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cellent manner than thy companions. V. Pf. My heart hath uttered good tidings my works I refer to the king.

verbum bonum: dico ego opera mea regi.

COLLECT. Exaudi nos.


IV E ear to us, O God our Saviour, that as we celebrate with joy the folemnity of bleited N. thy Virgin, fo we may improve in the affection of piety. Thro'.

EPISTLE. 2 Cor. x. 15: xi. 1, 2. BR Rethren: Let him that glorieth, glory in the Lord for not he, that commendeth himself, is approved but he whom God commendeth. Chap. 11. Would to God you could bear with fome little of my folly: but do, bear with me. For I am jealous of you with the jealoufy of God. For I have efpoufed you all to one hufband, that I may prefent you as a chafte virgin to Chrift.

GRADUAL. P. xliv.

In thy comelinefs and beauty go on, proceed profperously and reign. V. For thy truth, meeknefs, and righteoufnefs fhall thy right hand alfo lead thee on wonderfully.

Specie tuâ & pulchritudine tuâ intende, profpere procede, & regna. V. Propter veritatem & manfuetudinem, & juftitiam, & deducet te mirabiliter dextera tua.


Hear, O daughter, and fee, and be attentive: for the king is taken with thy beauty. V. All the rich among the people fhall come with entreaties before thee:

Pf. xliv.

Audi filia, & vide, & inclina aurem tuam: quia concupivit rex fpeciem tuam. V. Vultum tuum deprecabuntur omnes divites plebis : filiæ regum in honore

a Expl. So be calls commending himself, tho' forced to it for the good of bis flock.

the daughters of kings fhall honour thee. V. Virgins fhall be brought in her retinue to the king: her relations fhall be prefented to thee. V. They fhall be introduced with joy and gladnefs; they fhall be introduced. into the temple of the king.

tuo. V. Adducentur regi virgines pofteam: proximæ ejus afferentur tibi. V. Afferentur in lætitiâ & exultatione: adducentur in templum regis.

GOSPEL. Matt. xxv. as above, p. cxxix.

OFFERTORY. The daughters of kings honour thee: the queen was on thy right hand in a robe of gold, with a variety of other orna

P. xliv. Filiæ regum in honore tuo: aftitit regina à dextris tuis in veftitu deaurato, circumdata varietate.




AY the offerings, O Lord, of thy devout people be acceptable to thee in honour of thy faints; by whofe merits they have experienced help in their afflictions. Thro'.

COMMUNION. Matt. xxv.

The five wife virgins took oil in their veflels with their lamps: and at midnight there was a cry made: Behold the bridegroom comes; go out and meet Chrifl the Lord.

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Quinque prudentes virgines acceperunt oleum in vafis fuis cum lampadibus media autem nocte clamor fa&us eft: Ecce fponfus venit, exite obviam Chrifto Domino.


HOU haft fed, O Lord, thy fan ily, with thefe facred oblations: ever therefore comfort us

with her interceffion, whofe feaft we celebrate. Thro'.

Another MASS of the fame.

INTROIT. Pf. xliv.


LL the rich among the people fhall come with entreaties before thee: Virgins fhall be brought in her retinue to the king: her relations fhall be prefented to thee with joy and gladnefs. Pf. My heart hath uttered good tidings: my works I refer to the king. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Exaudi, as p. cxxxvi.-EPISTLE. 1 Cor. vii. p. cxxxiv.

The king is taken with thy beauty, for he is the Lord thy God. V. Hear, O daughter and fee, and be attentive.

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GRADUA L. P. xliv.

The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant feeking good pearls: and having found one of a

Concupivit rex decorem tuum quoniam ipfe eft Dominus Deus tuus. V. Audi filia & vide, & inclina aurem tuam.

TRACT. Hear, O daughter, p. cxxxvi. GOSPEL. Matt. xiii. p. cxxxii.-OFFERTORY. Virgins fhall be brought, p. cxxx.-SECRET. May the offerings p. cxxxvii.


Matt. xiii. Simile eft regnum cœlorum homini negotiatori quærenti bonas margaitas: inventâ unâ pre

great price, he gave all he tiofâ, dedit omnia fua, had, and purchafed it. & comparavit eam. POSTCOMMUNION. Satiafti, p. cxxxvii.

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INTROIT. Sinners have laid in wait, p. cxxxi. COLLECT. Deus, qui inter cætera, p. cxxviii. Or, if there be more than one.

COLLECT. Da nobis.

we beseech thee, O Lord our God,

Gthat, with a conftant devotion, we may ce

lebrate the victories of thy holy Martyrs N. and N. that, tho' we cannot folemnize them as we ought, we may seek their prayers with all due humility. Thro'.

LESSON. Ecclef. li. p. cxxviii.

GRADUAL. P. xliv. Thou lovedit righteoufnefs, and hatedft iniquity. V. Wherefore God thy God hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness.

Dilexifti juftitiam, & odifti iniquitatem. V. Propterea unxit te Deus, Deus tuus oleo lætitiæ.

TRACT. Come, fpoufe, p. cxxix.

GOSPEL. Matt.xiii. p. cxxxii.-OFFERTORY. Grace is fpread, p. cxxxii.


Eceive. O Lord, the offerings we bring on this

R folemnity of bleffed N. thy Martyr, by whose

interceffion we hope to be delivered. Thro'.

If there be more than one.


OOK down, we befeech thee, O Lord, on the offerings laid on thy altar on this feaft of thy holy Martyrs N. and N. that as thou haft bestowed glory on them by thefe facred myfteries, thou mayft likewife grant us pardon. Thro'..

COMMUNION. Pf. cxviii.

Princes have perfccuted me without caufe; and my heart hath trembled at thy words: but I will rejoice in thy commandments, like one who hath found rich fpoils.

Principes perfecuti funt me gratis, & à verbis tuis formidavit cor meum: lætabor ego fuper eloquia tua, quafi qui invenit fpolia multa.




TAY the myfteries we have received, O Lord, be a help to us; and, by the interceffion of blefled N. thy Martyr, caufe us to rejoice in her continual protection. Thro'.

For more than one.

POSTCOMMUNION. Prafta nobis.

Rant us, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the interceffion of thy holy Martyrs, to receive with a pure mind, what we take with our mouths. Thro'.

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WHEN we celebrate the festivals of thofe faints who were engaged in the married ftate, we ought ferioufly to meditate on the virtues by which they fanctified themselves in that ftate of life. A profound humility, purity of heart, and an exact compliance with the duties,

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