! discourse, the

author urges curb the roving Tartars! elevate the Christians, and especially mis



sionary societies to ascend the worship him as their CREATOR and prophetic mount, to enjoy the

REDEEMER. Amen." . vast prospect laid open to their

Such is the sermon, of which view, and to engage in strenuous,

we think it useful to exhibit this persevering exertions to propa. particular review. Some parts gate the gospel. The close is of the discourse might, with adfull of rapture.

vantage, have been abridged, par,

ticularly the illustration, page 10, “We wait in confidence for the 11, 12. An appendix of unufull accomplishment of the promise, sual length, made up of learned & and participate gladly in the triumph very useful notes,closes this valuaof the gospel. What John saw in vision, we now behold an existing fact. ble pamphlet. The theme of this We see another angel Aying in the discourse is judiciously chosen i midst of heaven, having the everlasting the division of the subject and gospel to preach unto them that dwell on

the arrangement of the parts the earth. With fervent prayers and raised affections we cordially bid him

marked with natural simplicity God speed. Go, welcome messenger

and correct taste, and the whole of good tidings, bear the invaluable is evidently executed by the treasure to every nation, and kindred, hand of a master. But the and tongue, and people. Proclaim with a loud voice that the hour of his bestowed, is found in the im:

highest encomium, which can be judgment is come; cry aloud, spare not, until the whole world shall learn pression, which the sermon has to fear God, to give glory to him, and made on devout attentive minds.

Religious Jntelligence.

The Twelfth General Meeting of the testified their cordial approbation of

London Missionary Society, held the design,—and when, in a few May 14, 15, and 16, 1806.

months, many thousand pounds

flowed into the treasury of the socie. "Wkat hath God wrought !" Is ety, then, again and again, did the an exclamation, which has seldom pious exclamation proceed from a been uttered with more sensibility thousand tongues, “What hath God than by the members of the Mission wrought !” ary Society at their sucessive meet- But surely there is now more abundant ings, and especially at their twelfth cause than there was eleven years ago, meeting; the particulars of which we to admire the good hand of God in have now the pleasure to record. this matter. It is more than ever ev.

“What hath God wrought !” said ident, that “the thing proceedeth par friends in 1795, when the mea. from the Lord;" and that he deigns sure of forming the Missionary Soci. to accept and prove the ardent de ety was so unanimously adopted, - sires, the holy breathings, and the ac. when the solemn vote was passed on tive exertions of bis people, to diffuse the evening of September 21, “ It is the fragrant name of Jesus anong the opinion of this meeting, That the those who never heard his fame, nor establishment of a society, for send. saw his glory. Every succeeding an. ing missionaries to the heathen, and niversary strengthens this confidence unenlightened countries, is highly de. in God, this lively hope of his effectusirable," when the places chosen al blessing ; and, to say the least, no for the first public services were preceding Anniversary more than the crowded with attentive hearers,-- last. Of this, we believe, none could when about two handred ministers doubt who were present ; to others

Christian friends we can convey but Hall, of Edinburgh, delivered an ani. a faint idea of the general impression mated and impressive Address to the by the following detail:

Society, exhorting them to perseverOn the evening of Tuesday, May ance in the good work, and suggesting 13, a considerable number of the min- many encouraging considerations to isters who had arrived in town, as- strengthen their hearts and hands. sembled at Haberdasher's Hall, when On Thursday evening, Mr. Bogue some arrangements were made re- preached on the appointed subject, specting the public services of the from Rom. x. 1, “ Brethren, my following days.

heart's desire and prayer to God for On Wednesday morning, a great Israel is, that they might be saved." congregation was assembled at Surry Mr. Bogue considered the state of the Chapel, long before the time appoint. Jews in three periods, viz. of past ex. ed for the commencement of the wor- cellence, present degradation, and fu. ship, and notwithstanding an incessant ture glory; the obligations under rain, which fell for several hours. Mr. which we are laid to seek the converCharles, a minister of the establish- sion of the Jews, arising from the ment, resident at Bala, in Merioneth- claims of gratitude, compassion, equi. shire, Wales, preached a sermon ty, justice, and benevolence :-the from Isaiah x. 27, And the yoke means to be adopted, in order to effect shall be destroyed, because of the this object :--and some encouraging anointing.” The preacher considered considerations by which the duty may the text as expressive of a distressing be urged. Mr. Frey, one of the house calamity, the bondage and slavery of of Israel, concluded the service by sinners; and of the means of deliver prayer. ance by Christ, the anointed Saviour. On Friday morning, a large con

