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with fidelity to fulfil its mission, although, as yet, it has not received aid in any form from the city or State, excepting only the privilege of doing the work. We are to look to the rendering department, to the product of our dried blood, bone ! and meat, the refuse of the business, for remuneration.

Fortunately our experience thus far warrants us in the belief that we shall be well paid, whenever we are able to accommodate those who desire to avail themselves of the advantages furnished at the abattoir. We confidently expect to more than double our present capacity this year.

Yours, most respectfully,

J. N. MERIAM, President.

Boston, December 31, 1873.




[Presented by the Association, and approved by the State Board of Health, at their

meeting October 1st, 1873.]

I. There shall be a managing director appointed by the Board of Directors who shall have the general charge of the premises of the corporation, and of all work done on said premises, subject, however, to such rules and regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the corporation or imposed by the State Board of Health, conformably to the charter of the corporation.

II. Said managiog director shall have the entire control over all assistants and employés of the corporation, and shall keep a constant supervision of the rendering-house and the basements of the slaughter-houses, and shall see that all rules and regulations of the corporation and of the State Board of Health are fully observed.

III. Every person occupying any slaughter-house, or killing or dressing any animal therein, shall, as soon as the animal is dressed, cause its offal, tallow, head and feet to be

dropped through the openings in the floor which shall be designated for the purpose. Whenever any animal is killed, the blood-hole in the floor shall be opened, so that all blood may run through the same. The hides and tripe of beef-cattle shall also be dropped immediately through the respective openings provided for the purpose. While the killing is in progress, the water-hole in the trough shall be kept closed. After the killing is over the blood-hole and all openings, except the water-hole, shall be closed. The water-hole shall be opened and the floor and walls of the slaughter-house shall be thoroughly washed down.

IV. The corporation shall provide in the basement a sufficient number of properly constructed wagons to receive the said offal, tallow, heads and feet, tripes, blood and hides.

The managing director shall cause one of said wagons to be kept constantly under each opening in the floor, while any killing is going on, and until the slaughter-house floor is cleared up after such killing.

V. All hides shall be removed under the direction of the managing-director to a part of the rendering-house to be called the "hide-room,” where they shall be weighed and delivered to any person who shall have authority from the butcher to receive them for removal from the premises of the corporation; or, if the same are to be cured by the corporation, or on its premises, they shall be salted and taken care of under charge of the managing-director.

VI. All tallow shall in like manner be removed to the rendering-house and weighed and delivered to any person who shall have authority from the butcher to receive it for removal from the premises; or, if the same is to be rendered by the corporation, it shall be raised on the elevator to the rendering-room, and immediately rendered.

VII. All tripes shall be removed in like manner and delivered to the person authorized to receive them.

VIII. Any butcher who sells his hides or tallow for removal from the premises shall notify the managing-director of the name of the purchaser, and shall pay to the corporation his due proportion of the actual cost of the labor employed in removing said hides and tallow from the basement of the slaughter-house to the rendering-house, and of deliv


ering the said hides and tallow to the said purchaser. He shall also take care that the purchaser of said hides and tallow shall come each day, at such time as shall be fixed by the managing-director, with suitable wagons to receive and remove from the premises all hides and tallow ready for removal, so that no tallow or hides shall remain on the premises of the. corporation, except such as are to be manufactured by said corporation or on its premises.

IX. The corporation shall render all tallow that the persons hiring or occupying a slaughter-house on its premises shall request, and all that shall not be removed from the premises as provided in the preceding regulation—and shall sell or cause to be sold all tallow so rendered, shall keep proper books of account, showing the weights and amounts received from the sales of the tallow of each butcher-and shall receive for manufacturing and selling said tallow such percentage of the proceeds of such sales as may be fixed by the directors of the corporation from time to time. But this regulation shall not prevent the corporation from buying of

butcher his crude tallow at such price as may be agreed upon.

X. The corporation shall in like manner remove and render the heads and feet of all animals slaughtered on the premises and shall pay for each set of heads and feet such prices as the directors may fix from time to time, subject to the approval of the State Board of Health, unless the parties shall agree upon a price.

XI. All blood and offul shall be forthwith removed from the basement of the slaughter-house to the rendering-house, and raised on the elevator to the proper story for manufacturing it. Offal shall be rendered while fresh, and the scrap of all offal and all blood shall be immediately dried. All blood and offal shall be the property of the corporation, and the manufactured fertilizers shall be properly packed and stored for sale by the corporation.

XII. Pelts of sheep shall be dropped into the basement under the slaughter-house and removed every day.

XIII. All stables shall be kept clean and sweet. The corporation shall remove the manure from the stables and the yards as often as need be to keep the said stables and

yards inoffensive. The manure shall be the property of the corporation.

XIV. The corporation shall furnish the necessary power for hoisting, and the necessary hot and cold water for cleansing the meat and the slaughter-houses, and also water for the stables and stock-yards.

In the use of said machinery and water, the butcher shall exercise all reasonable care to avoid breaking the machinery and waste of water, or damage to the buildings.

XV. All leases shall be executed in the name of the corporation by the president, and shall require the lessees to conform to the regulations which may be made from time to time by the corporation and the State Board of Health.


STATE BOARD OF HEALTH, Boston, October 1, 1873.

In accordance with instructions contained in chapter 365, section 4, General Statutes, 1870, the State Board of Health approve the foregoing regulations which have been presented by the Butchers' Slaughtering and Melting Association, and make the following additional

SANITARY REGULATIONS. 1. Only animals in health shall be slaughtered for food.

Dead or diseased animals, when received in ordinary consignments of live-stock to persons slaughtering on the premises, may be prepared for rendering in the basements, and thence immediately transferred to the rendering-house.

2. No parts of animals slaughtered elsewhere shall be brought to the premises’ of the Association, except by special permission of the State Board of Health issued in writing.

Permission to bring blood or offal (except fresh heads and feet) will not be given in any case.

3. All parts of animals slaughtered on the premises must be at once put in the places provided for their reception, and those which are to be rendered, dried or salted, must be so treated without delay.

4. Each slaughter-house and close-pen and the basements beneath the slaughter-houses must be thoroughly cleansed at the close of each day's work, and the cattle-pens and stables constantly kept in a clean and orderly condition.

5. No injury or unnecessary pain shall be inflicted on any animal at the premises of the Association.

An ample supply of food and water must be served to animals at seasonable times.

6. Manure from the cattle-pens, close-pens and stables, and from the stomachs and intestines of animals slaughtered, must be removed from the premises as often as may be needed to insure cleanliness.

By order of the Board,


GEORGE DERBY, M.D., Secretary of the State Board of Health.

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