Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, 1. köide

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Page 366 - To-day I saw the dragon-fly Come from the wells where he did lie. " An inner impulse rent the veil Of his old husk : from head to tail Came out clear plates of sapphire mail. " He dried his wings: like gauze they grew: Thro' crofts and pastures wet with dew A living flash of light he flew.
Page 335 - For a time they cast their chips out of their holes as fast us they are made ; but after a while the passage becomes clogged and the burrow more or less filled with the coarse and fibrous fragments of wood, to get rid of which the grubs are often obliged to open new holes through the bark. The seat of their operations is known by the oozing of the sap and the dropping of the sawdust from the holes. The bark around the part attacked begins to swell, and in a few years the trunks and limbs will become...
Page 369 - Eurytoma pierces it, through the sheath of the leaf, and lays au egg in the minute hole thus made. From this egg is hatched a little maggot, which devours the pupa of the Hessian fly, and then changes to a chrysalis within the shell of the latter, through which it finally eats its way, after being...
Page 3 - Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Ontario. MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR: The undersigned has the honour to present...
Page 335 - ... till the approach of winter, during which they remain at rest in a torpid state. In the spring they bore through the sap-wood, more or less deeply into the trunk, the general course of their winding and irregular passages being in an upward direction from the place of their entrance.
Page 368 - Selecting a favourable spot to make my observation, I placed myself in a reclining position in a furrow, and had been on the watch, but a minute or two before I discovered a number of small, black flies alighting and sitting on the wheat plants around me, and presently one settled on the ridged surface of a blade of a plant, completely within my reach and distinct observation. She immediately began depositing her eggs in the longitudinal cavity between the little ridges of the blade.
Page 363 - ... insects. It thus aids in maintaining the balance of life, and cleanses the swamps of miasmata, thus purifying the air we breathe. During its existence of three or four weeks above the waters, its whole life is a continued good to man. It hawks over pools and fields and through gardens, decimating swarms of mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other baneful insects. It is a true Malthus...
Page 361 - ... swelling on a tendril to the large collection of irregular bulbous swellings on the stem or leaf-stalk ; sometimes looking not unlike a bunch of currants or a bunch of grapes, but more often like a bunch of diminutive tomatoes, such as the Cluster Tomato, grown by Mr.
Page 369 - The egg-tube of the female is rosecoloured ; the wings are bbckish, except at the base, where they are tawny, and very narrow, — they are fringed with short hairs and are rounded at the tip ; the legs are pale red or brownish, and the feet are black. The body measures about one-tenth of an inch in length, and the wings expand one-quarter of an inch or more. After death the hind body contracts and becomes almost entirely black.
Page 337 - Sickliness in the tree, or injury from any cause predisposes to its attacks. It is for this reason that transplanted trees, checked as they are in their growth, usually fare badly. But there is yet one other predisposing cause which few people suspect, and that is reckless and careless pruning, especially of the larger branches. Many a fine orchard tree, and many more city shade trees, receive their death shock...

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