In the evening the Rev. Mr. Brad- gregation assembled. Mr. Whittingley, of Manchester, delivered a dis- ham, of Everton (the successor of the course at the Tabernacle, which was memorable Mr. Berridge) delivered exceedingly crowded, from Psalm a discourse from Isaiah xi, 10, “ And lxxxiv. 20, “ Have respect unto the in that day there shall be a root of Jescovenant, for the dark places of the se, which shall stand for an ensign of the earth are full of the habitations of people ; to it shall the Gentiles seek, cruelty.” After some general observa. and his rest shall be glorious.” Mr. tions on the Psalm, the preacher Whittingham considered the prophetshewed, by a detail of various particu- ical declaration concerning the Mese lars, that the Heathen countries are siah, which the text contains,-the filled with cruelty,—that the great glorious effects arising from the full cause of this is moral darkness,-the accomplishment of this prophecy : interest the church of God feels in the and he improved the subject by apstate of the Heathen,ấthe way in plying it to the design of the Missionwhich it should be expressed, --that ary Society. God's covenant secures to the church The pleasing solemnities of this success in undertaking missions to the Anniversary were concluded as usual, Heathen.

by a Sacramental Communion; to On Thursday morning the Society which the friends of the Society were held their General Meeting for the admitted by tickets, previously dis. Annual Business at Haberdasher's tributed by the Ministers among the Hall. Mr. J. A. Knight began with Stated Communicants, of various deprayer. The Minutes of last Annual nominations of Christians : so anxious Meeting were read, together with the were many persons for accommoda. original Plan of the Institution. The tion, that they were seated in Sion Report of the Directors, containing Chapel nearly three hours before the an account of their proceedings dur. time fixed for beginning: Much care ing the last year, and the present state was taken by dividing the whole area of the several missions undertaken by of this vast place into distinct com. the Society, was read; and, we be partments, marked with large figures, lieve, afforded much satisfaction to to facilitate the distribution of the the Members, of whom there was a elements by the ministers to the more numerous attendance than on great assembly, and to avoid confiquy former occasion. The Rev. Mr. sion as much as possible,

The whole area of this vast chapel in the Italian, and two in the German being devoted to coininunicants, a far languages. That since the last rc. greater number than on any former port, about 600,000 of the first series occasion united in commemorating the have been issued from the deposito. dying love of that adorable Saviour, ry; and that the whole number issu. whose kingdom among men, it is the ed since the commencement of object of the Society to extend. the institution, in 1799, exceeds

"The liberality of the religious puh. 2,700,000. lic has had another opportunity to That the committee hare gratui. manifest itself. It was supposed, last tously distributed among the army year, that the novelty of the measure and navy, to foreign prisoners of war, of making collections, might occasion among the Roman Catholics in Irea larger sum than could afterwards be land, and to other places where the expected; but experience has now necessity was urgent, 110,000 tracts. evinced that it was genuine philan- That the committee had commencthropy thai opened the hearts and ed the important attempt, which was hands of our fellow Christians, so that sanctioned by the last annual meet. abont one third more was produced ing, of subverting the pernicious by the collections of the present year tracts, so extensively circulated by Uian of the past. The Directors of hawkers throughout the kingdom, by the Society derive no small encourage. the publication of a new series of ment from this circumstance ; as it tracts, peculiarly adapted for sale by affords additional reason to hope that, such persons ; designed to be both however widely the operations of the entertaining and instructive, having Society may be extended, and con- cuts, and being printed in the same sequently the expenditure increased, form as those usually sold by the the liberality of the church of Christ hawkers ; three of which have been will proportionally be enlarged. This translated and published in the circumstance, coupled with the great Welch language ; and, as an induceincrease of Missionaries, who have ment to such persons to engage in consecrated their services to this ob. the sale of them, the committee have ject during the year past, enlivens fixed the price so low as to yield to every heart with the most checrful the venders and havkers a profit suhope, that the work of God among the prior to that on any other tracts Heathen will prosper yet more and

hitherto published. more!

Ev. Mag.

A very extensive correspondence has been cpened for the furtherance

of this coricers, and about 260,000 of RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY, the new series of tracts have been alLONDON.

readiy issued ; but as returns have. MAY 15, 1806, this Society held not yet been received from many of their seventh annual meeting at St. the society's agents, the exact num. Pani's cotlee-house, London, which ber sold cannot be ascertained. was more numerously attended than The conmittee strongly recom. any formerone, and proved a meeting mend to their Christian brethren to of peculiar interest, from the extended consider the vast importance of subexertions and growing usefulness of verting the vicious tracts, and pro. that institution.

fane ballads, which supply temptation The zeal for the diffusion of divine and corruption to the rising genera. truth, which induced the formation of tion; and they earnestly' entreat evethis society, appears to increase in ry friend to religion and virtue to proportion as new objects present took around on the shops near his themselves, and as the means of at. residence, which are the depositories tending to them are afforded to the of such vehicles of vice, and to exert committee, from whose report it ap. his influence to introduce in their pears, that in the course of the last place the tracts published by this soyear, seven new tracts, of the first se. ciety; and it is especially desirable ries, have been published. Five have that wholesale venders, who at pres. been translated and published by the ent supply the small shops and the society in the Welch language, one hawkers, should be made fully ac. in the Gaelic, one in the Spanish, one quainted with the circumstance of

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