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THE object of this work is to bring together a body of Forms and Precedents for use in relation to the formation, working, and winding up of companies under the Acts of 1862 and 1867.

A considerable amount of space is devoted to notes explaining the Forms and Precedents, and illustrating them by references to the decided cases and to the Statutes.

The author trusts that the work will be found practically useful to members of both branches of the Profession. To render it such has been his aim throughout.

Considering that thousands of companies formed under the Acts above referred to are now carrying on business, and that in England alone during the past twelve months upwards of a thousand

new companies were formed, notwithstanding the prevalent commercial depression, it is obvious that the matters dealt with in the following pages concern the interests of an important section of the community.

5, NEW SQUARE, LINCOLN'S INN, April, 1877.

F. B. P.


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